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TodayTue, 23rd May 2017

  • Talking Point From Joy-Con to 8Bitdo and Beyond, Switch Delivers a Revolution in Control

    Play any way you want

    There are still some that bemoan the fact that the Nintendo Revolution became the Wii; it's an interesting perspective to take, as it's quite likely the console would have been hobbled by a clunkier name. Think about how iconic the brand became, right from the start, with Wii Sports. Would Revolution Sports have had the same...

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  • Rumour Artwork for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Posted Online

    The horror

    It's one of the oldest rumours around upcoming Nintendo Switch games, and now it seems some art is doing the rounds. We're referring to a game reportedly called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a title that to we're led to believe is real and set for this year. The following fuzzy image was initially doing the rounds. For those that...

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  • Video Let's Discover the Very Best in Sideways Joy-Con Grips

    What makes sideways the best way?

    It's no secret that one of the biggest joys of Nintendo's latest console is the ability to slide off each side of it to turn one controller into two, but it's also no secret that it's not the most comfortable way to game. As such, many companies including Nintendo themselves have attempted to create little plastic...

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  • News Pokémon GO is Reportedly Targeting 'Cheaters' By Hiding Rare Pocket Monsters

    Punishment by Pidgey

    Pokémon GO has nearly reached its one year milestone; it's also easy to forget that, for a time, the game took over the world. The mobile augmented reality game may not be as popular as it once was, yet it still has a large and dedicated userbase. Many players, perhaps in a bid to avoid seeing the same...

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  • Gallery Check Out Five Control Schemes for ARMS

    High five

    Whilst Nintendo may have opted for motion controls to promote extendable fighting game ARMS, there will actually be five different control schemes available from launch. These options will include everything from using a single Joy-Con on its side, to using the Switch in handheld mode, to using a Pro Controller. Then you will have the...

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  • News 8Bitdo Pads Updated With Nintendo Switch Support, Just In Time For Ultra Street Fighter II

    Even more control options

    Peripheral maker 8Bitdo has released a new firmware update for its controllers which enables support for the Nintendo Switch. The range of pads - which includes the NES30 and SNES30 controllers - are based on classic Nintendo products and boast an exceptional build quality.  While there are obvious

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  • News An Adventure Time Mashup Pack is Coming to Minecraft

    Well, why not?

    Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition is just the latest edition of the phenomenally successful franchise. The Mojang-developed and Microsoft-owned IP has progressed from a scruffy but clever PC sandbox game to being dominant in the industry, proving successful on any platform it calls home. Part of its ongoing success is due to...

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  • News Level-5 Is Working On At Least One Nintendo Switch Game

    Yokai Watch? Layton? Ni no Kuni?

    With E3 right round the corner it's fair to speculate about what new titles we'll see at the show, and Level-5 has set chins wagging by confirming that it has at least one Switch game in development. The studio - best known for Ni no Kuni, Professor Layton and the Yo-kai Watch series -...

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  • News Nintendo of America Confirms 'Summer of Play' Tour of Switch and 3DS Games

    "The tour is a great place to spend a summer afternoon", says Bowser

    Nintendo of America has done a solid job, in recent years, of showcasing various games at expos and at its own special events. Part of this has been summer tours, and now NOA has outlined an upcoming Summer of Play tour that'll go around 13 different venues through June to...

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  • Random Kid Creates Switch From Cardboard, Father Caves And Gets Him The Real Deal

    Good things come to those who make their own consoles

    What is it with the Nintendo Switch and cardboard-based clones? Not so long ago we reported on a story in which a Japanese child crafted his own Switch system out of stuff that would normally end up in the recycling bin, and now we've got another tale of industrious craftsmanship, again from the...

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  • News RiME On Switch Will Run At 720p In Both Docked And Portable Modes

    No boost for playing on the TV

    RiME is shaping up to be one of 2017's most interesting multi-format titles thanks to its eye-catching visuals and puzzle-solving gameplay. The Switch version - currently being ported by Tantalus Media - will launch after the other editions, and original developer Tequila Works has now revealed that Tantalus...

