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This soccer game was made at the time when Nintendo introduced their four player adapter, and was probably made for the four playing purpose. Then you can choose between many different ground layers, like ice, grass and stone, which adds to the replayability.

When you play a one player game you play the world cup as one of the top soccer countries of that time, and you meet countries in a fixed order. Cameroon in the first match and the final is against West Germany. In an old-school fashion you lose when you play a draw, there's no extra time whatsoever.

In the game you always steer only one character, which you choose before the match starts. You can then give simple orders to you team-mates, like pass, tackle and shoot. Your moves are also limited to these moves. The game is totally lawless, so feel free to make elbow tackles without a wink from the referee. Probably it was made this way to be funnier to play against friends.

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slangman said:

Dunno if it has stood the test of time but i doubt i will be getting this since sports aren't my sort of thing.



KeeperBvK said:

This one certainly has stood the test of time. Amazing game especially in 4-player.



fco said:

The only football game I've ever loved. Please come here quick!



lordbowser said:

This is the only soccer game I've ever enjoyed. Its definitely worth the price of admission.



Ricardo91 said:

Me neither Mickey, even if it does have Kunio characters. If they made an Ice Hockey game with Kunio characters in it, however, THAT I'd buy!



alxtlvra said:

Watch the video above ... W. GERMANY team? This kind of things makes you feel the unforgetable 80's and early 90's vibe. What a feeling! seriously almost crying!



WolfLink22 said:

OMG another NES Game that i could play over and over again and only Soccer game i ever to this day still give a crap about because it just plays way more differently then a Soccer game of today because of different ground layers, like ice, grass and stone, which adds to the replayability. Even getting to switch between who you use in each matchup never got old and omg don't get me started on the music i still have the you lost theme stuck in my head just thinking about this Classic Favorite.Then there are the special moves to kick the Soccer Ball with too sure Soccer games of today still have the basic kicks and head hitting shots but then there is the effects of the Ball cutting like a Saw Blade that i still find cool to this day too.

You can't just find all of the above in 1 Soccer game anymore and Alex one of the Team USA Members is also in another VC Game that USA has too.

If you have never played this game then you are missing out big time.



WolfLink22 said:

Junichi I'll call Nintendo World Cup Soccer any time i want since USA has a sport called Football already. You may call USA's Football by something else it's that way with USA too.Shoot Japan may not call Nintendo World Cup Soccer or Football either.

Either way i still want Nintendo World Cup Soccer any way.



BF-Medic said:

Oh, I remember when we used to play this in 4-player mode. Classic stuff! Hope to see this soon



Betagam7 said:

I think that the reason we call it "football" is because it is a game where you use your "foot" to maneuvre a "ball" around the pitch.
This is as opposed to America's "Football", a game where you use your "hands" to carry what can only be described as "not a ball" around a pitch.
The rest of the world already have a game like this except they call it rugby and played it before your country and its "football" were discovered/invented.
The difference is that, short of putting "American" in front of its title we've never tried to rebrand your sport with a stupid name like "carryball", hence why we tend to get a bit fed up of hearing our sport referred to as "soccer".



blackknight77 said:

We call it Soccer to avoid confusion with our American football. Calling it Soccer is not an insult just a different name
Anyway, I am looking forward to this game.



Betagam7 said:

I appreciate its not done to deliberately insult but its easy to see how its annoying for the rest of the world to have American's rebranding of a world recognised sport gradually infiltrating the rest of the world simply because it clashes with a name they borrowed for a sport that only they have any real interest in. thus Europe ends up getting FIFA SOCCER all through the 90's
Best not to even get into why we have a Game Boy "COLOR"...



CanisWolfred said:


It's not like were going to invade your country and making everyone call it "Soccer"! So we changed the name of the sport in order to keep it from getting confused with one that is more popular in our own country. It's not a big deal, really.

@Mr. Cheez

Hell yeah, Kunio Hockey would be awesome!



The_Fox said:

Hey, Betagam7, whats the deal with "Chips" and "Crisps"? They're french fries and potato chips, and I demand all British stop using colloquialisms for snack foods. Annoying, isn't it?
As the little flags next to the user names indicate, there are people from all over the world on this site, and you should realize that each country has their own phrases and idioms.



WolfLink22 said:

Nintendo World Cup Soccer is coming to Japan this Tuesday.Now i really wish i had a Japanese Wii.



WolfLink22 said:

AlphaNerd01 The reasons you may like it maybe are the same reasons as to why i like it.I stated my reasons before if you look at Comment number 11 by me those maybe your reasons as well more detailed or not.



