Bayonetta 3: Chapter 13 - Kingdom Of One Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo Life

Welcome to chapter 13 of our Bayonetta 3 walkthrough guide. Let's get straight into the action here and find every verse and collectible in this bombastic thirteenth level.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 13 - Kingdom Of One Walkthrough


Collect 25 Lotuses in Ginnungagap - Grab every Lotus you can as you blast through the Chaotic Rift.

Activate Perfect Witch Time 5 times while riding Madame Butterfly - During the Aureole fight, make sure to activate Witch Time five times.

Avoid getting hit by Dark Adam's enlargement attack - Avoid Dark Adam's large AOE attack during the second phase of the Strider scrap. We recommend fighting from range during this entire sequence to pull this one off.

Hit Aureole with Madame Butterfly's Flutter Kiss - This is easiest to do right at the start of this battle. Aureole is slow to recover from attacking, so go for it right after it first takes a swipe at you.

Defeat an enemy while moving through collapsing Ginnungagap - There are a bunch of enemies right at the end of the section of this area where the ground is collapsing. Just take any of them out to earn this one.

We kick off chapter 13 with an extended (and very awesome) cutscene with plenty of action as Dr Sigurd gets to opening a portal for Bayo and Jeanne. He's gonna need a little help fending off the incoming hordes of enemies though, so let's get into it.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 13 - Kingdom Of One Walkthrough
Image: Nintendo Life

Verse #1

As soon as you take control of Bayo in the Chaotic Rift, turn right around to find the Verse #1 combat challenge portal behind you. You'll earn a Broken Moon Pearl for completing this one.

Umbran Toad

During the sequence where the ground is falling away in the Chaotic Rift, once you reach the first solid ground respite, take look over to the largest stalagmite structure to your right, as shown below. The toad is hidden around the back towards the top.

Umbran Cat

To the immediate left of where you found the toad, hop up onto the platform here and you'll find this kitty.

Umbran Crow

Head on forwards from where you found the cat now and, once you reach the next solid ground respite, the one with the Treasure Chest at the bottom, head up and around the spiral to find this crow at the top.

Verse #2

Now we've travelled from the Chaotic Rift to this new tundra for a face-off against the enormous Aureole. You'll assume Madame Butterfly form for this battle and, to earn the Bewitchment, we waited for our enemy's first attack then blew a kiss just as its appendage hit the floor in front of us, giving us time to get through the move's animation as Aureole recovered from attacking.

During the second phase of this scrap, three enemies will jump down to your level, and it's here you can activate Witch Time five times very easily for another Bewitchment.

Verse #3

This one kicks off as soon as the last verse is done and it's another fight against Luka/Strider.

There are two stages to this battle but for both the best tactic is to steer well clear off Strider, wait for his slashing attacks then dodge to activate Witch Time. Once in Witch Time use your demon of choice for big damage but don't get greedy, retract your demon as soon as normal time resumes, otherwise Strider will insta-kill them.

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