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I went to Gamespot today thinking maybe I would pick up a used game on the cheap, only to find out that I could get "most" of them at Walmart new for just about the same price I left with nothing.

They had Resident 4 Wii Edition for $17 used and I got it for $12 new on Amazon...

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I traded in two regular Wii Remotes a Wii Motion Plus add-on and Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions for a blue Remote Plus.

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Mine was

No more heroes 2
Mad world
Metroid other M (gift)



lilboyblue wrote:

Mad world

I was going to pull the trigger on MadWorld on Amazon a few months ago for about 8 bucks, but it just looked to mindlessly gory and senseless.

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I got the SMB Collection from Amazon yesturday. I wont be opening this one till Christmas though.

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Got my self an extra Classic Controller Pro with free Monster Hunter Tri today. As I already owned a copy of Monster Hunter I sold it. Strange enough monster Hunter without Classic controller Pro was 5 euro's more expensive.



My latest wii purchase was Black Ops on 11-13-10. It is so addicting it has made the rest of my games obsolete. until i get skyward sword

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download wise super mario rpg super mario world and super metriod, retail wise a boy and his blob

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Right now, totally and absolutely stuck into Monster Hunter G and Tri, aswell as Sengoku Basara 3. Seriously need to finish these before The Last Story gets released :S lol



Castle of Shikigami III
Resident Evil 4
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Just Dance 2

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While technically not a purchase, I got KEY for Christmas, so it'll be fun playing that.

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MySims SkyHeroes. I'm a fan of the MySims series (with the possible exception of MySims Party, as I'm not interested in buying/trying out that one). I hope this one is better than my worst expectations.

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Mine was Kirby's Epic Yarn. I didn't start it yet.
Next one will probably be Donkey Kong Country Returns.



Got Super Mario Galaxy and Little King's Story for Christmas, and today I bought GH Warriors of Rock w/ guitar (my first music game with an instrument ever. Only tried GH at a friend's once, so I'm kind of excited to try it out).


Got Goldeneye 007 for Xmas!

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Metroid 64

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