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United States

Tue 10th Jun 2008

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Maxime_St_Rasse commented on River City Ransom:

this game is so awesome... nothings better than grabbin a friend and runnin around beatin up frat guys and other thugs... you gotta find a list of what all the items do though cuz i found myself buying items i really didnt need at the wrong times...

so much fun though... highly recommended



Maxime_St_Rasse commented on Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy:

yeah this games fun if youre playin with a friend.. it can get old fast just by yourself... its sorta stretch armstrong meets metal slug... though metal slug and stretch armstrong are much cooler



Maxime_St_Rasse commented on The Legend of the Mystical Ninja:

yeah this games no great shakes.. i thought itd be a fun co-op game but unless you and your partner are real good at the game and dont mind wasting a bunch of time walking around in shops and playin the lottery then its not that fun.... i hate how you lose your weapon and your sandals when you get hit... by the time me and my buddy would get upgraded enough to where we could go play a level we would get hit and lose all our stuff on the way to it...



Maxime_St_Rasse commented on Crack Down:

so is this game ever going to come out in the us? it looks like itd be a blast to blow through with a buddy



Maxime_St_Rasse commented on Beyond Oasis:

some parts in this game are pretty frustrating.. especially if you save when you dont have much meat and fruit... i suggest downloading this game if you have already played through zelda 3 a bunch of times and are lookin for a similar but totally new experience.. i remember this game being one of my favorites when i was a kid and its just as much fun now



Maxime_St_Rasse commented on Battle Lode Runner:

this game deserves more than 3 stars... maybe the original nintendo version deserved 3 stars but the multiplayer in this is so much fun... it takes awhile for everyone to get the hang of but once people understand how to not dig themselves into holes you start noticin everyones different strategy on how to get the gold... i got this just to give it a try and it quickly became an obsession among all my friends



Maxime_St_Rasse commented on DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure:

this game is definitely a must download if you like platformers... the musics awesome.. i feel like it stops and starts with how fast youre movin and sometimes makes jumping sections pretty intense... although its kinda easy theres a huge variety in level design so it doesnt get boring playing it a couple times through



Maxime_St_Rasse commented on Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa:

awesome game... id say its sortof a mix between doremi fantasy (also an awesome import platformer) and the original mario... dont get all freaked out cuz youre controlling a baby using a rattle as a weapon the games definitely alot of fun