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Rest Spots in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are locations which can be used as fast travel points, much like any other point of interest or landmark you uncover on the world map.

However, rest spots are doubly useful in that they also provide you with access to cooking, upgrading gems, levelling up with your excess XP, as well as a place to discuss conversation points in order to further along the plot and unlock new side mission paths.

For the most part, rest spots are easy enough to stumble upon as you journey in and around Aionios, but there are also quite a few tricky ones which aren't so easily discovered. In order to aid you in uncovering them all, we've put together this quick guide to every rest spot in the game by region.

Time to set up camp!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rest Spot Locations

Aetia Region, Full

Aetia Rest Spots
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Battlescar Ferronis Hulk

2. Colony 9 Barracks

3. Colony 9 Canteen

4. Colony Gamma Canteen

5. Cooley Pool Camp

6. Gura Flava Camp

7. Forward Post Camp

8. Hillside Ferronis Hulk

Aetia Region, Upper

Aetia Upper
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Ladras Camp

2. Tsang Camp

3. Colony Omega Camp

Elgares Depths

Elgares Depths
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Depths Camp

Fornis Region, Full

Fornis Full
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Visura Parkland Camp

2. Colony Iota Canteen

3. Bennel Cave Camp

4. Lake Rezzento Camp

5. Colony 4 Barracks

6. Colony 4 Canteen

7. Desert Ferronis Hulk

8. Namba Mound Camp

9. Llyn Nyddwr Camp

10. Colony 30 Canteen

11. Tableland Ferronis Hulk

12. Seilas Terrace Camp

Pentelas Region, Full

Pentalas Full
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Generator Control Room

2. Ruins of Seebu Camp

3. Titan Rock Camp

4. Cascade Ferronis Hulk

5. Old Way Camp

6. Colony Tau Canteen

7. Sparkling Pool Camp

8. Engardo Pass Camp

9. Tower Camp

10. Clifftop Ferronis Hulk

Colony Lambda

Colony Lambda
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Lambda Shelter

2. Lambda Canteen

Syra Hovering Reefs

Syra Reefs
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Colony 11 Canteen

2. The Tap-Dancing Nopon

3. Hovering Reef 2 Camp

Castle 2nd Floor

Castle 2nd Floor
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Storage Area #3

Castle 3rd Floor

Castle 3rd Floor
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Equipment Storage

Castle 4th Floor

Castle 4th Floor
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Upper Water Supply

Cadensia Region, Full

Cadensia Region Full
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Sea-Gnawed Camp

2. Inlet Camp

3. Lost Colony Barracks

4. Colony Mu Barracks

5. Sandbar Ferronis Hulk

6. Corne Island Camp

7. Anu Shoals Camp

8. Atoll Ferronis Hulk

9. Hargan Point Camp

10. Vinisog Holm Camp

11. Headwater Camp

Li Garte Prison Camp

Li Garte Prison Camp
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Central Cell Canteen

2. Cell No.1

Ascension Grounds

Ascension Grounds
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Death's Door

2. Station Breakroom

Origin Interior

Origin Interior
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Amplifier Control Room

2. Arsenal Control Room

3. Cabin of the Bravery

4. Upper Storage Tower

5. Supply Storage #1

City Interior

City Interior
Image: Nintendo Life

1. Michiba Canteen

2. City Camp

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