Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collectopaedia Cards
Image: Nintendo

The Collectopaedia Card system is a mechanic that becomes available early in the first chapter of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

In this guide we'll take you through the Collectopaedia Card basics, including what they do exactly and how to use them effectively.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collectopaedia Card Guide

What Are Collectopaedia Cards?

As you visit colonies throughout Aionios and interact with NPCs you'll find that some of these characters will have a Collectopaedia Card automatically added to your tab showing requests for various items that you can collect when you're out and about in the world.

Gathering up collectibles and then heading into the Collectopaedia tab enables you to register them with your accumulated cards in order to boost colony affinities, gain XP and receive random rewards.

It's basically a nicely streamlined take on fetch quests that removes the need to return to the quest-giver every time you've got the required items.

How Do I Access Collectopaedia Cards?

They can be found and accessed via the Collectopaedia Card tab in the game's Quests menu.

How Do Collectopaedia Cards Work?

Flicking through cards you'll notice that NPC requests fall into various categories, they'll want you to gather a bunch of different flowers, a variety of wood types, rare gems, and so on, and these items are usually found in the general vicinity of the colony in which the NPC lives.

It's important to remember to jump in and register collectibles from time to time here — believe us it's easy to forget about this mechanic hidden away in the menus — as the affinity and XP rewards are substantial when you've got a bunch of cards ready to clear.

Also, leaving it too long can see you needing to spend a big old chunk of time offloading all the goodies you've picked up when you finally remember to jump back in and register stuff, so make sure to dig into the tab regularly and clear outstanding goods.

If you're having trouble finding some of the rarer items required to register a particularly tricky card you can also go ahead and use some of your Nopon Coins, which you'll find in those shiny golden containers that have been scattered throughout the world, to fill in the missing spots and nab your rewards.

So there you have it, Collectopaedia Cards are a handy and persistent means of upgrading your colony affinities, gaining XP and nabbing a few random rewards that you should remember to make use of during your adventures!

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