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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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lavkian commented on US VC Releases - 5th May - Pokemon Puzzle League:

It's disappointing. There, I said it.

Mother 2 would be great, Mother would be even better since it was translated but never released. But honestly, an NES beatemup and a Tetris Attack clone?

No wonder I haven't bought anything since StarTropics. Still waiting on Zoda's Revenge and Majora's Mask...



lavkian commented on Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console:

@Jogurt: "More systems, more games, more easy for Nintendo to give us multi-game weeks."

Garbage. Nintendo's only been reeling it back, and the whole system to begin with was just poorly handled in my mind, the more I look at it. It's a good idea, but they're just milking so much money out of it that it's ridiculous.

More systems means more garbage. You folks salivate at the great C64 games you remember, but I bet it'll be a month after the first C64 game before any good ones come out.



lavkian commented on Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console:

As much as I hate to rag on an older system I have no experience with (I grew up with an NES and just about everything before it is before my time), it's really annoying how it seems Nintendo wants to roll out a new system before they've got the cream of the crop for the majority of the systems they've already got.

Plus, they've started reeling back 3-a-week for both us and Europe it seems. I swear, Nintendo will get you into their palm with such ease, but when it comes to online content... they're just doing awful.



lavkian commented on Magician Lord:

Seeing as how you've always been able to quicksave whenever you want on the VC, that shouldn't be a problem.



lavkian commented on EU VC Releases - 12th October - Super Metroid:

Zero Mission is a remake of the original Metroid on NES, and Super Metroid is a continuation of the story. They both, however, take place on Zebes, which is a source for understandable confustion.

Entirely different games nonetheless.



lavkian commented on Metal Marines:

Oh wow, THIS game. Despite the fact that I simply can never get into SRPGs nowadays, I used to play this on zSnes every freaking day as a kid.

I wonder what official rating it'll get here. I bank on 3 stars.



lavkian commented on US VC Releases - 25th June - SF2 Turbo:

SF2T would be more exciting if Nintendo were on the ball about online capabilities. Same goes for F-Zero.

Still waiting on Terranigma, Super Metroid and Majora's Mask.



lavkian commented on Beyond Oasis:

While I wasn't as world-aware during the 16-bit era as I have been in recent generations, it really saddens me that Nintendo dominated as much as it did when it was just Nintendo vs Sega, because each of their systems has had such fantastic games such as this, which could have easily been hyped up as a "Zelda killer," had such terms existed back then (or did they?).

Here's to more under-the-radar games coming out. Where's the NTSC MSX support, Nintendo? Where's Metal Gear 2?



lavkian commented on Dungeon Explorer:

I dig it, and my friend digs it (which was surprised), it is pretty difficult though, but that just adds to the fun in attempting to beat it. I'm a sucker for dungeon crawlers.

Matt: I had the same problem as you, but the reality is that you just went where you weren't meant to yet, so you're fighting guys that you shouldn't have been. The game's kind of vague, but if you read the instructions, you'll see that you're supposed to talk to the king, and he tells you to head south, not west.