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Beyond Oasis (MD / Mega Drive)

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You are the young Prince Ali in a desperate fight to defeat the evil that is threatening your island empire, Oasis.

Long ago, a war raged between a wicked sorcerer who used a silver "armlet" to unleash destruction on the island and a wizard who defied him with a gold armlet that could summon four powerful spirits. Both armlets had been lost until recently when someone unearthed the silver band and began using it for their evil gain.

Just when you think all is lost, you discover the precious gold armlet and finally have the power to combat the wearer of the silver band but can you stop them in time?

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Posted by Damien McFerran

You are the young Prince Ali in a desperate fight to defeat the evil that is threatening your island empire, Oasis.

This was another late Megadrive/Genesis release but thankfully it avoided the fate of games like Comix Zone and sold pretty well at the time. It's easy to see why - graphically it's one of the best looking games on Sega's 16-bit console. It looks even...

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RetroGuy said:

This is really quite excellent and the music is astounding - if you never played this the first time around, you should defo spend 800 points on it this time.



Manaman said:

This will probably be my next Megadrive VC download. The only other RPG offering 'Sword of Vermillion' proved to be quite disappointing on the Sega Mega Drive Collection, and this is one of the very few games that's not already in a compilation.



dualj said:

You know, this was a good game. I had a lot of fun playing this one back then. I personally cant wait.



Levi said:

Even though this game does look a bit interesting and i might look into d/ling, no one can deny that the third pic on the right looks like Axel from Streets of Rage sooooooooooo much XD!



Warsong said:

Bright and loaded with personality, this is not only attractive but a gem of an RPG. Where the "adventuring" part of Sword of Vermillion is weak, here it is the heart of the game--and done superbly. It is easy to enjoy by a wide range of gamers, a classic that was overlooked by many.



Wolf said:

OMG! I first game across this game on the PC but I couldn't believe how much fun this was and the amazing art style was so great. 5/5 definitely!



zeeroid said:

This is what I love about VC! Every single time I see a game I'd never heard of before get a 5 star review like this one I just jump with glee in anticipation to download it and play it for myself

Nintendo was a little short-sighted putting in such a small 512 MB flash drive into the Wii, since mine is nearly full, as I'm sure is the case with many other people as well



MrP said:

I might get it once it's out in Europe. IF Sega starts doing the right freakin' thing and letting me play it fullscreen at the correct speed.



Blottie said:

Downloaded the game on a whim and on the recommendations of this site. So far, it's a pretty good little action-RPG. It's not going to break any ground with it's storytelling, so if you're looking for a solid story, this probably isn't where you want to go. However, the action itself is quite good. Not "Zelda" good, but more "Crystalis" good.

If you're on the fence with this one, definitely pick it up; it's a nice little surprise. Just don't expect Link to the Past-level quality here.

__The Hero


The Hero said:

I was wondering if this game would be worth it and now it seems like it is. Once I get some money, I will deff. get this game.



lavkian said:

While I wasn't as world-aware during the 16-bit era as I have been in recent generations, it really saddens me that Nintendo dominated as much as it did when it was just Nintendo vs Sega, because each of their systems has had such fantastic games such as this, which could have easily been hyped up as a "Zelda killer," had such terms existed back then (or did they?).

Here's to more under-the-radar games coming out. Where's the NTSC MSX support, Nintendo? Where's Metal Gear 2?



Cam said:

Come on Sega - Put the Shining Force games up on the VC!!



Jazzem said:

I do quite like this, but the sound isn't very good at all... The music is really blotchy and forgettable, quite annoying too And the SEGA yell! It's all scrumpled up!

It's a nice game though, very playable



Why oh Why is American artwork on games rubbish. Marvel and DC among others prove that American artwork is some of the best in the world. Yet despite this American videogame art nearly always stinks. Beyond Oasis is also a rubbish name, I m glad I have found out about the name change as when I finally get a USA Wii I want to download this as I loved it on the Megadrive. If I remember rightly is Sonic in this?



