Bayonetta 3: Chapter 14 - The Single Truth Walkthrough
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Welcome to chapter 14, the final chapter, of our Bayonetta 3 walkthrough. It's been a long road but we've finally reached its end. Let's get stuck in and see how it all turns out, shall we?

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 14 - The Single Truth


Finish the Singularity Chaos battle with no damage - Complete Verse #1 without getting hit.

Hit Singularity Definition 5 times with Crow Within as Bayo 1 - Use Crow Within to hit Singularity five times when controlling Bayo 1 during Verse #3. To use Crow Within simply press "R".

See the end of Bayonetta's story - Finish the game.

Hit Singularity Definition 5 times with Madame Butterfly as Bayo 1 - During Verse #3, hit Singularity five times with Madame Butterfly whilst controlling Bayo 1. Make sure to only use your demons when Witch Time is activated here or they'll die immediately to Singularity's attacks.

Defeat a Homunculus summoned by Singularity Balanced - Defeat any summoned enemy during Verse #2.

Verse #1

After an extended opening cutscene, we swing into action one last time here with Bayonetta back in Manhattan and a first Verse against Singularity Chaos. During this Kaiju battle make sure to block incoming attacks and time your counters and laser shots carefully in order to get the Bewitchment for no damage taken.

Verse #2

Singularity Balanced is next up in the second face-off of this final chapter. Remember to kill one of the summoned Homunculus here to nab another Bewitchment. This battle is fairly long and you're gonna come up against a few different summoned enemies, but there's nothing that should cause too much trouble, just keep using your demons to cause max damage when you activate Witch Time.

Verse #3

A chaotic Verse #3 kicks off now and you'll need to stay out of the way and wait for Singularity to throw copies of itself at you - amongst other things - that you can dodge then enter Witch Time to get demon attacks and other combos in.

After doing a certain amount of damage here, you'll find yourself right back where we started in the game's opening cutscene. From here you'll get to play as Bayo 1 for a bit, use this opportunity to summon Madame Butterfly in order to get the Bewitchment for attacking five times with this particular demon.

You can also receive a Bewitchment here for hitting Singularity five times with Crow Within. To use Crow Within simply hold in the "R" button. Simple!

Before too long you'll move onto the final part of this battle where you're joined by Strider. It's best not to use your Infernal Demons outside of Witch Time here as Singularity will immediately take them out, so rely on old-school tactics, get in close and time your dodges.

Verse #4

The final Verse proper of the game and we take control of Viola for this battle. Get through the first half with quick dodges and plenty of help from Cheshire, then the second stage is a breeze as you assume Viola's more powerful form.

Verse #5 - 8

We finish up with a burst of short Verses during the game's credits. Congratulations, you've beaten Bayonetta 3. Now get ready to jump in and play the whole thing all over again on a harder difficulty!

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 14 - The Single Truth Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo Life

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