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WaveBoy wrote:

SkullMan wrote:

I couldn't pass up the RE: DarkSide Chronicles at Target for $19.98 tonight.

How is it compared to the first? RE: DC seems to be either hit or miss, and the main reason is because of the frantic camera.
With me, I couldn't stand the original. The dead zone for the Bosses was ridiculously small....Like the Tyrant for example. And speaking of the boss battles, they were pretty damn boring and felt like they went on and on and on. While the zombie hit detection was poor, it felt so unsatisying shooting enemies due to their weak animations and how they react and the frame rate dipping. I stopped playing during the middle of Racoon City, I had enough, I wasn't having any fun and I just wanted it to end.

And what was the deal with the fake wide screen bars? Resident Evil 4 had the same thing going on.

Dunno, never played the first and haven't played the 2nd yet. I wanna be DKCR before I pop it in. I've always wanted it but never wanted to shell out the cash but for under 20 bucks, I couldn't refuse.

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For $20, it is kind of tempting....But so is this.


Apperantly Dewy's Adventure is pretty underrated, and alot of people here on NL say it's pretty good for the price.
Darkside Chronicles eat your heart out baby. Nah but really though, I think I'm alittle stumped on both titles. They're both definitly on the 'maybe' list.

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In the past month for the Wii i got Kirby's Epic Yarn, Pokepark Wii, Pokemon Rumble and DKCR.



Got Goldeneye at launch played it a couple of times and traded it towards Flingsmash, which I'm quite enjoying. Last week I picked up Tron: Evolution - Battle Grids (or however you want the punctuation) and just finished story mode on that one. My inner Tron fan was well-satisfied, though the vehical-based events are definitely stronger than the disc/hyperball games.

Unless I get suprised by Williams Pinball Classics (still no fixed release date after a teaser indicating 22 October) I think that's it for the year for me outside of downloads.

Oh, wait, I did import Taiko no Tatsujin (Taiko Drum Master) complete with controller for my Japanese Wii. The 3rd instalment is nearing release and I'll want to get the 2nd one with the pack-in controller as well just in case I want a two-way. I cannot see picking up two more drums for 4-player in the 3rd one so I hope you can play without the drum as well.

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FlingSmash decentish.

Epic Mickey great game. Recommended.

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Epic Mickey. And it was a good one.

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Mario All-Stars went on sale early here and already got it. It's ok, but still wonder why i bought it as it's the same game as on the snes.


  • Donkey Kong Country Returns
  • Super Mario All-Stars
  • Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
  • Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
  • The House of the Dead: Overkill


I preordered Donkey Kong Country Returns and got it at launch. I'm glad I did.



My last Wii game is still SMG2......

I'm a Baaaaaad Wii owner.....

I'am planing on getting Donkey Kong........When my Next text book dosn't cost $150 bucks....

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JumpMad wrote:

My last Wii game is still SMG2......

I'm a Baaaaaad Wii owner.....

You think that's bad? I don't even have SMG2, let alone SMG1.

I have a bunch of pre-bought Wii games in waiting for Christmas.

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I just ordered Metroid Other M. I had been waiting for it to drop in price and it finally did. So I got it for the sweet spot of £17.95 of Amazon. Should arrive well in time for Christmas

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Order Crystal Bearers on a whim. Craving something with a world I can bury myself in, and a high production adventure game surely can't disappoint, despite the flaws I see mentioned (combat controls, mostly).



Sonic Colors, last week.

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  • Fragile Dreams Farewell Ruins of the Moon
  • The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces

  • Epic Mickey

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Yah ! I found RE DC for $20 and it is amazing, graphics are awesome (I cant tell the difference between that and a PS3 game )

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Even though its not a Wii game, I got Wind Waker yesterday. As you can expect, I plan to play it on the Wii.

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Well, Goldeneye is only £25 on amazon right now, and I was about to buy it, but then I was told it would be waiting under the tree for me on Chrimble Day, so I don't know if that counts a s a recent purchase or not.

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