Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - How To Unlock All Traversal Skills
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As you explore the world of Aionios in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you'll very quickly find areas that you can't access for various reasons, such as purple sections of wall you are unable to climb, steep sandbanks that your party can't navigate, rope slides you can't ride or poisonous areas that kill you in short order.

In this Traversal Skills Unlock guide we'll tell you how to unlock Wall Climbing, Rope Sliding, Scree Walking, and Hazard Neutralization.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Traversal Skills Unlock Guide

In order to fully explore the game's enormous world map you're going to need to unlock a total of four Traversal Skills that make overcoming certain environmental obstacles possible. By heading into the Party Skills menu in-game you can check which traversal skills you currently have access to and, to help you out in this regard, we've detailed how to get your hands on each and every one of them below.

Wall Climbing

You'll unlock the ability to climb purple wall sections in the game by recruiting Valdi into your team, which will happen naturally as part of the story (chapter 3).

Rope Sliding

You'll unlock the ability to slide along ropes by recruiting Juniper, who you'll meet in chapter 4 as part of your efforts to liberate Colony Tau.

Scree Walking

You'll unlock the ability to run up steep sandbanks by Liberating Colony Gamma and then recruiting Teach into your team by completing the quest "Going Beyond Power". You can find this quest by heading out to the Alfeto Valley area, north of the Gura Flava Camp rest spot and finding the quest marker there.

Hazard Neutralization

You'll unlock the ability to freely navigate poisonous areas without taking damage by recruiting Segiri.

How do we recruit Segiri? First of all, during chapter 4 you'll automatically take on the quest "Imminent Illusions". Once you've done this, get busy mopping up quests in Colony 4 and you'll start taking on a strand of missions regarding mysterious new foes, these include "Tactical Eradication" and "Rousing Bolearis".

Once you've done this, the quest "Severed Connections" will appear outside Colony 4. Get this completed then head off to the city area and take on the "Writer's Block" quest, which requires quite a lot of collecting of materials around the entire world map. When you finally complete this, head to Colony Omega and you should find the "Inhumanity" quest awaits, which will unlock Segiri.

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