Bazoon said:

"It's still worth looking out for if you're after a decent 32-bit adventure, though."

Its a 32 bit game? I thought Genesis/Mega Drive was only 16 bit, or it was a game that played on the X32 addon?



Ratso said:

Sonic appears in Soleil, another MD RPG that appeared around the same time as Story of Thor.



TheNintendoBoy said:

I personally can't make myself like the soundtrack. It's probably Koshiro's worst MD OST after Streets of Rage 3, with bad sound quality and poor (maybe just unfitting) melodies.

Also, the level design lacks the polish of the Zelda series but the fighting is a bit more fun imo.



Mendez said:

I'm strongly considering the download now. I have 6000 Wii points at the moment, which I want to last about 4 months. I also want a game that's a lot of fun to play but not TOO in depth.
I have GCSEs coming up so I want something I can play in short bursts too, and not think about too much.
Should I get it?



TheNintendoBoy said:

Well, it sounds like Kid Chameleon or some other long platformer like Kirby's Adventure would be the best choice for you, as this one does require some brain work later on. There's lots of exploring to do and different abilities to use at the right spots.

__stephan beal


stephan beal said:

Careful: i just downloaded this game and the download SAYS it works with the Wii remote controller... but that's only partially true. After getting to the end of the first quest, i couldn't figure out how to continue... 15 minutes of trying and googling before i finally tried with my gamecube controller and what do you know... one of the buttons on that controller activates an ability (using the spirit powers) which the Wiimote does not account for.



chriss said:

This game is so frustrating
When you die on a Dungeons Boss, you have to START THE WHOLE DUNGEON OVER AGAIN!!!
I got very pissed a few times.

Now to some kind of review:
Graphics are nice, and its fun to kick the hell out of enemies , the spirits you can summon are also nice. Graphics are okay. There are just a few things that i didn't like:
You can't enter many buildings, and talking to people is pretty much useless. It really is no RPG , dont expect one and you won't be disappointed.
One cool thing is the rewards you get if you explore a bit more: You can upgrade your Summons, and its very motivating to find secret entrances. (there are many !!!)



http://MrDexterm.bebo.com said:

hm.... well I downloaded this cause' you said it was gurrd, well at first I thought it was a breathe of fresh air and was pretty good but I don't know, the player just moves really slow and it I found that really annoying, haha don't even know why and I got stuck on it and I wasn't very interested in the game so i guess that's why I haven't played it since. Sorry Sega but Story of Thor just wasn't my cup of tea



Drake said:

Good game, but it's hampered a bit by controls and the (Pretty terrible, if you ask me) music.



GS said:

I didn't really like it.... I think the sound effects, Music, story, fighting, design, bosses and everything else are not even in the same league as Zelda ALTTP. Zelda is just to damn good, it doesn't even seem like it is over 10 years old, let alone 15!!! Does sega have a crappy sound card or something why do the sounds always sound so muffled... never quite understood that- Except in sonic, the sounds were great quality.



TheNintendoBoy said:

^Yuzo Koshiro tried to do something orchestral and ambient sounding, which was obviously very hard to accomplish on the genesis. I like the ost, but it doesn't really fit the pace of the game.

I thought the graphics were way ahead of LoZ:ALTTP technically, but the art direction isn't as interesting.



Mendez said:

Wow, I downloaded this a couple of months ago and never really got into it, but I've been investing more time into it recently and I love it!
Easily one of the best games available for VC!



Denivire said:

This was the game I played the most as a kid. I remember coming home from school, starting a new game, and beating it just before or just after supper because I played it so much. Wonder if anyone found the infinite Omega Sword, that thing rapes!



TwinCross said:

Enjoyable and colourful, but the contols feel a little sluggish, the music is forgettable, and having to restart an entire dungeon if you die is just frustating.



