Xenoblade 100% completion

Warning: There are big old spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 ahead!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an absolutely enormous adventure that's gonna take you around 100 hours to complete, even when you're just zipping through the story without getting bogged down in side activities.

However if, like us, you just can't get enough and simply need to hit that 100% completion figure, there's a ton more to do in this epic game once the story wraps up, with some really time-consuming tasks you'll need to get stuck into in order to succeed. Let's take a look!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - How To Gain 100% Completion

Max Out All Colony Affinity Levels

Xenoblade 100% completion

As you complete quests in colonies that you've already liberated from Moebius, you'll raise your affinity with that area and its inhabitants through five star levels. These levels fill up relatively quickly and, besides running errands and completing quests, you can also purchase items from local vendors in order to keep knocking that affinity up.

There are quite a few colonies to find in the game, so it's gonna take you some time to max them all out and you've also got an affinity level with Nopon traders too, so make sure to chat to these little guys at rest spots and Hulks around the world, purchase goods from them and take on any quests they may suggest.

Find All 19 Of The Game's Heroes And Unlock Their Classes For Every Member Of Your Party

Xenoblade 100% completion

We've already detailed how to find and unlock all of Xenoblade Chronicles 3's heroes in our All Heroes And Classes - How To Unlock And Upgrade guide, so make sure to check that out. However, even with a guide at hand, this is still a lengthy process with no real shortcuts available. You'll need to level up, explore, find colonies and be strong enough to defeat their resident Moebius Consul in order to collect all the heroes the game offers.

Once you've got them all added to your roster, your work isn't quite finished here either. You'll need to make sure you've also unlocked their individual classes to be used by every member of your core party, so get busy experimenting, beating up baddies and switching out classes to ensure you level them all to the max.

Find, Kill And Soul Hack All 140 Unique Monsters In The Game

Xenoblade 100% completion

Yep. 140 Unique Monsters. Yeeeesh! We're around 180 hours into our playthrough and a handful of these beasties are still eluding us, so dig deep and get hunting. Remember to scan around your environments at all times, locking on to Unique Monsters as you see them in order to record their general region location in your Soul Hack list - once it becomes available late in the game.

We've got our guide to the Unique Monster locations right here, so we can help you with finding them... but as far as beating them goes, you're on your own! But we totally believe in you.

Remember too that you'll need to have a party member playing as the Soulhacker class - unlocked once you find Defiant Triton and liberate Colony 15 - in order to soulhack every beastie and steal their various unique abilities to use for yourself in battle. Seem like a lot of work? It is!

Defeat "Aionios' Strongest"

Xenoblade 100% completion

Late in the game you'll uncover some information about "Aionios' Strongest", a set of five big bad beasties who you'll need to find and destroy. These enemies are all over level 100, so make sure you're prepared for a lengthy fight when you roll up into their territory.

We've still not completed this task yet, even 180 hours into the game, but make sure to keep hunting down Unique Monsters and discuss every shred of info you get with your crew at rest spots and you'll eventually begin to learn little nuggets of info that should help you track these monsters down. Best all five to complete the quest.

Max Out All Your Gem Levels

Xenoblade 100% completion

A nice and straightforward one, this. You'll unlock the ability to craft gems early in the game and as long as you're jumping in to increase their stats every now and again - something we'd highly recommend, especially for the healing and damage boosts you'll accrue - you should find yourself maxing these out with not too much in the way of grinding for materials. Remember you can also use Nopon coins to raise gem levels if you're really stuck for materials, too, although the coins are quite rare so best not to rely entirely on this method!

Complete "Uniting The Seven Nopon"

Xenoblade 100% completion

This is a fairly late-game quest that requires you to find all Ultimate Hammer-wielding Nopon and then reunite them in order to unlock the ability to upgrade your weapons. You can check out our guide to this particular quest to find out the Nopon you need to speak with and where to find them!

Find All Legacy Of The Seven Locations

Xenoblade 100% completion

This is another late-game quest, and a bit of a toughie! Legacy of the Seven locations are hard to spot, residing in tricky parts of the game world which are difficult to find and reach. We currently working our way through this quest - with only two locations left to find - so check back with us shortly for a guide to help you nail this one down if you're having trouble.

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