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  • News Black Friday Sales Bring Little Joy for Nintendo in the UK

    Three titles in the top 40, with PS4 and Xbox One dominant

    The UK chart results have taken a little longer to come out this week as Black Friday numbers have been brought together, and the final results aren't brilliant for Nintendo. In a brief hardware mention Chart-Track states that hardware sales were up compared to the previous year, and that...






  • News Nintendo Brings Heat to Black Friday With Flame Red 3DS Deal

    Includes Super Mario 3D Land on the system

    The Black Friday weekend is almost upon us, an annual shopping frenzy in North America that's gradually creeping into retailers in other territories. Naturally, companies are seeking attention and offering tasty deals to part you from your cash, and Nintendo's no different. It's been confirmed that,...


  • News Blue Wii Heads Stateside for Black Friday

    It starts

    That crazy day of manic buying, also known as Black Friday, is very nearly upon us, and Walmart has sounded the first battle cry. Siliconera reports the retailer has the exclusive on the blue reconfigured Wii, and will be selling it on 25th November for just $99.96. However, the advert just lists the box's contents as a Wii console, Remote Plus and Nunchuk: no mention of


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