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TodaySat, 23rd Sep 2017

  • News Critically Acclaimed Title, Inside, Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

    An Indie smash hit

    One of the biggest Indie hits of 2016 was Inside by Playdead, a studio that initially forged its reputation with the release of Limbo. Inside received extraordinary critical praise - our colleagues at Push Square gave it 10/10 - and the Steam community reviews are 'overwhelmingly positive' with almost 12,000 submissions. The good...

    • Switch eShop
    • Inside
    • Playdead
  • News Super Mario Run Has a Major Update and Discount on the Way


    Super Mario Run was relatively successful for Nintendo on iOS and then Android, though it perhaps struggled to hit its expected heights; having a 'premium' mobile price didn't help. There are no deadlines with reviving mobile projects, however, and Nintendo seems keen to give the game another push. Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that a new...

    • Super Mario Run
    • Nintendo Mobile
  • Feature Tokyo Game Show - A Nintendo Switch Publisher's Perspective

    Flyhigh Works and CIRCLE on their big push with Nintendo's system

    This weekend is one of the most anticipated periods in the Japanese gaming calendar, with the Tokyo Game Show halls being open to thousands of eager members of the public. Among the world's most popular and renowned expo events, it's a significant part of game promotion and reveals in...

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YesterdayFri, 22nd Sep 2017

  • Talking Point Nintendo Switch and Third-Parties - Let's Be Realistic

    It's exciting, but don't get carried away

    The past few months has brought a steady stream of good news for Nintendo Switch owners. For fans of the eShop it's been a terrific period, with lots of varied and talented developers confirming their games for the hardware. We've also - gradually - seen an increase in third-party support from the big...

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    • Nintendo Switch
  • News RIVE is Confirmed to Hit 1080p and 60fps on Switch, Runs 'Smoother Than PS4 Version'

    "It was never intended as a portable game, but it's a perfect fit"

    We've been fans of Two Tribes' swansong release, RIVE, since it arrived on PC and other consoles. The downside is that it's had a long road to Nintendo hardware, with technical challenges and a shrinking market ending the Wii U version, and since that point we've had a wait for the...

    • Switch eShop
    • RIVE
    • Two Tribes
  • News Reggie on How Nintendo Handles Announcements and Responds to Fan Input

    "We love to surprise people."

    Nintendo has historically been a very secretive, and sometimes very odd, company in the broader context of the gaming industry. Fans are sometimes frustrated by the way Nintendo does things, wishing that the company might be more transparent in its plans and communicate more effectively with its massive fanbase, but the...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Reggie Fils-Aime
  • News Bethesda Says DOOM And Wolfenstein 2 Are "The Start" Of A Nintendo Relationship

    "It’s not as if we’re going to just do these two games"

    The news that Bethesda is bringing DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 to Switch certainly caused some shockwaves in the Nintendo community. You might assume that along with Skyrim, Bethesda is still in the process of testing the waters on Switch, but according to Bethesda boss Pete Hines this trio of...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Bethesda
    • Pete Hines
  • Random Game Boy Advance SP Screen Found Inside Electrocardiogram Machine

    Quality of Life?

    It's not out of the ordinary to find common, off-the-shelf parts in a wide range of consumer electronics, but a recent discovery by Twitter user Jan Henrik has us well and truly puzzled. Upon cracking open a Medical Imaging Electronics (MiE for short) ECG Trigger Unit, Henrik discovered that the machine's 240x160 pixel display...

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  • News Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 On Switch Make Use Of The Joy-Con IR Camera And amiibo

    Motion controls also supported

    Remember the IR camera on the Switch Joy-Con? It was just one of the many tricks the controller was capable of, but so far it has only really been used in 1-2-Switch, despite offering plenty of potential. Thankfully, not everyone has forgotten about it - Capcom is using the camera in Resident Evil Revelations 1 &...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Resident Evil
    • amiibo
  • Rumour Data Miners Find Evidence of Pokémon Crystal in the Gold and Silver VC Releases


    Let’s be real, the VC release of the Game Boy Pokémon games is one of the easiest ways that Nintendo could make itself a nice profit. Pokémon historically is a franchise that moves units and nostalgia is a powerful factor in driving sales of the original, which are rather dated by modern standards. Few are complaining about the...

