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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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MrP commented on Virtual Boy Confirmed for Virtual Console:

Yeah, this is why April Fools is hated these days. Because people decide to shake things up so you can't trust news up to a week before the ACTUAL April fools.



MrP commented on EU VC Releases - 28th September - Sci-Fi Week:

Apparently, the game wasn't actually translated just for this VC release... A friend of mine who has the original cartridge discovered an English-menus option waiting for him upon completing the game once. The VC edition just has this turned on from the get-go. Not that I'm complaining!



MrP commented on Sin and Punishment:

The Classic Controller kinda makes this game odd... Gotta see if it works with the Gamecube pad once I get my Wavebird. The main problem is its reliance on the shoulder buttons in either of the three control configurations. For the CC, the least awkward control configuration - the one that doesn't necessitate using the L button as the shoot button - is configuration 3. Configuration 2 is pretty decent, too, since it doesn't make you use the R button as the jump button.



MrP commented on Beyond Oasis:

I might get it once it's out in Europe. IF Sega starts doing the right freakin' thing and letting me play it fullscreen at the correct speed.