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I could be wrong, but I could not find any threads where you could post what Wii games you have recently bought, so I decided to make one I had some extra money to blow because I worked a lot of hours the past couple of weeks and I sold one of my summer school books back, so I decided to buy some games I have been wanting. So without further delay here's what I got:

1. A Boy and His Blob - I loved the original game on the NES, and I have been wanting to get the reimagined version for some time just haven't had the money. So at Wal-Mart the other day I saw it for $15 and decided now would be a good time to get it because at that price they are trying to get rid of their stock, and it has become harder to find in a lot of stores here. If you guys are wanting this game, check and see if your Wal-Mart has it for this cheap.

2. Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero - Another game I've been meaning to pick up for some time. I missed the game the first time around since I did not own a Gamecube. I'm a huge survival horror game fan so I'm sure I will like it. I paid $29 for it, but this game is also becoming harder to find so I decided to go ahead and grab it.

3. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - I actually had no intention of buying this game, but when I saw it at Wal-Mart for $39 I had to get it. I have no idea how that game was still there considering it was discontinued in 2008 I believe, and new copies go upwards of $50+ online. I'm a huge Shining Force fan and I hear the game is similar, and I also know I will never see a new copy for that price ever again, so I decided to get it.

I am still considering going to Best Buy tomorrow and getting Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. I've been wanting that game for some time too, so I may go get it. What about you guys, what are your latest Wii purchases?

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cant remember i think it was klonoa but im going to got a backlog of games to get
ivy the kiwi -weird but a great fun game
monster hunter tri -awesome online and the fact that i have friends with this game in other states
nyko perfect shot -light gun ftw!
resident evil darkside chronicles -i need a light gun game
dead space extraction -i thought the first one was good so why not try light gun form
house of the dead overkill -i dont know about this game but ill try it out
tetris party deluxe -yeah its on wiiware for like 15$ cheaper but i like disc they remind me to play games
dragon ball revenge of king piccolo -beated klonoa and a boy and his blob why not this?
new play control pikmin -rented the first 2 but i didnt beated number 1 (i rented it with windwaker and brought animal crossing)
super mario galaxy 2 -probably the most mindless fun ever
conduit 2 -best shooter on the wii
sin and punishment 2 -wonder when i will get it
metroid other m -2d ftw 3d be ftl l2talk
donkey kong counrty returns -awesome series



The most recent game I've bought fir the Wii is A Boy and His Blob for $20 at my second-closest Target. My next purchase will probably be Flip's Twisted World or FlingSmash.

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My last pick up was Cursed Mountain (Wii) I'm not really feeling it but it was only $10.

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My last purchase was some Wii points which I used to buy Uforia: The Saga and Kirby's Adventure. My last retail game purchase was Metroid Prime Trilogy. My wishlist backlog is pretty much as big as my real life backlog right now.

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Mine was SMG2 My next will be M:OM

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My last purchase was SMG2.
I'll probably buy Sonic Colors around November if it's pretty good.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2, and I have Metroid: Other M preordered.

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Wii Sports Resort, NMH2, RE UC, and Little King's Story- best stack of games I bought and not to mention NMH2 or UC was sorta Free, but i dont know which one's better to have "Free".

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I got Muramasa. Also I preordered Metroid: Other M more recently



Little King's Story, Boom Blox Bash Party. Thought I'd better get them now before the wave of highly anticipated games (Kirby, Donkey, de Blob, Okamiden, Zelda, GoldenEye, etc) came out, because then they'll just fall to the back of the line again.


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Last month I bought Metroid: Other M (it's just waiting to be picked up on Tuesday), Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Chibi-Robo!: Park Patrol.

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Kingbuilder wrote:

Super Mario Galaxy 2, and I have Metroid: Other M preordered.

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I have Epic Mickey and Sonic Colors on pre-order as they are Wii exclusives

I am also waiting to see how the PS3 3D movie update goes and thinking of maybe finally getting a PS3 then so am
waiting for Bomberman Blast: Battlefest and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 on maybe either platform.

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I have Metroid: Other M pre-ordered. I will pick it up on the 31st.

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The last game I bought myself was Super Mario Galaxy 2 but I received Muramasa, New Super Mario Bros, and Sin and Punishment for my birthday.

I`m going to buy Ivy the Kiwi? and maybe Endless Ocean 2 soon.



My latest purchases have been Pikmin: New Play Control, Monster Hunter Tri, and Klonoa, haven't really tried any of them yes but am looking forward to it. I also have a preorder for Skyward Sword and am thinking of buying EA Sports Slapshot.

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Metroid: Other M is pre-ordered so that's my latest purchase and probably my last Wii purchase until December. More interested in games on other systems (PS3, DS) during the September-November months.

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Galaxy 2. But that's long gone already. My next is probably Zelda.

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