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  • News You Can Now Enable Two-Step Authentication For Your Nintendo Account

    Security and stability

    We already know that Nintendo has some of the most stable hardware out there, but thanks to the introduction of Two-Step Verification today, now your Nintendo Account can be super-secure, too. When you opt-in you will be using Google's 2-Step Verification system, which of course makes everything as painless as possible...

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    • Nintendo Switch
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    Switch eShop

    Review Beach Buggy Racing

    Giving Mario Kart a run for its money?

    Releasing a kart-racer on a console that already has the likes of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe spear-heading its software library is an interesting move; Mario Kart is a series widely accepted to be as close to perfection as we’re likely to see, so what is left for other titles to offer? Beach Buggy Racing (a title...

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    • Beach Buggy Racing
  • Video Gawk at All 25 of the Super Mario Odyssey Outfits Revealed So Far

    More than a stitch to wear

    Super Mario Odyssey gives you the option of dressing up Mario in a number of outfits, as no doubt you know. Some are brand new, and some call back to previous titles in which Mario has appeared, but all of them look extremely snazzy. We've compiled all 25 of the currently revealed outfits in the handy-dandy video above,...

    • Super Mario Odyssey
    • Super Mario
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  • News Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokémon Steal the Show at the Japan Game Awards 2017

    A fitting prize

    The Tokyo Game Show is well underway, with thousands of eager gamers arriving in the city to sample some of the latest and greatest games. The expo is also home to the Japan Game Awards, and Nintendo was among the big winners that were announced this week. It was a good outcome for both The Pokémon Company and Nintendo, for...

    • Legend of Zelda
    • Breath of the Wild
    • Pokemon
  • News Shinji Mikami Thinks A Switch Version Of The Evil Within 2 Would Be "Interesting"

    Make it happen, Bethesda!

    Do you wish there were more scary games on the Switch? If so, you might be in luck if Shinji Mikami, Resident Evil co-creator and producer of The Evil Within 2 gets his way.  Speaking to GameSpot, Mikami seemed very enthusiastic about porting the game to Switch: I think a Switch version would be...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • The Evil Within
    • Shinji Mikami
  • Video Pokémon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon's New Trailer Features Outrageous Surfing, Dudes

    Everybody's going surfing

    Nintendo has just released a new trailer for Pokémon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon, which launches on 3DS later this year. The trailer sums up why you should be excited about the forthcoming enhanced version - you'll be able to ride a wave surfing on a Mantine, snap some photos, tackle on a new island trial and...

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    • 3DS
    • Videos
  • News Gear.Club Unlimited's Full Roster of Licensed Cars Has Been Confirmed

    BMW, Lotus, McLaren and more brands included

    Gear.Club Unlimited is, to date, a bit of a standout as an upcoming 'realistic' racing game on the Nintendo Switch. We have multiple racing game options on the hardware, but the Microïds-published game - developed by Eden Games - will aim to offer an alternative when it arrives on 1st December. Part of...

    • Switch eShop
  • News Grab Some Free Trainer Outfits for Pokkén Tournament DX

    Leather jackets and jeans - perfect for a mid-life crisis

    If you've picked up Pokkén Tournament DX for the Switch today you may want to give your Trainer avatar a bit more style. Well, Nintendo's solutions aren't necessarily stylish but, whatever, they're free outfits. You can get the following outfits by doing the following: On the Ferrum...

    • Pokemon
    • PokkenTournamentDX
    • Nintendo Switch
  • News Volgarr The Viking Hacks And Slashes His Way To Switch And Wii U In October


    Wowzers. We reported on super hard platformer Volgarr The Viking coming to Wii U and 3DS eShop way back in 2015 - time sure does fly! Anyway, the Wii U version is still happening, along with a Switch eShop version according to this recent tweet from Crazy Viking Studio: A love letter to the tough-as-old-boots 2D action...