Mr_64 said:

Oh my days! Talk about a blast from the past in all the worst possible ways. Absolute garbage! Why not dig out C64 International Soccer too whilst we're here? 8-bit CPUs and football games just don't mix. Novelty footy games have never done it for me either, either Mario Smash Football didn't cut it for me and just got annoying after a bit. Call me a purist but the further away a football game deviates from the grass-roots of meat and potato pies and crumbling terraces, the less I like it!

Please, please, please bring out an Amiga emulator so we can have SWOS! Failing that, the SNES/MD version of Sensible Soccer. SWOS is still the king of football games in my opinion, which is pretty shocking seeing as it was released 14 years ago on a 7 MHz computer!



ness said:

I absolutely love "Nintendo World Cup", one of the best football games of all time^^.



Betagam7 said:

"Hey, Betagam7, whats the deal with "Chips" and "Crisps"?"

The deal is that those things have different names in every country and theres no crossover wheras Football is Football everywhere but the USA. So why do we have things being branded "soccer" outside of that country and Game Boy "color"s in the UK?

Not trying to have a go at anyone here, just the stupid company's who market as if eveyone was American. Take your own example and imagine you woke up to a world of "chips" and "crisps" and totally different spellings and see how annoying it would rapidly become for you.

Now feel free to tell me that you "could" care less to really get me on a rant



Mr_64 said:

To be fair, "soccer" is an interchangable term in Britain, it does crop up from time to time and the term "soccer" originates over here too. It's a concatination of "Association" from "Association Football" (what is now the FA) I believe from the dawn of professional football. Rugby is actually called "Rugby Football", we just choose to chop the "football" bit off and you could argue that American Football is some bizarre off-spring of rugby.

It's certainly not a tap/faucet level of linguistic discrepancy. I personally don't like the word very much, but we are the ones to blame for it, not the Yanks! And the word "soccer" has done far less to harm our beautiful game than the words "Premier League" anyway.

Back onto the subject... Bring SWOS out please!



Kaeobais said:

Another game using River City Ransom sprites? I remember playing Super Dodgeball for the first time and trying to remember where I saw the sprites before. Not gonna buy this, I've got Super Mario Strikers which looks fairlythe same as this, but awesome ..... er? I might buy the Wii Strikers now that I think of it ....



PsychoFish said:

Greatest soccer game of all time!! Pure fun and excitement. If you don't already have this for your NES you definately need to download it for Wii.



WolfLink22 said:

@35 this is the only Soccer game i have ever and most likely will ever like.I use to have this on the NES a long time ago.

Heck i remember hurting every other guy that was not on my team just so i could always win vs that team on it.You can say i played hurt you soccer as the case may be lol.

I liked playing with more then 2 players on an Ice and sandy field a lot too.



MegaMX4 said:

Oh, this is guaranteed to be on my Wii day one of its release....so many memories! Gotta love the super moves (and the gruesome faces the players made when shoved/skid into). Classic Kunio-kun at its best, and one of the most fun sports titles on the NES.

And that's saying something, considering I have no taste for sports.



bram070 said:

I played this game a lot when i was a kid, absolutely loved it.
Playing with the dutch team and win the world cup over and over again.



Travenous said:

Nice!!! I'll be getting this one... let's see Super Spike V'Ball come out too!! I'm craving some 4 player NES action!



Roo said:

If this isn't the EU game for June 11th 2010 I'll be surprised!



chiefeagle02 said:

I remember playing this for the Game Boy back in the day. The power moves and the "barf" facial expressions added to the fun.



Pepe said:

This was a cool game, don't you think Nintendo should add to virtual console for South Africa World Cup:
Nintendo World Cup (NES), Capcom’s Soccer Shootout (SNES), and Super Soccer (SNES).....This could be great adds!!!



edhe said:

It's a travesty this game hasn't been released in England - home of football yet!

We had the chance to get it during the world cup, but alas...



StarDust4Ever said:

Why Nintendo chose to release the totally suck version of NES Soccer for Virtual Console instead of this hidden gem, I'll never know. They could have really capitalized on the four-player Wiimote support.

I recently imported the Super Mario brothers / Tetris / World Cup 3-in-1 cart from the UK. My initial goal was to own every licensed variation of Super Mario Brothers on NES, but then I discovered this little gem of a game. Never much been a fan of sports titles, or even soccer for that matter, but I really enjoyed Mario Super Strikers on Game Cube (not the gosh-awful Wii version with their game-ruining 6-point goals) and I'm looking forward to learning how to play Nintendo World Cup. I probably need to pick up a standalone copy of this game, as the PAL version on my lockout-modded NTSC console likely has a rather inaccurate game clock.

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