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Hello, and welcome to our ongoing guide to every Unique Monster location in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. There's a ton of these massive beasts to find and fight in Monolith Soft's latest adventure — somewhere in the region of around 140 — and plenty of them are super-tough to locate, hidden away in secret areas and hard to reach spots.

In order to help you lovely folks out in your hunting endeavours, we've put together Unique Monster Location guides for every area in the game. In this particular guide, we're exploring the Keves Castle Region, so let's get stuck in!

Syra Hovering Reefs

1. Diabolical Rindolph - Level 49

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2. Blazing Carlos - Level 40

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3. Craven Piggard - Level 38

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4. Ambusher Tirion - Level 39

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5. Protector Revelta - Level 64

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6. Infiltrator Garnach - Level 64

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7. Hornbow Dante - Level 55

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Castle, 1st Floor

1. Mobile Vesta - Level 41

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Castle, 2nd Floor

1. The Executioners - Level 42

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Castle, 3rd Floor

1. The Black Triad - Level 43

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