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    • Switch eShop
  • News Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists And The Mysterious Paintings Is Coming To Switch

    Now that's a mouthful

    Koei Tecmo has just revealed that it is localising GUST's Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings, with a Switch, PS4 and PC release expected in early 2018. The latest entry in the Atelier series - which has been running for 20 years, fact fans - Atelier Lydie &...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Upcoming Releases
  • News Splatoon 2's Latest Weapon Is The Rapid Blaster Pro

    Go Pro

    Gagging for some fresh armament options in everyone's favourite online splat-fest? Well gag no more, as Nintendo has revealed that Splatoon 2's latest weapon is the Rapid Blaster Pro - and it's coming to the game tomorrow morning, UK time. Is this a weapon you're looking forward to trying out, or are you pretty much settled when it comes...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Splatoon 2
  • News Nintendo Makes Another Pitch for Pokkén Tournament DX in Its Launch Trailer

    For the double-dippers

    We don't think it's unfair to say that Pokkén Tournament DX targets a particularly devoted fanbase - you have to be into both Pokémon and Tekken-style fighting to get the most out of it, though a loyalty to either can help you have some fun. While it was a pretty easy decision for many (based on sales figures) to double dip...

    • Pokken Tournament DX
    • Nintendo Switch
  • News VOEZ Is Getting A Physical Release In Japan That Adds Docked Gameplay Option

    Upwardly mobile

    Rhythm action title VOEZ is getting a physical release in Japan in early 2018, it has been revealed. The game - which has now been downloaded over 40,000 times worldwide - will be repackaged with bonus content, the details of which aren't clear yet. However, we do know that it will include the option to play on the TV using the...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • VOEZ
    • Japan
  • News Junichi Masuda is Visiting StreetPass Mii Plaza In His Famous Gold Pants

    Based on his real life fashion, we're sure

    Nintendo's all about the virtual outfits today, as it's now confirmed that we can all have Junichi Masuda in some fetching gold pants on our 3DS systems; yes, he's a surprise visitor to StreetPlass Mii Plaza on 3DS. As 3DS veterans know, all guest Miis in the plaza wear these stylish golden pants; we like...

    • Pokemon
    • 3DS
    • StreetPass
    • Golden Pants
  • News Vostok Inc, a 'Twin-stick Clicker', is Bringing Capitalism and Explosions to Switch

    "I really wanted to do a Switch version because it's a perfect thing"

    The Switch eShop is getting pretty tasty, as more talented developers get lured in by the system and get hold of development kits. It seems that most days bring news of a quality upcoming release, and now we have Vostok Inc to add to the list. On the one hand it's a colourful...

    • Switch eShop
    • Upcoming Releases

Thursday21st Sep 2017

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    Review Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

    We gotta (portable) power

    To those of us in the West it may not seem like it, but Dragon Ball and Nintendo have always been cozy. Nearly every Nintendo console, home or portable, has been host to at least one if not several Dragon Ball games. Unfortunately, the Wii U was one of the few Nintendo consoles not to receive a Dragon Ball game. Bandai aims...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Reviews
    • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
  • First Impressions Hell in a Handbasket - DOOM on Nintendo Switch

    Big, dumb, and lots of fun

    Now, with the Bethesda published 2016 iteration coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, DOOM can be small and dumb, while still having its trademark 'BFG'. We got our chance to try out id Software’s upcoming port of its DOOM franchise reboot at a Bethesda event earlier this month; look, we know what questions you...

    • Features
    • First Impressions
    • Nintendo Switch
    • DOOM
  • Video Here's What NBA 2K18 Looks Like on the Switch

    "JPEG artifact hair"

    Third-party support is always welcome on Nintendo platforms, especially if it's in the form of a title as popular as NBA 2K18. But how can such a little console squeeze out enough juice to make such a taxing game run well? Well, clearly 2K is wondering the same question. To say things run smoothly certainly isn't accurate, as...

    • NBA 2K18
    • Shaq
    • 2K Sports
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Third Party
  • Nintendo Download 21st September (North America)

    Pokkén and retro Pokémon! SteamWorld Dig 2! Arcade Archives! More!

