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During your adventures throughout Aionios, you'll need to chow down on some of Manana's phenomenally tasty cooking in order to temporarily make use of the various boons that meals grant you while you're out in the field.

Meals in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 gift you boosts to your rate of XP/CP accruement as well as to the amount of items and collectibles that enemies drop as you battle them. In order to add new recipes to your menu, you'll need to find canteen rest spots. Purchasing a meal at any given canteen will then automatically add it to the menu you can choose to cook from at any and all rest spots out in the field. Simple!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - All Meal Recipes, Their Effects & Where To Find Them

Now, let's take a look at all the meals we've managed to find so far and the canteens where you'll need to go to order them and add them to your in-game menu. Of course, once you're ready to cook, you'll need to either have the ingredients necessary to make your chosen meal or bypass this requirement by using silver Nopon Coins.

Note that, once Manana has added the below meals to her repertoire she'll also change their names, giving them a more lyrical Nopon twist, so don't worry if you see something here you can't find on your choices once she's converted them to her own unique style.

Oh, and finally, not all of the meals you'll see below are immediately available from canteen menus, you'll need to grow your affinity levels in order to unlock access to them all. Ok, good, let's get stuck into some dinner.

Colony 9 Canteen

Yapolta Veggie Beans

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Baked Spongy Spud

2022072415331600 S

Colony Gamma Canteen

Meat 'n' Veg Leclati

2022072415363100 S

Colony 4 Canteen

Mixed-Veg Torpedo Wrap

2022072415385300 S

Colony Iota Canteen

Riverbird Crispygrill

2022072415403300 S

Colony 30 Canteen

Fish-Fillet Toastie

2022072415413400 S

Colony Tau Canteen

Maktha Ever-Greens

2022072415432400 S

Colony Lambda Canteen

Redfish Grillwrap

2022072415450000 S

The Tap-Dancing Nopon

Cured-Meat Vizzard

2022072415461100 S

Colony 11 Canteen

Mild Game Stew

2022072416123900 S[1]

Colony Mu Canteen

Sunny-Style Fish Pie

2022072415501700 S

Pon-Fried Croquettes

2022072415501800 S

Li Garte Prison Camp - Central Cell Canteen

Nutritious Block Bar

2022072415522400 S

Ascension Grounds - Station Breakroom

Erythia Sashimi Plate

2022072415534600 S

City Interior - Michiba Canteen

Acqua Pazza a la City

2022072415540500 S

Whole Wild Lobster

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