Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Screenshot Of Fornis Region And Swordmarch
Image: Nintendo Life

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is one of the most beautiful games on the Switch, and it would be a waste to savour the world without taking a lovely screenshot or two (or hundreds) of the stunning world of Aionios. While the Switch has a handy way of taking screenshots natively, there's one thing that'll get in your way of those vast vistas — the HUD.

But don't worry — there's a way to get rid of all of those extra bits on the screen and take some picture-perfect shots of your favourite locations in Aionios.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - How Do You Take Hide The HUD And Take Clean Screengrabs?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Maktha Wildwood
Image: Nintendo Life

During cutscenes, you can simply use the screenshot button on your Switch to get some incredible action scenes and tender moments, but while wandering around the world, doing this will leave things like the minimap, quest markers, enemy levels, and character stats on-screen.

To take a screenshot without all of these little things cluttering up your perfect shot, press the 'L' and 'R' buttons at the same time. Doing this, the HUD details will briefly disappear, and your Switch will make that satisfying snapshot sound. You can then have a look at your results in your console's photo album!

You can also in or out to get an even better view. Hold down the 'ZL' button, and then move the right analogue stick up or down to zoom in or out.

Removing the HUD makes a real difference — just take a look at a few of our shots to get an idea of what to expect.

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