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I was just thinking about picking up one of these this August. This is such great news. It comes at just the right time. I'm stil waiting for a rush of truly great 3DS games. The first real killer-app is Zelda, but that's still just a remake of a game I could play through with my eyes closed.

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Corbs wrote:

I have to say, an $80 price drop after 5 months on the market is a bit of a reach. But I guess Nintendo is worried about VITA along with the lagging sales of 3DS. At least this makes the system more affordable to people during the holidays. Might put the system in people's hands that wouldn't normally be able to afford it at $250.

I was really thinking they should try to push their far too high launch price through the holiday season. This reeks of desperation. In all honesty though, it puts the 3DS' price into a region where it belonged in the first place. People have choices for their mobile devices. An iPod touch can be had for less money, offers multimedia functionality combined with a form factor that destroys pure gaming handhelds in this regard - Vita included, if only for the form factor - and has a more or less an endless supply of surprinsingly high quality indi-games.

So, the first of the 3DS' glaring problems gets resolved, now to the games.

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I think, they should redisgn some things on the "eShop Ambassador" for people who have it. In order to be actually recognized from buying a more expensive console other than having a wider variety of virtual console in our list (and free), they should do that. They owe us that much.

And I think once they have all those 20 free virtual console games up, they'll start doing some more additional bonuses along with the eShop Ambassador. I don't think they would make the effort giving it a complete new name for those who bought it before the price drop if it only includes free virtual console games. To finaly make it up to us, because this price drop might sound outragious to many.

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Meh, I still have no plans to pick up a 3DS any time soon.

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Corbs wrote:

I have to say, an $80 price drop after 5 months on the market is a bit of a reach. But I guess Nintendo is worried about VITA along with the lagging sales of 3DS. At least this makes the system more affordable to people during the holidays. Might put the system in people's hands that wouldn't normally be able to afford it at $250.

QUERY: Is it going to stay at $169.99?


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I feel like the price drop is a fantastic move on Nintendo's part and will really spike up sales of the 3DS. Parents were reluctant to buy such an expensive handheld system for their children (most of whom already own a DSi) and this puts into a more affordable, reasonable price-range for them. As far as the adult gamers, everyone I've talked to has said the same thing after playing around with my 3DS for a bit: "Wow, that's pretty awesome. Wish I could afford one." Well guys, now you can. We all know the system was overpriced at $250, but $170 seems like an absolutely perfect price-point for it and once all those games we've been promised start pouring in, I have no doubt that Nintendo's "problems" with the 3DS will be over.

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nintendo is not worried because of vita.
so many games have been cancelled and i bet it has to do with the low sales of the hardware. nintendo wants more 3rd party support. therefore they need many hardware to be sold so 3rd parties are willing to earn some money making 3ds games.

at the end of the day...i am just happy i get 20 free classic games. muhaha so GREAT !!!

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I'm pretty happy with this but I'm curious about how this will actually work. Will the NES games be "3D Classics"? Will they make them "3D Classics" when the "final" versions are available to the public later? Will the GBA games (esp Mario Kart) feature multi-player support? What other games will be available? GBA Zelda (LttP and Minish Cap)? Maybe?

Even if the best of it is what's in the announcement I'm pretty happy but........ I wonder how much more there is.

edit: oh, and when they say "10 Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games" does that mean we'll have the option to download GBC or GB games if we want?

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i think the 3ds should have gone for 200 dollars in the first place. but i like the 20 downloads for us people who bought the 3ds before august 11. i wonder what the other 10 games are gonna be... i hope fire emblem is one!

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they will be straight 3D.



Hmmm...the same price as the DSi at launch.
ergh, I dunno, just found that an interesting, though pointless tidbit.


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At that price i might get that is more like it...



Personally, I'm ecstatic for this price drop. I currently have $120 saved up for a 3DS now, and now I have $80 away from my future savings, meaning I can get one soon!

I don't really care for the NES and GBA games, I already own most of them. But Mega Man 4 comes on there, I will rage.

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OverlordMao wrote:

Meh, I still have no plans to pick up a 3DS any time soon.

right. you're just in a 3DS forum, posting about the 3DS, letting everyone know how disinterested in it you are. makes sense

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I figure GBA games are worth $8 (since they're more like SNES games) and NES games $5, so it's like $130 of games. I probably would have purchased few of them at that price, but I feel it's a more than fair compensation for being an early adopter, as price drops happen on technology all the time with no reward for buying early. I noticed places in Canada are putting the system on sale for $200 next week, so that's a killer deal to get the 20 games for only $30 more than the price is going to be in two weeks. We might also get Club Nintendo coins for those games, so that's potentially 200 Club Nintendo coins too.

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