Bayonetta 3: Side Mission 3 - High Stakes Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo Life

It's time for side mission 3 in our full Bayonetta 3 walkthrough guide. Jeanne is once again on the trail of Dr Sigurd, but this time around all of the action takes place during one single elevator ride full of bad guys. Let's get into it.

Bayonetta 3: Side Mission 3 - High Stakes Walkthrough - All Collectibles


Reach the end without the elevator getting fully stopped - This entire short mission takes place during an extended sequence on an elevator packed full of enemies. Make sure to grab heavy weapons from the supply system and batter them all as quickly as possible to pass the sequence before the elevator reaches the bottom.

Get a teapot from the supply system - Straightforward this. Use the supply system to nab a teapot!

Defeat 2 or more enemies with one shotgun blast - Another simple one. Just get a shotgun from the supply stem on the elevator and blast two foes at close range with it.

Stealth kill and throw an enemy into another enemy - Again, this one is pretty self-explanatory. It's easiest to stealth kill an enemy just as they drop into the arena, so murder one and then make sure to nab another one during witch time.

Find and defeat Affinity - Somewhere amidst the bedlam of enemies on the elevator there's Affinity. Kill this particular enemy to earn this Bewitchment.

Fast Food Collectibles

All of the fast food items for this chapter can be battered out of the enemies you fight on the elevator. Just make sure to kill enough of them to get all four items.

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