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TodayTue, 24th Apr 2018

  • News Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Version 1.4.0 Launches Later This Week

    New Blades!

    Similarly to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is one of those games that seems nearly infinite, and the expansion pass for the game has added a decent amount of content already. Though the meat of the pass is still yet to come—with challenge battles and new story content on the way—a fresh update is due...

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YesterdayMon, 23rd Apr 2018

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Sengoku 3

    Third time's a charm

    SNK’s first two Sengoku games put players in control of a sword-swinging hero, with the neat ability to switch to a different character during play should they wish. Coupled with a variety of enemies to bash they were not essential titles, but could still provide some decent fighting fun. The second game built on the first,...

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  • Random Cats Can't Get Enough Of Nintendo Labo

    Feline groovy

    Labo launched last week in Japan and North America, meaning that loads of cardboard pianos, fishing rods and robots are now out in the wild. It also means that household pets are coming to terms with a Labo-filled future, and it has come to our attention (thanks, Kotaku) that cats just can't seem to get enough of the latest Nintend

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  • Video Get Your Hands Dirty With Six Minutes Of Switch-Exclusive Garage Gameplay

    Hotline Die-ami

    Garage - the Nintendo Switch-exclusive, top-down survival shooter - is set to arrive on the Switch eShop on 11th May, and to celebrate its incoming release, developer tinyBuild Games has unleashed a brand new six-minute long trailer packed to the rotted gills with gameplay. The game was announced back in January, and will see you...

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  • Rumour The Brawling Action Of Yo-Kai Watch Busters Could Be Headed To The West

    Is a new 3DS localisation on the horizon?

    It was way back in 2015 that we got news that the Yo-Kai Watch franchise was getting another spin-off in the form of Yo-Kai Watch Busters, but sadly the open-world brawler never made its way out of Japan. Well, if a tidbit of information is anything to go by, this 3DS gem could finally be getting localised...

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  • News Customise Your Nintendo Switch With These 'Safe' Console Skins

    Dbrand says its skins won't wreck your handheld

    Nintendo Switch has plenty of choices when it comes to different coloured Joy-Cons, but there's very little choice for the rest of your console's hardware. There are skins, but plenty of them have left damaging marks on your hardware, so what to do if you're looking for a little safe...

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  • Rumour Looks Like These Three Characters Might Be Joining Mario Tennis Aces

    Slice and dice

    Mario Tennis Aces is just a few short months away, so, as is custom in the build-up to a game, some extra content has unwittingly been revealed in a Japanese pre-order campaign. That extra content seemingly revealing three new characters that may well be joining the roster in June. The Japanese pre-order gives you access to an...

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  • Feature Enjoy The Cardboard Craziness Of These Nintendo Labo Creations

    It's just pure creation

    Since its January reveal, the question on many people's lips has been can Nintendo Labo's cardboard construction kit survive the novelty factor and wear 'n' tear of younger audiences to genuinely engage creative minds beyond customisation? If early indications are to be believed, the answer is, emphatically, yes, as Japanese...

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  • Video Polymega Gears Up For Marketing Blitz With Footage Of PCB Creation

    More news coming this year

    Polymega - which began life as RetroBlox - is a name we haven't heard much of over the past few months.  The modular system aims to offer support for several key vintage gaming formats using removable sections which house the interface for each console's media and controllers. It's a really interesti

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  • News Breath Of The Wild Slashes Its Way Back Into The UK Charts Top Ten

    A Link to the charts

    Last week was a quiet week for Nintendo Switch in the UK charts, but that doesn't mean the plucky little handheld didn't have its fair share of familiar titles mingling with the multiplatform fare. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe dropped a couple of places to number five, while Super Mario Odyssey made the jump from eight to six in a single...

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  • News Perfect Angle Brings Optical Illusion Puzzles To Nintendo Switch This May

    Black magic

    Nintendo Switch is getting a new indie puzzler next month in the form of Perfect Angle, an usual little curio from Ivanovich Games that uses perspective and optical illusions to solve some fiendishly challenging 3D conundrums. It's due to arrive on the Switch eShop on 3rd May. As the title suggests, it's all about finding the perfect...

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  • Feature The Making Of Night Trap, The World's Most Famous Video Game Nasty

    "I thought the whole witch hunt was ridiculous"

    Nintendo of America's Howard Lincoln makes an example out of Night Trap during the 1993 Senate Hearings on Video Game Violence Ever since its inception, the video game industry and controversy have gone hand in hand. Custer’s Revenge, Death Race, Grand Theft Auto, Sam Fox’s Strip Poker… these...

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  • Site News So, Where's Our Nintendo Labo Review?

    Staggered release dates, be damned

    Labo launched last week in North America, and you may well have noticed plenty of coverage going up on a wide range of sites since then. The consensus is pretty clear: Labo is a neat toy that has plenty of potential. So then, you may be wondering to yourselves, where's the all-important Nintendo Life review?...

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  • News Batter Up As Pro Yakyuu Famista Evolution Sprints To Home Base On Switch

    It's due in Japan in August

    It's time to dust off your favourite slugger and head onto the field because Bandai Namco is bringing the Yakyuu Famista series to Nintendo Switch in the form of Yakyuu Famista Evolution. It's currently only slated for a Japanese release, but since its based on the players in the NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball league),...

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  • News The Creator Of Seaman Worked On A DS Title Called Mario Motors

    He also provided the inspiration for StreetPass

    Yutaka "Yoot" Saito is one of Japan's most unique game designers, having creating titles such as Seaman and Odama. Over the years he has enjoyed a close relationship with Nintendo, and was on very friendly terms with the late Satoru Iwata. Speaking at Reboot Develop 2018, Saito revealed...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Manticore: Galaxy On Fire

    In Space no one can hear you pew, pew, pew!

    Flying your spaceship and shooting other bad spaceships will be what you will spend most of your time doing in Manticore: Galaxy on Fire. Fortunately, it's a refined and precise experience, with easy to pick up controls that allow for all sorts of flashy maneuvers. The left analog stick controls your ship...

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  • News Tactical RPG Banner Of The Maid Is Coming To Switch

    Set during the French Revolution, no less

    Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics and Mercenaries Saga take note; tactical RPG Banner of the Maid has been confirmed for release on Switch. Set during the French Revolution, Banner of the Maid places you in the shoes of Pauline Bonaparte, sibling of the famous Napoleon. She longs to visit her

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  • Music Gotta Go Fast With This Sega Fest Sonic DJ Set

    One hour of upbeat Sonic themes

    Sega has never been one to shy away from delivering great entertainment at fan experiences, so if you want to start your week right we suggest you give this DJ set a spin. For nearly one hour, DJ Tomoya Ohtani spins some iconic music themes from decades of Sonic The Hedgehog video game history and is eventually...

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  • Gallery Japan Goes Absolutely Potty About Nintendo Labo

    Bored of cardboard? Not even close

    Whatever you think of Nintendo’s latest and wackiest creation, Labo has been pretty indicative of the company's aggressive marketing in the weeks since its brief yet impactful reveal in January. With a combination of Nintendo’s fitting mantra of ‘thinking outside the box’, utilising the console's many new...

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Sunday22nd Apr 2018

  • News Night Trap, The Infamous Mega CD Classic, Is Switch Bound

    25 years of horror will haunt the Switch this Summer

    Some games become classics due to innovation or for raising the standard for the entire industry. Others become classics due to the exact opposite, as is the case of 1992 B-Movie horror / interactive video game Night Trap. Whilst the futuristic 'interactive movie' gameplay did not fool players...

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