Nopon quest

'Uniting The Seven Nopon' is a quest that you'll get served up quite late into Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and it charges you with finding and speaking to a handful of Nopon who wield Ultimate Hammers before reuniting them in order to unlock the ability to upgrade your weapons. Sweet!

But where are all of these elusive Nopon? Well, let's find out.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - How To Complete The 'Uniting The Seven Nopon' Quest

Nopon Locations

BurrBurr Fornis Region, Full You'll find BurrBurr next to Sage's Domicile on the rocky outcrop where you first meet SkillSkill and unlock the Nopon Coin Xchange
Tempapa Cadensia Region, Full You'll meet Tempapa during the "Culinary Repertoire" Hero Side Quest. Return to his home after completing this quest to speak to him
PanePane Aetia Region, Full You'll meet PanePane early in the game and can return to him at the Hillside Ferronis Hulk to speak to him during this quest
Gin-Gin Pentelas Region - Maktha Wildwood Lower You'll find Gin-Gin in his treehouse across the far side of the central poisonous swamps in this small area
FixiFixi Cadensia Region - Li Garte Prison Camp Once you've liberated the prison camp, you'll find FixiFixi in a cell to the right of Cell #1 Rest Spot. You'll need to have Valdi in your squad or he'll refuse to speak with you properly
Riku Any Rest Spot Once you've rounded up the full crew above, head to any rest spot to have a discussion with Riku that initiates his part in proceedings

How To Upgrade Weapons

Once you've reunited the Nopon you'll unlock the ability to upgrade your weapons using those fancy Origin Shards you've been gathering up during your adventures. Head to Samon's workshop in the City Interior, as indicated in the quest itself, to kickstart all of this.

Once you've finished the quest you can then return to Samon to hand in shards that allow him to upgrade each party member's default weapon. However, this upgrade is purely cosmetic, so don't expect a massive boost to your fighting abilities here!

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