    It's time for another Nintendo Download Update, and it's a very busy line-up to get through. The Switch has five retail titles to consider, and also some terrific download-only options. The 3DS stand-outs are a couple of Pokémon classics, while the Wii U Virtual Console...

    • Nintendo Download
    • North America
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Switch eShop
    • 3DS eShop
  • 59

    Switch eShop

    Review Thimbleweed Park

    Twin Pixels

    "Open Gate." That’s the first thing you’ll do in Thimbleweed Park. It’s an inauspicious beginning, sure, but immediately illustrative of the kind of experience ahead, mechanically. You’re going to have to get familiar with verbs, instructing your pixelated avatars around the environs of the wider Thimbleweed County as you, as one...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Reviews
    • Switch eShop
    • Thimbleweed Park
  • Nintendo Download 21st September (Europe)

    Pokkén and retro Pokémon! SteamWorld Dig 2! Thimbleweed Park! More!

    It's time for another Nintendo Download Update in Europe, and there are varied options to contemplate. The Switch has two retail titles and also some terrific download-only options. The 3DS stand-outs are a couple of Pokémon classics, while the Wii U doesn't completely miss out;...

    • Nintendo Download
    • Europe
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Switch eShop
    • New Nintendo 3DS
  • Video Digital Foundry Breaks Down DOOM On Switch In A Unique Way creating a Switch-spec PC to test its limits

    DOOM on Switch is quite a thing, as you'll know if you've read our hands-on impressions of the game. However, in case you were wondering just how well the game can possibly run on a system which contains mobile hardware, our friends over at Digital Foundry have posted a interesting video...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Videos
    • Doom
  • News XSEED Games Reveals What Will Come Included with Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition

    That's a lot of Shantae

    Update: PQube has confirmed that it'll be publishing this Ultimate Edition in Europe, with its release to come in 2018. XSEED Games (below) is publishing in North America. Original Article: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero was a fantastic game right from the off, yet it was still improved even more when the additional Pirate...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Upcoming Releases
    • Shantae
  • News Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is Already the Top Selling Third-Party Switch Game

    Though it's cheating because Mario is in it

    According to an accumulation of stats from NPD for North America and Australia, with UK Sales also thrown in, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is already the best-selling physical retail third-party game on the Switch. For any pedants among you, it's worth pointing out that the game was published by Ubisoft...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Sales
    • Mario + Rabbids
  • Random Sports Stars Just Can't Get Enough Of The Nintendo Switch

    The perfect travel companion?

    It's not just gamers who love the Switch - it seems that sports stars can't get enough of Nintendo's hybrid console, either.  Since the Switch launched at the start of the year we've seen a proliferation of various famous sporting individuals tapping away on their hybrid systems, and while many of these photos...

    • Random
    • Nintendo Switch
  • News The Team Behind Switch DOOM Is Also Porting Rocket League To Nintendo's Console

    A talented bunch, it seems

    DOOM on Switch is a pretty incredible technical achievement - even if it's not quite as detail-rich as other versions - and the team behind the port clearly has some serious talent. Panic Button isn't a name that many people will have heard of, but the studio is also porting Rocket League to Switch as well, so it clearly...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • DOOM
    • Rocket League
  • News Nintendo NY Store Confirms SNES Classic Edition Midnight Launch Party

    Only for those with a wristband, of course

    It's been somewhat easy to forget in the current busy spell, but the Super NES Classic Edition (to use the North American name in this case) is out next week; it'll bring lots of retro goodness and the first official release of Star Fox 2. Some of us have pre-orders good to go, while in some...

    • SNES Classic
    • SNES Mini
    • Retro
  • News Super Grand Prix Mode Is Coming to Super Bomberman R

    The gift that keeps on giving

    Super Bomberman R was one of the highlights of the Switch’s launch lineup, offering a retro inspired experience that perfectly sells the concept of the Switch and its multiplayer options. Since then, Konami has kept the game updated to keep interest high, putting out a few free content updates that expand and polish...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Updates
    • Super Bomberman R
  • News SteamWorld Dig 2 Promises A Big Reward For Dedicated Completionists

    Will you be the first to 100%?

