Bayonetta 3: Chapter 12 - The Edge of Madness Walkthrough
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Welcome to chapter 12 of our full Bayonetta 3 walkthrough guide. We're getting to the business end of the game now so let's not dilly-dally. Onwards!

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 12 - The Edge of Madness Walkthrough


Destroy 5 Buses - Simply smash any five buses to exploding point during the course of the chapter. There's loads of buses laying around in the first area, and using your demon powers makes light work of them.

Defeat this world's Bayonetta with the Umbran Clock Tower equipped - Simply make sure to equip your Umbran Clock power for Verse #8 to earn this one.

Finish Baal Zebul's performance without taking damage - Avoid taking any damage during Verse #9.

Defeat all enemies in the underground tunnel - During Verse #6, make sure you kill all enemies in the tunnels under the city.

Knock down a helicopter while riding Gomorrah - During the sequence where you ride Gomorrah into battle, make sure to take out one helicopter, a feat you'll likely achieve without even knowing you did so!

Verse #1

Right from the starting point turn directly around to see the glow of Verse #1's combat challenge. You'll get a Broken Moon Piece for completing this one.

Verse #2

This one kicks off once you come to the first large open area straight ahead in the level.

Figure Box #1

Head straight on to the first large plaza area where Verse #2 takes place, and you'll spot this first Figure Box sat behind an overturned bus, as shown below.

Figure Box #2

This one's off to the right of the first figure pack, just across to the other side of this open area where Verse #2 occurs and then over a little gap.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 12 - The Edge of Madness Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo Life

Card Pack #1

Straight ahead from Verse #2 and you'll come to a crosswalk, blow up all the vehicles in front of you to reveal this one sat in a shop front.

Verse #3

Head right now, in the opposite direction from the objective marker to kick off Verse #3 against a rather big opponent.

Umbran Crow

In the same courtyard in which Verse #3 just took place, you'll hear the squawks of our crow pal, and you'll find him perched on the rock pictured below.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 12 - The Edge of Madness Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo Life

Figure Box #3

And again in the courtyard that you fought Verse #3, this one is nestled into the rear corner.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 12 - The Edge of Madness Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo Life

Umbran Toad

Let's head back round to the main area towards the objective marker and take a look down to the left, as shown below, to see a few platforms down off the main street where this sneaky toad is hiding away around a corner from us.

Verse #4

On to the next main plaza now and an unavoidable battle with some large foes.

Treasure Chest #1

Once you've dealt with Verse #4, head to the left side of the plaza and you'll see this chest sat down on a ledge, as pictured below. Smash it open to reveal a moving platform challenge where you'll need to ride some platforms to collect chest pieces. You'll earn a Broken Witch Heart for your efforts.

Umbran Cat

Just a little further along towards your objective marker from Treasure Chest #1 and you'll see an alley off to the left that's stuffed full of damaged vehicles and our kitty pal waiting to be chased.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 12 - The Edge of Madness Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo Life

Echoes of Memory #1

Keep moving forward now and you'll come to a Gates of Hell portal. Just to the left of this, before you enter the next area of the chapter, you'll find this collectible hidden away behind some rubble.

Verse #5

Now, with the Gates of Hell just in front of you, turn to the right and down the rubble-strewn street here there's a combat challenge portal for Verse #5. You'll get a Broken Witch Heart for completing this one.

Figure Box #4

Head through under the archway at the Gates of Hell portal now and turn around to find this sneaky figure box floating behind you.

Verse #6

Head through the alleyway ahead now and straight into the action of Verse #6 which takes you down into some tunnels full of enemies to hammer. You'll earn a Bewitchment down here for taking out every foe you come across too.

Card Pack #2

During Verse #6 a bunch of enemies will burst forth from a cell right as you drop down into the tunnels, clear them all out to find this card pack floating in the empty space they came from.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 12 - The Edge of Madness Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo Life

Verse #7

Now we've got a cutscene to sit through where some enemies come over all Michael Jackson's Thriller before Verse #7 kicks off. Here you need to ride Gomorrah through a ton of enemies, making sire to take out at least one helicopter to earn the Bewitchment for this part.

Figure Box #5

As you stomp through Verse #7 with Gomorrah you'll automatically collect this figure box just as you come to the first attack helicopter.

Verse #8

This one's a big battle against an alternative Bayo and you'll earn another Bewitchment here if you equip your Umbran Clock power for the battle. This is actually a really good idea too as this particular weapon makes very short work of your opponent.

Verse #9

And now we head straight into the final verse of the chapter and it's a rhythm game boss fight, because of course it is. Manage to get through this one without taking any damage and there's another Bewitchment on the cards for you.

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