How To Unlock The Nopon Coin Xchange
Image: Nintendo

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 you'll find Nopon traders dotted all around Aionios, mostly at rest spots and Feronnis Hulk sites.

Early on in the game you'll meet SkillSkill, who gives you a long-term quest to find 19 other traders to mark off his list. There's no need to go wild hunting these guys down, you'll happen upon them all naturally as the story unfolds.

In this guide we'll detail how to unlock the Nopon Coin Xchange and set this quest in motion.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nopon Coin Xchange Unlock Guide

How to unlock

In order to gain access to the coin exchange function, which we discovered in Chapter 4, you'll first need to find the Milio Trick Caves, which are located in the opening area of the Dannagh Desert, as shown below.

Manoeuvre through the caves, take out the enemies within and solve both its trick puzzle gates in order to emerge into the Sage's Garden area.

Here you'll find a door that takes you out onto a previously inaccessible ledge overlooking the desert where SkillSkill is hanging out with another Nopon, BurrBurr.

At this point you'll activate a quest, "The Thrill of the Hunt", in which BurrBurr explains the game's Nopon Coin mechanic.

How Does The Nopon Coin Xchange Work?

Basically there are two types of coins, gold and silver, and these can primarily be found in those shiny golden containers you'll find dotted all around Aionios.

Gather up coins and bring them to SkillSkill once you've completed this mission and you'll be able to trade them in for some pretty sweet items instead of using money!

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