    SteamWorld Dig 2 is now available to download from the Switch eShop and we rather liked it in our review. The game is jam-packed with things to do and as with any Metroidvania style game, completing it with 100% of collectables will be a stern challenge. Image & Form's big cheese Brjann Sigurgeirsson has just...

    • Switch eShop
    • SteamWorld Dig 2
  • News Deemo Will Bring a Musical Flourish to the Nintendo Switch Next Week

    Over 200 songs at launch, with more on the way

    If you watched the CIRCLE Entertainment / Flyhigh Works video showcase recently, one game that may have caught your attention was Deemo. Published by Flyhigh Works, it's developed by Rayark - that's the same company that brought us the rather good VOEZ in the early days of the eShop. Deemo has made a...

    • Switch eShop
    • Deemo
    • FlyhighWorks
  • News Caveman Warriors is Bringing Multiplayer Mayhem to the Switch eShop

    Supporting single Joy-Con controls for co-op

    Earlier this year we told you about a Kickstarter campaign for Caveman Warriors, which included stretch goals for Nintendo hardware. Developer JanduSoft has now managed to confirm the game for Nintendo Switch, benefitting from the company's official YouTube channel promoting the game. It's shaping up to...

    • Switch eShop
    • Upcoming Releases
  • Video Exploring The 8-Bit Mega Man Games Of The SNES Era

    AKA: The ones everyone forgot to play

    The Mega Man series may have branched out onto more powerful hardware in recent times but most hardcore fans consider the 8-bit entries to be the zenith of the franchise. Capcom's action platformer found fame on the NES and titles like Mega Man 2 stand out as true, must-have classics in the console's library...

    • Videos
    • Retro
    • NES
    • Mega Man
  • Video Celica Joins The Battle In Fire Emblem Warriors

    Redheads just want to have fun

    The Tokyo Game Show is now in full swing and to celebrate Koei Tecmo have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming Switch and New 3DS brawler Fire Emblem Warriors, which you can view above.  Fans of the series will be delighted about the reveal of a new playable character, the feisty redhead...

    • Nintendo Switch
    • 3DS
    • Fire Emblem
    • Videos
  • Preview Solving the Puzzle of Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy

    A new generation with a familiar name

    For some gamers, including this writer, the DS and 3DS generations of hardware simply wouldn't be so complete without the Professor Layton series of games. Across six adventures - seven with an Ace Attorney tie-in - the puzzle solving gentleman charmed us all, had numerous cups of tea and saved villages and...

    • Features
    • Preview
    • Layton's Mystery Journey
    • 3DS
  • Ninterview Meet The Nintendo Life Splatoon 2 UK Championship Team

    EGX 2017 FTW!

    EGX - the UK's biggest games event - gets under way today at the NEC in Birmingham. The four-day event gives UK gamers the chance to get their hands on the latest games due for release this holiday season including our favourite, Super Mario Odyssey. On Saturday the show will host Nintendo UK's Splatoon 2 UK Championship Grand...

    • Splatoon 2
    • Nintendo Switch
    • EGX
    • eSports
    • Events
  • News Take a Look at the Art Book and Harbinger Class for Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

    "A force to be reckoned with in the right hands"

    The DS and 3DS generations have been fortunate enough to enjoy multiple Etrian Odyssey main-series games and spinoffs. Pretty soon Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth will arrive in the West, adding to the growing collection. Atlus has released a new trailer to build hype in the form of a video to...

    • 3DS
    • Etrian Odyssey V
  • News Piczle Lines DX Gets 20 New Puzzles in a Free 'Horror' Update

    To keep you busy until Halloween

    Piczle Lines DX is certainly a tempting Switch eShop game for fans of visual puzzles, offering a blend of-sorts between Sudoku and Picross. We were fans in our review, and were also impressed at the volume of puzzles; there's content to keep players busy for quite some time. Publisher Rainy Frog has now confirmed,...

    • Switch eShop
    • Update


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