The_shoemaker said:

It's been a while since I've played this game, I don't know why, Maybe It's because light crusader Is a way better game (no clue why I compared it to that)



Mad_Bomber said:

Just about as awesome as I remembered it.
Beyond Oasis was pretty slick for its time and gave us Genesis owners a game that was at least somewhat comparable to SNES' Zelda.
This game is nowhere near as deep but it’s still very fun and well worth 800 points.



The_shoemaker said:

I just started playing it again. Simply great fun. The music is just like I remember, ok but not too great. But the game is really fun, and challenging. I'm in some Big cave like temple thing after I stowed away on that guys ship. I just gotta get a key.......



JaredJ said:

Never played this back in the day. just discovered it on the VC. My favorite game on the VC so far.



President_Leever said:

^They're not even comparable, BoF2 is a turn based RPG game with a lot more focus on characters and storytelling..



The_shoemaker said:

Yeah I was just comparing in my mind of how much better BOFll is compared to beyond oasis because Before I got BOF I was playing beyond oasis like there was no tomorrow



President_Leever said:

Well, opinions are like a*ses and all that, but still there is no comparison as they focus on different things.



Nigel said:

This is fun. I got it a few months ago and played through a few levels/areas and moved on to other games. I'd like to come back and finish this in a weekend or something, I enjoyed what I did play.



The_shoemaker said:

I'm stuck in some temple thing. I always die when trying to get to a certain part, or when I get there, I forgot the key. I haven't played it for two monhs though



The_shoemaker said:

I'm stuck in some temple thing. I always die when trying to get to a certain part, or when I get there, I forgot the key. I haven't played it for two monhs though



Atlantis1982 said:

I have to agree with the majority; there should be a music off option since it grates inside my ears painfully.



Maxime_St_Rasse said:

some parts in this game are pretty frustrating.. especially if you save when you dont have much meat and fruit... i suggest downloading this game if you have already played through zelda 3 a bunch of times and are lookin for a similar but totally new experience.. i remember this game being one of my favorites when i was a kid and its just as much fun now



Ricardo91 said:

The music and sound kinda remind me of a midway arcade game from the '80s, or a first-gen genesis game XD. The Visuals aren't bad, but I think I might get landstalker instead if I want a Zelda-style genesis RPG game.



CanisWolfred said:

G-D, this sounds like the best thing I've ever seen, RPG-wise. Heck, its battle system sounds like what they're putting in that new Fable game, talk about being ahead of it's time.

But darn it, I'm broke, so I can't get it yet. Soon, soon...



Virus said:

This is a pretty good game for people looking for a Zelda-like adventure. I would argue that the fighting and graphics are even better in this one than in a Link to the Past. The soul system is awesome too. However, crouch attacks suck, platforming sections stink badly, and the sound and music are sadly terrible. A Link to the Past is a better game but Beyond Oasis is worth getting. I have to say, although my first playthrough was only five hours long, this game has a lot more to do in it as far as side quests and such. Replayability is pretty darn good.

If I could give it a score, I'd give it a 22 out of 27 1/2. Yeah, that's a good rating.



CanisWolfred said:


Nice review there, sport!

In any case, while I haven't played much of it, the music I've heard from the video was pretty good, and as a previous owner of a Sega Genesis, I have a bit of a fondness for the Genesis' sound chip.

Plus, I don't think it's a good idea to compare anything to A Link to the Past, simply because it's too perfect of a game, I'd never purchase any game again if I held everything to that high of a standard. I didn't even like Ocarina of Time as much as A Link to the Past.

That is, however, just my opinion.



Virus said:


Why thank you, I hope it mildly helps someone (probably won't, oh well). You're right though about how I shouldn't compare games to A Link to the Past since we can't expect all games to be that stellar (well, we wish we could). Still, I guess my point in mentioning it was this game is not A Link to the Past. People may buy it thinking it's similar to that game, but it ain't. I would rather people buy it for what it is instead of it being a Zelda-like adventure (although I strangely put that in my comment, huh... ). We have Neotopia for people who want Zelda rip-offs anyway. Thanks for catching my mistake though!



