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The famous simulation in which one takes the role of a mayor and must help a new city thrive and become a megalopolis. This version, co-developed by Maxis and Nintendo, is widely considered as the best adaptation of the original game. It was only released on Super Nintendo.

Several extra features were made available on this version. Seasons would affect the visual aspect of your town. Some popular Nintendo characters made surprising guest appearances for advanced players who reached a certain stage into the game. This version also featured a few extra missions in scenario mode. SimCity is fondly remembered for offering some of the best musics of the Super Nintendo.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

The famous simulation in which one takes the role of a mayor and must help a new city thrive and become a megalopolis.

Before ‘The Sims’ there was SimCity. This game was on most home computer systems at the time but the SNES port with its exclusive features and additional scenarios ranks as one of the better versions. The SimCity series has never been one to be taken...

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User Comments (56)



Bass_X0 said:

I loved the Metropolis music but could never get a Megalopolis city. I always had to cheat on this game too...



Shrapnel09 said:

does anyone know the map number for the most area of land, i remember playing this game way back and i thought it was 064 or something like that, either way it was a map that hand a small river twoards the bottom and the rest was all building space. Megalopolis seems damn near impossible to get to, but one must try.



metallicorphan said:

okay....how do you get that money cheat?...i think its been disabled for the VC version,not sure....i could leave my Wii on i suppose...



Mendez said:

I suck at this game! XD
I always end up bankrupt after about 5 years! It does put me off a bit, and SimCity never has been my favourite series but I still think it's great! I'd give it 3.5/5



Don-Bon said:

Love this game, can't wait till my Wii points card gets to my house. (It always takes forever).

Btw, Nintendo does not change the VC games from the original, that's why all the glitches in the old games are still there. So the cheat should still work. If not, I'll be kind of skeptical on what they promised...



Jake said:

the cheats work on VC download and i need help getting Megalopolis i can only make small Metropolis ooo and 1 more thing it sucks for PAl ppl nstc is also been better anyway!!!



Jim said:

How do you do the money cheat?!?! Too long ago for me to remember



Ryan said:

For the money cheat: $999,999
You have to spend all your money
Set your fire dept spending lower( or police but fire is more expendable)
Then when December comes and the tax screen shows up you have to hold L and click on "go with figures". While still holding L you have to go back to your tax screen and set everything back to 100% and click on "go with figures" ( your figures need to be in the negative for this to work, it may take a couple of years to make sure you'll end up in the negative without getting fired)

Then once your back to your map you let go of L and BAM you have $999,999



Mr_64 said:

The 'God Game' to end them all. Sim City was an absolute phenomenon when it was released back in the late 1980s. Spreading out from it's origin on the Mac and PCs of the era, the game soon became available on every format under the sun - including many of the consoles.

Some questioned why this was one of the first SNES games on VC, but it's a really good game. The basic premise is that you're a Major/town planner of a city and you've got to build it and run it to a profit. You choose how the budget is spent and also how the city is designed and grows. Choose badly and you'll either go bankrupt or design a city that is beseiged with problems such as crime, pollution and traffic congestion. Building the perfect city is not an easy job! And it it wasn't just that, there's always the risk of a natural disaster scuppering your plans. All in all it's very addictive!

The presentation looks like it was lifted straight from the VGA version of the game on the PC and has a style that is very reminiscent of PC games of the era, i.e. very formal and questionable use of colour.

It's worth downloading as it's still got a simple charm compared to the complexity and overblown nature of the latest additions to the series. It's release might also encourage Westwood to release the Megadrive port of Dune 2 to Virtual Console - now that would be worth shouting about.

__Nathan Walyer


Nathan Walyer said:

I have this game, and I like it. To answer some of these questions: The map with the most land that isn't a scenario is map 61. It is a great map because the river separates the land into two large halves, and there is a small island that is perfect for the airport. I have achieved megalopolis in Sim City, but it is very difficult. You have to pretty much cram people into your city by developing every square inch of the map. You have to strategically plan how much land will be used for power plants, transportation, police stations, fire department, etc, and be able to place as many zones as possible.



Ghetto_ninja said:

I remember playing this game on my friends SNES. It could've been a sequel cus i think you could have either bowser or DOnkey kong destroy your village and cause other disasters. Thats the only reason we never got far cus it was just too tempting to destroy everything.



Darren said:

How do you get commercial and residential areas to their top level ? I would appreciate any suggestions.



SKTTR said:

My top favourite VC game. Every other game I've downloaded was too short, too hard, too known or too bad. There were good games also, but they were like 10-15 hours until you beat them completely.

But this is a game you will always come back to.
Every city will be different. There are thousands of maps.
You can be creative, but must be thoughtful.

For the VC this game is perfect, cause it will be a channel that's not going to bore you after completing it.

The game itself plays easily with Gamecube or Classic Controller and isn't as confusing and complex as most of the new simulation-titles.

The music is awesome. It's one of the SNES most classic tunes. Graphically everything is clean to look at, the different seasons and little cars and planes and trains and growing houses give the game a living touch.

Fits perfectly on VC: 5 Stars.



garymac said:

i dont think that the money cheat is available on the wii version. on the original computer version you had to hold shift down and type "funds" to get 10,000 dollars whenever u wanted it, but if u did it too much there would be a disaster.



DJ said:

the money cheat DOES work in the Wii Downloadable version. I am watching my buddy play it right now with 891536 dollars. He started with 999999.



AND Dr Wright from this game is to appear in Smash Bros Brawl!



Zephyr_Tread said:

Quite a good game, Campaign is near impossible, you definitely buy it for the practice mode. A tricky but entertaining game that takes planning, but is rewarding when you see your town start to grow. 3 stars!



