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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Blottie commented on US VC Releases - 21st May - Streets of Rage 2:

Actually, the best era of RPGs is arguably the SNES era. From Chrono Trigger to the double-shot of Final Fantasy IV/VI to Super Mario RPG to Earthbound, there was such a glut of fantastic RPGs on the SNES that most people that played games in that era are a bit spoiled when it comes to RPGs these days.

Yes, there were some fantastic arcade ports, side-scrollers, and shooters that dominated the era as well, but underestimating the pull of the RPG would be a mistake on Nintendo's part, as there is real money to be made on the Virtual Console with several of these games.



Blottie commented on US VC Releases - 26th March - RoTK IV:

Blame me. I lent my girlfriend my Wii for the week, which clearly is the reason Nintendo didn't release more/better titles this week; they don't want to get me too antsy to get my system back (even though I did just buy The Godfather).



Blottie commented on Beyond Oasis:

Downloaded the game on a whim and on the recommendations of this site. So far, it's a pretty good little action-RPG. It's not going to break any ground with it's storytelling, so if you're looking for a solid story, this probably isn't where you want to go. However, the action itself is quite good. Not "Zelda" good, but more "Crystalis" good.

If you're on the fence with this one, definitely pick it up; it's a nice little surprise. Just don't expect Link to the Past-level quality here.