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TodayMon, 24th Jul 2017

  • Gallery King Of Games Celebrates 15 Years Of Awesome Video Game Clothing

    15 years of looking the part

    Premium Japanese gaming clothing brand King of Games is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary with a gallery of products and Nintendo-related kitsch at Nakano's Meteor Gallery. In case you didn't know, Nakano is a part of downtown Tokyo which is gaining a reputation as the "new Akihabara", making it the ideal...

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  • News Scammers Are Taking Advantage Of Switch Mania In Japan By Ripping Off Desperate Fans

    Tut tut

    The Switch is very hard to find in its native Japan at present, with stock vanishing from shelves as fast as Nintendo can produce it.  The incredible demand for the console in the Land of the Rising Sun has predictably led to people scamming desperate gamers on social media. Several news outlets in the Far East are reporting that these...

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  • News Parascientific Escape Series Comes to an End This Week in North America

    Bringing the cast and gameplay of the first 2 games together

    There have been two Parascientific Escape titles on the 3DS eShop to date, offering some interesting story-based puzzle gaming. Now the final part in the series, Parascientific Escape - Crossing at the Farthest Horizon is confirmed for release this week in North America (27th July) at a...

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  • News DeNA Has Committed 10 Percent Of Its Staff To The Nintendo Alliance

    That's around 100 people

    It came as a massive surprise back in 2015 when Nintendo announced that they would be licensing their IP to mobile publisher DeNA to help gain a foothold in the very lucrative smartphone game arena.  Since then we've seen the quirky social network Miitomo, Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroe

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  • Guide All The Splatoon 2 amiibo Unlocks

    Stay fresh

    If you are a Nintendo Switch owner, you might well have been enjoying Splatoon 2 this weekend. Playing through the single player campaign or testing your skills out in some online matches is a great way to build up your Inkling, but what do the Splatoon themed amiibo do within the game? You can of course use both the new Splatoon 2...

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  • News Splatoon 2 Misses Top Spot in UK Charts But Out-Performs Predecessor

    Third highest Switch launch to date

    Last week brought us Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch, and it's delivered a solid launch in the UK charts. It had to settle for second place behind Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, but nevertheless the shooter's arrival outperformed the equivalent figures for the Wii U original. Its debut also made it the...

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  • News Sonic Mania's Special Stages Take Inspiration From Sonic CD

    Studying the classics

    The special bonus stages in Sonic games have gone down in legend; if you're old enough to remember the impact of Sonic 2's "run into the screen" stage and Sonic 3's rotating sphere, you'll attest to this. It has now been revealed that the special stages in Sonic Mania will ape the look of those seen in the Sega CD release...

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  • Video A Look At Project Goliath, An Ambitious Wii Platformer With A Tragic History

    Unseen64 unearths another canned project

    Junction Point is an interesting studio; headed by industry legend Warren Spector, the company produced the excellent Epic Mickey during the height of the Wii, which gained praise and commercial success. Sadly, it stumbled with the sequel and the studio was promptly shuttered by Disney. Had Junction Point...

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  • Gallery Nintendo at San Diego Comic-Con - The Booth and Some Standout Cosplay

    From Breath of the Wild, to ARMS and more besides

    San Diego Comic-Con is wrapping up as we publish this, a weekend jam-packed with hype and reveals across movies, TV, comic books and of course video games. Nintendo had a booth inside the main expo to showcase Super Mario Odyssey, and also welcomed gamers (with or without expo tickets) at a separate...

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  • News Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition Set for 12th September, Demo Live in Europe


    Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition is bringing one of the finest platformers of the Wii U generation to the Nintendo Switch, but its release date has been a mystery. Now, after browsing the UK eShop 'upcoming games' section, we can see that it's set for 12th September in Europe; hopefully the North American date will be the same. On top of...

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YesterdaySun, 23rd Jul 2017

  • Talking Point Splatoon 2's Salmon Run Shows Off the Switch's Local Multiplayer Strengths

    Flawless fun

    When Nintendo confirmed that the co-op Salmon Run mode in Splatoon 2 would take place in specific limited time windows, there were some understandable groans. Nevertheless since the game's launch it's not been much of an issue, as the mode has been available pretty much whenever we want to play it. The function of the time windows is...

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  • News You Can Unlock Shin Akuma In Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

    We Shin You Not

    We were wondering what the tiny new update for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers did, but it looks like Capcom didn't want us to be in the dark for long. Revealed at this year's currently ongoing edition of SDCC, here is the lovely (now not so) secret code that will allow you to control Shin Akuma: - Select Ryu, stay...

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  • 20

    Switch eShop

    Review Levels+: Addictive Puzzle Game

    On the Level

    In videogames there is a very fine line between taking inspiration from what has come before and outright stealing an idea and disguising it as your own. The latter hinges on watching somebody catch lightning in a bottle and hoping you can snag a piece for yourself; the former is constructively looking at somebody else’s design and...

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  • News Pokémon GO Fest Endures Problematic Weekend But Legendaries Arrive Globally

    Server and connection problems dull impact of Chicago event

    Pokémon GO is in the middle of a significant PR push at present, rather like a second launch for the app that went viral around a year ago. Niantic's plans for an excitable live showcase in Chicago somewhat unravelled, however, though players around the world are nevertheless getting their...

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Saturday22nd Jul 2017

  • Guide Where to Pre-Order Your Super NES Classic Edition

    The US pre-orders have finally started!

    Updates: GameStop Super NES Mini register interest page now live.

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  • News The Inkbrush Will Kick Off Splatoon 2's Free Additions on Launch Weekend

    Inked in

    Splatoon 2 is out and plenty are up-and-running in the various online modes. Nintendo, for its part, has promised a full year of additions in free updates, which should include gear, weapons and occasionally stages and other meatier content. The launch weekend will be in on the action, it's been confirmed, with the familiar Inkbrush due to...

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