Xenoblade Chronicles -- how long to beat
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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a biggie. Yes, just like every other entry in Monolith Soft's superlative franchise, this latest entry is going to require you put aside a fairly hefty amount of time if you want to see everything the world of Aionios has to offer.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - How Long Does It Take To Beat?

How Long Does The Main Story Take To Beat?

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So, first things first, there are a total of seven main story chapters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and a generally relaxed playthrough of these that sees you complete the core campaign should take you in the region of around 90 hours.

We took a little longer than this, but that's most likely down to constant stopping to note down guide info and take screenshots for our review and guides. Of course, if you're really blazing through the game, ignoring side quests and zeroing in on main quests only, you could definitely knock this time down to around 70-80 hours without too much trouble.

How Long Does It Take To 100% Complete?

A lovely waterfall in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
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100% rinsing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for every last piece of content it's got to offer is going to take you significantly longer than if you just breeze through the story. As things currently stand we're now 180 hours into our playthrough and we still have a few bits and pieces to mop up. Again, we've been super-methodical in playing through for guides and a ton of screenshots, so without the need to worry about these things we reckon you're looking at 150-160 hours.

If you check out our guide to 100% completion, you'll get a better picture of what's involved here, with Unique Monsters - of which there are a whopping 140 - taking a good long while to find and kill. Unlocking every class for every party member and completing some lengthy late-game quests will also take you quite a long time so settle in and get a brew on if you're looking to find everything this one's got to offer.

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