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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Ghetto_ninja commented on Bloody Wolf:

This game looks and sounds pretty sweet. I like run and guns might have to get this one.



Ghetto_ninja commented on Zelda II is the 100th Classic Game Added To Vi...:

The last 2 weeks have been pretty terrible for games Actraiser is the only one that got 5 stars but i don't plan on downloading it. Thank god they released Streets of Rage 2 to get through this drought of really excellent games. Hopefully another A list week like 3 weeks ago is coming soon.



Ghetto_ninja commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

This game looks like POS. Yeah countless battles against stupid enemies to level up to fight more countless battles against stronger enemies sounds like fun. Ninja Gaiden looks better than this game. Link looks way wiik in this game. Besides with better side scrollers already out like Super Castlevania IV, Ninja Gaiden, and Ninja Spirit why on earth would you want an inferior game.



Ghetto_ninja commented on US VC Releases - 21st May - Streets of Rage 2:

Ok 3 amazing games come out this week and someone brings up the fact that there is still no Zelda II! No one wants to play that stupid game! And i hope EA joins on board for the VC. Road Rash 2 and FIFA soccer would be the awesome. Gross RPG's are so boring. I want explosions, ninjas, and fighting! Let's bust out Turtles in Time Konami! Thats my #1 most wanted since Streets of Rage 2 got released this week. Contra and Contra HARD CORPS are #2 and #3. Man Konami made amazing games, which reminds me of Animaniacs.....



Ghetto_ninja commented on SimCity:

I remember playing this game on my friends SNES. It could've been a sequel cus i think you could have either bowser or DOnkey kong destroy your village and cause other disasters. Thats the only reason we never got far cus it was just too tempting to destroy everything.



Ghetto_ninja commented on US VC Releases - 14th May - Ninja Gaiden and N...:

POKEMON!!!!!!! no way let them die already. Lets bust out those Sega games like Vectorman 1 and 2, Streets of Rage 2 and 3, Golden Axe 2, Shinobi 3, Kid Chameleon, Contra Hard Corps, and SNES games like Kirby Superstar, FIFA Soccer, TMNTIV: Turtles in Time, screw Zelda 2 i already have Twilight Princess and my god if you want to play Metroid and Super Mario they already released like 5 remakes of them.



Ghetto_ninja commented on Streets of Rage 2:

This is definitely on my top 10 of wanted VC games. I heard that The Simpsons arcade game(my most played and favorite arcade game ever) might be an unlockable in the new Simpsons game thats going to be released to coincide with the new movie.



Ghetto_ninja commented on US VC Releases - 7th May - Final Fight, Ordyne:

Well go crazy cus i would rather play any Zelda game than these POS titles released this week. Cool um final fight gee wonder why Streets of Rage 2 and 3 aren't out so i can waste my points on Final Fight and have to buy more for Streets later. F you Nintendo. These games look like games i wouldn't buy when they were first released so why would i buy them now?



Ghetto_ninja commented on US VC Releases - 30th April - Mystical Ninja:

Sweet an old NES game that is like the exact same thing as the new Castlevania's minus good graphics, weapons and gameplay. And Shockman another shooter but i already have Contra and Gunstar. And Mystica Ninja would be cool but i don't have the patience to invest that much of my time in a game so old. Let's put out like um Streets of Rage 2 and 3, TMNT 4: Turtles in Time, Golden Axe 2 and like the original FIFA Soccer, Kirby Super Stars, and Contra. Games that are still fun today because they haven't already been done 1000% better because frankly there hasn't been a good new shoot em up sidescroller or beat em up game made in the last 5 years. Rise to Honor was the closet thing to greatness but that didn't have 2 player Coop. Final Force wasn't bad either.



Ghetto_ninja commented on Golden Axe II:

This one is way better than the first. This one has way kooler levels way better graphics and seems to play faster. Definately pick this one up over the first.