Ricardo91 said:

I have a bit of a Genesis adventure game-related dilemma myself. Though I made fun of this game earlier for it's lackluster audio, and said that I'd rather get Landstalker instead, I'm actually sorta torn between the two games. Niether of them are "Must-haves" to me, but if I werr to choose between them, which one would be the better choice?

@Mickeymac. I'm with ya, buddy! A Link to the Past is simply the best Zelda evah!



CanisWolfred said:

That's why I'm getting both of them. Once I've played them I'll give you an answer. Though, at face value, I'd go with Beyond oasis, since the lack of an Isometric view makes jumps easier, and the fighting system is deeper too.



Ricardo91 said:

Thanks for the response. I could get both of them, but I'm fairly stingy with my Wii points, so I have to make a lot of decisions. That's why I post a lot of questions on this site. lol.



CanisWolfred said:

@Mr. Cheez

I know what you mean, I tend to make sure that I make every one count, since I usually can't get stuff more than once every few months. Unfortunately, that kind of means you shouldn't wait up on an answer from me, because, in a state of weakness, I purchased F-Zero X instead of Beyond Oasis Sorry.



pseudo-kid said:

want it now!

i'll be dumbstruck if this compares in the least to link to the past...

we shall see...



pseudo-kid said:

i've had time-logged w/ BeyOas and it is a tremendous game:
spunky baddies, lofty god-driven plot, nifty bosses/-battles
overall fun sword play-magic jewelry commanding fairies etc.

*** five stars well earned

But incomparable to Z: Link+Past



Ricardo91 said:

^Nothing is comparable to A Link to the Past. That game is perfection.

@Mickey. * Sigh *, I guess I can understand that. I do that kind of thing all the time with retail games: Plan on getting a particular game, but get another one in it's place. One time I was gonna get Psychonauts, but wound up getting Pikmin 2 or something else instead. Then another time, I was gonna get Yoshi's Island 2, but wound up with Rocket Slime. Must be an ADD thing.



CanisWolfred said:

@Mr. Cheez

It and Landstalker will be my purchase after next. Considering my next one is SMRPG and Ys, both of which are rather short, I wouldn't expect it to be too long.

Oh, and funny thing, I went to get Devil May Cry, and I ended up with FFX. I don't know what happened, they're like complete opposites.



stalepie said:

No, the game isn't hard, unfortunately. Well, if you haven't played many games it might be fairly challenging, the last few dungeons. I remember being stuck for a while on the last dungeon.

The BEST action-RPG on the Genesis is hands-down Landstalker, which is just so memorable.

In some ways I like Immortal and Light Crusader more than Beyond Oasis / THOR, but I am a big fan of the music, which is very different and unique. I can understand the complaint that it's distracting or that it sounds muffled. Doesn't on headphones though.

The game needed more story. I'm usually the last to say that about a game, but you meet a few characters along the way, they have a few dialogue boxes, and that's about it. The game feels lonely because of that. But maybe that's what makes it interesting.

Fans of Beyond Oasis may want to look into Alcahest on the SNES.



You know a Sega Genesis game that never got as much attention as it deserved? Elemental Master. It was really fun like Thunderforce 3 (same guy did the music), but the story was more unique and had a fun feel to it. Have any of you ever heard of it by chance?



CanisWolfred said:

Good news, Mr. Cheez, this game will soon be on a collection, so now you don't have to get it on the VC! I'm actually really glad I had passed this up for so long, as I now get to save my money by buying the collection.

...except it's only on the Xbox360. And Landstalker isn't on it, unfortunately, so I still have to get that.



Ryno said:

Just started playing this game again last night on the Sega Ultimate Genesis collection on PS3, Great fun if you are looking for something for something simple.

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