Before ‘The Sims’ there was SimCity. This game was on most home computer systems at the time but the SNES port with its exclusive features and additional scenarios ranks as one of the better versions. The SimCity series has never been one to be taken lightly, however the SNES interpretation is one of the more 'easy-going' in the series. As such it is ideal for newcomers.

In this game you will design your own city, a novel idea back when this was released. In addition to that you can deal with a number of scenarios such as dealing with the results of an earthquake or a rampaging crime spree in the city. As major you have to keep the citizens happy.

The graphics aren't going to win any awards, but they do the job perfectly and the sparse audio and laid-back music is also ideally suited to this kind of game. There are cameo appearances from Mario and Bowser so Nintendo fans will feel they are getting their value for money.


Potentially, SimCity offers months and months of gameplay and as a result represents one of the best value Virtual Console downloads available. If you're after something that offers long-term challenge and wil tax your brain, then you really should download this as soon as possible. Action fans are obviously going to be disappointed by the lack of instant gratification, but if you're after a title that will challenge your grey matter then this is it.