Xenoblade Chronicles 3 tips and tricks
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We've been playing rather a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 lately, and in doing so, we've come across some handy gameplay hints and tips that can make your life ever-so-slightly easier as you explore the stunning world of Aionios.

Let's take a look at precisely sixteen of our favourites!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Top Tips & Tricks

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 tips and tricks
Image: Nintendo Life

1. You can click in L3 (the left analog stick) to toggle on auto-run, a life-saver considering just how much running you're going to be doing!

2. Hold ZL for a handy quick menu that gives you instant access to your area map, quests list, current quest route and character stat pages without needing to pause the game.

3. Remember to lure out enemies in order to fight them solo, instead of taking on a big group and getting into bother. You can lure enemies by targeting them and pressing up on your d-pad.

4. You can perform a cool dodge move in combat by clicking the right stick (R3), and it's an excellent way to avoid damage and quickly reposition yourself for side or rear attacks!

5. You can freely adjust the camera to zoom right in on your current character or way out to get a great view of your surroundings. Simply hold ZL to bring up your camera options.

Tips and tricks
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6. Tag unique monsters that you find by simply targeting them, and then their region of residence will be added to your Soul Hack list once you unlock it later on in the game. This function isn't as detailed as we'd like it to be, but it is still super handy for picking up hard to find baddies that you've completely forgotten about.

7. Holding ZL and Y will toggle on a route to your current objective, priceless when you've got lost. Again.

8. You can click the right stick (R3) while out of combat to enlarge the world map on the screen. The larger map is semi-transparent so you can leave it up as you hunt for shortcuts and secrets.

9. Climbing during a fight will see enemies disengage and stop attacking you. This can be a surprisingly handy life-saver when you're in big trouble.

10. Always make a beeline for ? markers on your map. They're usually something good like a Hero side quest or a handy shortcut to unlock and make traversal faster.

11. A great way to save time when clambering down very long climbs is to simply let yourself fall while still facing the vines or ladder you were climbing, then reattach yourself quickly by pushing forwards just as you're reaching the bottom.

tips and tricks
Image: Nintendo Life

12. You can climb up the central Ferronis in Colony Tau to reach an upper level with a shortcut lift down to Maktha Lower. Simply run up the tree root on the left arm of the Ferronis and dart up and across its shoulders. Hooray!

13. You can abandon battles in the pause menu instead of trying to run away. Simply hit "-" and choose give up to save yourself from a nasty scrap if trying to run isn't working.

14. You can't end a Chain Attack with a healing move unless you've got a certain hero equipped. This is of vital importance when thinking about when to heal during chains and how to build your damage counter to the max without going over.

15. You'll unlock the ability to level down once you've beaten the game, allowing you to drop down and meet the level of the monsters and enemies around you for bigger XP gains.

16. There's a point of no return that gives you fair warning and allows you to save your progress safely before attempting the game's final battles.

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