Bayonetta 3: All Figure Box Locations
Image: Nintendo Life

Hello there and welcome to our Bayonetta 3 walkthrough guide where we'll be walking you through every chapter in the game as well as showing you the locations of every collectible, including Umbran Tears of Blood, Figure Boxes, Echoes of Memory, Card Packs, Records, Verses and Treasure Chests.

In this guide, we'll be showing you all Figure Box locations in Bayonetta 3. Figure Boxes unlock entries in the game's comprehensive art gallery and can be found hidden in and around most of the chapters in the main campaign.

It's also worth noting that Rodin stocks a bunch of Figure Boxes under the Rodin's Treasures tab in the Gates of Hell, so remember to check in here as you progress to flesh out your collection and unlock every last gallery piece.

Now, let's go get them all!

Note: This walkthrough is a work in progress, so make sure to check back with us as we update the final chapters of the game.

Bayonetta 3: All Figure Box Locations

Prologue - A Chaotic Encounter

There are no collectibles in Prologue - A Chaotic Encounter.

Chapter 1 - Scrambling for Answers

Chapter 2 - City on Fire

Chapter 3 - A Sinking Feeling

Side Mission 1 - The Crimson Shadow

Chapter 4 - World's Apart

Chapter 5 - Hot Pursuit

Chapter 6 - Off The Rails

Side Mission 2 - The Lynx Strikes

Chapter 7- Burning Sands

Chapter 8 - A Croaking Chorus

Chapter 9 - Learning to Fly

Side Mission 3 - High Stakes

  • There are no Figure Boxes to collect in Side Chapter 3 - High Stakes.

Chapter 10 - Cover of Night

Chapter 11 - A Familiar Dance

Chapter 12 - The Edge of Madness

Side Chapter 4 - The Doctor Is Out

Chapter 13 - Kingdom Of One

  • There are no Figure Boxes in Chapter 13 - Kingdom Of One

Chapter 14 - The Single Truth

  • There are no Figure Boxes in Chapter 14 - The Single Truth

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