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    • RiME
  • News Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Is Only 20 To 30 Percent Complete

    Koji Igarashi admits he needs to speed things up

    Koji Igarashi has spoken about Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night in an interview with Famitsu, and has admitted that the game is only 20 to 30 percent complete. When it was shown off at BitSummit one year ago, Bloodstained was around 10 percent complete. Unsurprisingly, Igarashi also admits that...

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  • News Inti Creates CEO Talks More on Mighty Gunvolt Burst

    "We made this game completely on our own"

    First revealed in part through a leak by Famitsu and in full at BitSummit this past weekend, Mighty Gunvolt Burst is a promising new action platformer from Inti Creates. As something of a mashup between Mighty No. 9 and Azure Striker Gunvolt, the new game will aim to recapture that Mega Man gameplay in a...

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  • News Chromophore: The Two Brothers Is Still in the Works

    Five years and counting...

    Sometimes it just seems like certain developers have a difficult time accurately gauging the amount of time and manpower that goes into producing a game. Be it due to grossly underestimating an ambitious project or due to unfortunate circumstances that set a game back months or years, there are some games that make you...

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    • Chromophore: The Two Brothers
    • Upcoming Releases
  • Video This Fan-Made Clip Is The Best Commercial For The Nintendo Switch Yet

    Take to the skies

    Nintendo really dropped the ball when it came to effectively communicating the core appeal of the Wii U, and the result was consumer apathy. Thankfully the company hasn't repeated this mistake with the Switch, which has received more effective promotion and bumper sales. However, while Nintendo's marketing efforts have vastly...

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YesterdayMon, 22nd May 2017

  • News The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is Now Approved for Sale in China

    Possibly destined for the NVIDIA Shield

    The Chinese market is potentially hugely lucrative, but the country's laws and logistical challenges make it a tough market to crack, especially for console manufacturers. There have been some efforts by Sony and Microsoft with their hardware, but little suggestion over the past couple of years that either...

    • Legend of Zelda
    • Twilight Princess
  • Editorial An Empty Box is $5 and a Dock is $89 - Welcome to Switchonomics

    If we pay it, then the price is right

    Capitalism is incredibly complicated in practice - markets, financial tools, regulations, 'gaming the system', taxes and so on. On the flipside it's also very simple. Supply and demand dictate how much goods cost, and when it comes to entertainment desirability is also a factor. When a company has a winner on...

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  • News Nintendo's Response To Blind Rhythm Heaven Fan Will Warm Even The Coldest Of Hearts

    "I will always support you, Nintendo"

    Japanese boy Hibiki Sakai was diagnosed with retinoblastoma in both eyes at the age of one and a half, and following the surgical procedures necessary to save his life has been completely blind since the age of two. That hasn't stopped him indulging in many passions; he's a talented drummer and, like many...

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  • Guide What Time Is The ARMS Global Testpunch Demo?

    Come out swinging

    It's not been hard to make the link that ARMS is very much to Switch what Splatoon was to Wii U. A game that aims to disrupt its genre norms - in this case a fighting game with quirky controls - that also needs to win over fans as a new IP. Nintendo's tactics with it are extremely familiar, too; we have a late Spring...

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  • News There's Still No Date for the All-Important NBA Playgrounds Update on Switch eShop

    "In a matter of days / week"... uh-huh

    A short while before NBA Playgrounds arrived on Nintendo Switch the developer's representatives told us that an update adding online play would come a 'few days' after launch. Not an ideal scenario, but reasonable - we can practice for a few days and then play online, right? We're pretty sure 'a few days'...

    • Switch eShop
    • NBA Playgrounds
  • 41


    Review Magikarp Jump

    Super weak or beloved Pokémon?

    In one of the more unusual turns for Pokémon, the new mobile game Pokémon: Magikarp Jump has been released on mobile devices in a gradual international rollout. This game is developed by Select Button and is a Pokémon-themed spin on its game Survive! Mola Mola. The task? Raise a Magikarp to be as strong as it can...