ASASAS said:

I love Sim City on SNES.

And i love the music Metropolis and cathastrophe. Any body have one of this???



Falco9998 said:

Yes this game is indeed fun. I got it for the Wii VC and I got a metropolis but never quite made it to a Megaopolis. this game is very addictive!



learn_japanese_ds said:

This is the very first VC title I bought! It was so difficult when I was a kid but now that I am older I wanted to go back and defeat it. It is still really hard, but at least now I don't have to use the money cheat, now I just use patience.



zelda_freak said:

I love to create stuff but I could just never figure Sim City out. I'm still not sure what to do in senerios even though I'm in my teens now, will someone help me:/



Csheroe said:

Thats a pretty good Strategy in the clip. Why dont you follow that strategy and use the money cheat Zelda Freak. At least for this Simcity.



Csheroe said:

Thats very true Dexter thats very true. I have Simcity 4 and if my computer was able to run it I would buy Societies



Csheroe said:

Kool Kitties how'd you get bored with this game in an hour. That's impossible. I think you'd better see a doctor and quick!



zelda_freak said:

I just tried the money cheat, and it really helped me. thnx Csheroe. I finished a huge city but i can't remember how many citizens I had though. This game is so much fun now! XD



Csheroe said:

Its pretty awesome I just bought it with my new wii points Next comes River City Ransom....
I hope



Csheroe said:

I got to 20000 people in practice mode. I could've gotten it higher but I shut it off`.



Big_Tree said:

Got faaaaarrrrr to much time on my hands. now at 1989, metropolis and at the time of writing 123,580 people and £65816 in the bank and nowhere else to build on lol. Good game. No cheats by the way.



Big_Tree said:

@don remenis. Wow thats great going, well done. I didnt know about the stacking method til now,thanks. Will give it another look. How many citizens are needed for a megapolis?



Big_Tree said:

@don remenis. 500,000 Jeeez, i'm gonna need all the help I can get. If you have ANYTHING that can help, im all ears and it would be much appreciated.



Big_Tree said:

@don remenis
just had a proper read at the walkthrough,good reading. Im gonna start a land 61 with prob donut pattern,time is aginst me right now but I really appreciate the help. will def take me up a level.



Dazza said:

@Sle - SimCity is still available on the VC. Did you look in the Super Nintendo section?



Bass_X0 said:

okay.... do people play this game without the money cheat or with? I used to; i don't own this game on VC but i did own it as a kid. i could never reach to Megalopolis even with it. Which was fine because the Metropolis music rocked.



2hip2beskware said:

Can you make your city a miserable hole and cackle madly? That's a deciding factor in my purchase.



don_remenis said:

@ 2hip, you can even recreate Gotham city and claim yourself as Razel-Algul from the League Of Shadow if you want...Scy-rise criminality, extreme pollution, never ending recession, disasters by the douzen, so many way to «build» an unhappy place...
This game well worth the 800 vc points !



Beau_Skunk said:

Me, and my sister would spend hours on this game. It's almost like building with Legos, or something, exept you acctually have to manage your town, and try to make people happy. One wrong placed object could come back to haunt you later, giving it a bit of a puzzle aspect to. (Don't put residential areas to close to the power plant, the pollution will bug the citizens.)
My onley gripe with the game is how slow your money comes in. (Luckilly there's an option to speed up the course of time. As well as a cheat code that gives you more money.)
Sometimes it's fun just to make a town, and then totally destroy it with natual disasters. (Heck you don't hafta save it, so your town will be in tact next time you play.) A Godzilla-sized Bowser attack is a great disaster to witness.
This is the kind of game that makes you drunk with power. "Take that you puny sims! HAHAHA!"

Indeed the game is good, it kicked off the sim genre, and features great SNES music. Some of it quite relaxing. (I love the music during the "quit screen" with the sleeping moon.)
I like the character of Dr. Wright to who helps you throughout the game. He has hilarious hair.



KeroKero_Cola said:

I remember being just a little kid and I would try so hard to build a town, but nothing would ever start building. It wasn't until later that I was at an understanding that buildings cannot function without ELECTRICITY.



StarDust4Ever said:

Let's face it - games like SimCity, SimEarth, just played better on the computer due to the higher (640x480) resolution, and mouse support - Well, except for not having the Bowser attacks, D'oh!



Kurachi said:

niiice game it was, still might be , depends on my mood
i knew the money trick soon, and even with it i, too, never made it past metropolis, but was fun doing it

also, i got the secret level after doing all those in the option where you have to save cities
wont tell how it looks like, some might wanna see it themselves
the hardest one was the one with nuclear problem IMO, but back then i wasnt good at giving up (unlike lately sometimes )

i might aswell buy this one with my next wii points card



Corbs said:

I enjoyed it the first time I played it back during the SNES days, but I tried it recently on the Virtual Console and I just couldn't get into it anymore. Maybe my tastes have just changed over the years.



Bass_X0 said:

yeah. same for me. i played it, i used the cheat to get loads of money but it wasn't the same. i can never be bothered putting into the effort to play it without that money cheat.



Kurachi said:

owww, after i saw the movie i thought: man i miss those times
so 99,9% i buy it.... after SoM that is
btw, theres a trick to get twice as much maps, i think it was: load a map, go back to menu and its changed, no need to save
except for map 000, which changed as soon as you see it, then to change em back, just select another map and return to the 1st map
so: 999 maps? nope, way more



Goomba2996 said:

I really hate this game because it's boring repetitive and very bland IMO. So I disagree with everybody to me you should save your 800 wii points on something like Kirby's dream land 3 your points will be spent much better.



pikmin95 said:

No matter how many rails I build around my roads, there is always a traffic jam!

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