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  • Random Mario Kart 8 Mod Adds Everyone's Favourite Pink Blob To The Starting Grid

    Kirby Air Ride 2?

    Thanks to the modding community Kirby is the latest character to join the Mario Kart 8 ranks on Wii U. Previously we wrote about Sonic the Hedgehog and Captain Olimar from Pikmin joining the roster, now it's the pink puffball's turn to join the race - albeit unofficially, of course. This is not the first time Kirby has been...

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  • News Niantic Drops Hint That Legendary Monsters Are Coming To Pokémon GO This Summer

    "This summer will be legendary"

    At the 21st Annual Webby Awards took place last week and Pokémon GO scooped five Awards, including “Best Mobile Game”.  Archit Bhargava, global marketing product lead for Niantic, was on hand to accept the big award and used his speech - limited to five words, as is the traditional at the Webby...

    • Pokemon
    • Pokemon GO
  • Random Take Legend Of Zelda, Add Some Gundam And You've Got Plenty Of Awesome

    Upwardly mobile

    While the Zelda series has toyed with mechanical concepts in recent outings, it's fair to say that fans would be somewhat resistive to the franchise moving into a sci-fi future with mobile suits and space ships. That doesn't stop some of us from dreaming, however - and Khris Ramirez has mashed the series together with one of...

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  • News It Looks Like Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival Is Taking To The Pitch On Switch

    Sick as a parrot

    Those of you advanced enough in years (and based in Europe) will no doubt recall the Kick Off series of football (soccer to our North American chums) titles on home computers and consoles. Alongside Sensible Software's Sensible Soccer series, Kick Off was considered by many to be the pinnacle of the genre - until EA's FIFA and...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Kick Off Revival
  • News Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Enjoys a Reasonable Debut in UK Charts

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains the best performer on Switch

    Nintendo had a major new release in the UK charts this week, albeit serving as a reminder that Switch isn't the company's only current-gen hardware. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia arrived on 3DS and has landed at 5th place in the all-format chart - multiplatform title Injustice...

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  • News Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 To Bring the Power to Nintendo Switch in Autumn / Fall

    Local play and, um, optional motion controls

    Back in January a number of titles featured in the Nintendo Switch presentation from Japan, notably in a sizzle reel of upcoming games. One of these was Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, and we now have a better idea of when that game will arrive. Bandai Namco in Europe has confirmed an Autumn / Fall release...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Dragon Ball
  • News Super Famicom Title "Ghost Chaser Densei" Translated Into English

    The other Ghosts in the Shell

    You may not be familiar with Winkysoft’s rather decent and zany “Denjin Makai” series of scrolling beat’em ups. Like so many others they stubbornly remained Japan-only affairs, with both games (the titular “Denji Makai” and the sequel “Guardians”) sticking to Japanese arcades. But not all hope was lost,...

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  • 9

    Wii U eShop

    Review Absolutely Unstoppable MineRun

    Absolutely forgettable

    There were quite a few odd releases on the Wii U eShop during its heyday, but even in these twilight years we still seem to be getting some real eyebrow raisers. Absolutely Unstoppable MineRun is the latest of these. Somewhat of a mix of an autorunner and a precision platformer, you'll quickly notice graphics were probably...

    • Wii U eShop
    • Reviews
    • Absolutely Unstoppable MineRun

Sunday21st May 2017

  • Poll Who Would You Like To See In Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch?

    Let the hype train begin…

    It’s no secret that this writer is a huge Smash Bros. enthusiast - we’ve already covered what we’d like to see in the dreamed-about enhanced port/Director’s Cut edition of Smash 4 for Nintendo Switch, but what we have here is something arguably more exciting. As E3 looms near, we at Nintendo Life would like...

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    • Super Smash Bros.
  • News Nintendo Switch Standalone Dock Goes Up for Pre-Order on Amazon UK

    £80 for playing on another TV

    The Nintendo Switch is already a very flexible piece of hardware, allowing you to play on a TV or with the system as a portable. Of course, some would like to easily play on multiple TVs in their house and swap between rooms, which is where standalone docks come into the reckoning. After some scruffy options from...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Dock


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