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  • Video Opening a Box of Mysteries from Ubisoft

    Mystery & Rabbids

    It's common knowledge that Ubisoft are the ones behind the ever-intriguing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the Switch, so goodness only knows what could be inside a suspiciously blank box from their UK headquarters. Obviously we know, as we had to open it to record the video, but we wanted to keep it as much as a surprise...




  • News A Lost Super Mario Anime Has Been Found and Shown Off in Japan

    Super Mario: The Lost Lessons

    With the popularity of the Super Mario series you'd think that, with all of the licensing Nintendo has done over 30+ years, some items will have gone missing. One of these was a short educational film in Japan called “Super Mario’s Traffic Safety”, also known as “Super Mario no Koutsuu Anzen” in Japanese...

  • News Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Has Been Rated in Brazil

    What a mystery this is

    Perhaps one of the worst kept secrets in the industry right now is the existence of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, an upcoming crossover RPG which has been known in one way or another for months now. After a recent leak which showed off a bunch of official artwork for the game, its existence is in little doubt, though...

  • Rumour Artwork for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Posted Online

    The horror

    It's one of the oldest rumours around upcoming Nintendo Switch games, and now it seems some art is doing the rounds. We're referring to a game reportedly called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a title that to we're led to believe is real and set for this year. The following fuzzy image was initially doing the rounds. For those that...

  • Random Super Mario Stamps Powering-Up Japan Post Offices

    No mail by Paratroopa sadly

    Ever wanted to send mail from the Mushroom Kingdom? Well now National Japan Post has the next best thing. From 28th June this year post offices across the Japan will be offering a new selection of stamps commemorating the Super Mario series. The stamps will be sold for 82 Yen (around 56 pence) and each will...











  • Random Football Fans Recreate Some Wario Magic

    Well, Wario playing like Mario...

    Nintendo may be in the process of attempting to up its game in order to keep its characters and franchises at the forefront of the public's consciousness, but its iconic mascots and classic games are never far away in popular culture. From extravagant half time shows at American Football matches to cosplay at every...

  • News Obscure Mario Bros. Famicom Disk System Game Gets Translated Into English

    It's Kaettekita Mario Bros!

    The Famicom Disk System (FDS for short) and its diskettes might have not set Japan ablaze as Nintendo had hoped they would but the system still managed to get a decent library of games, and was also responsible for the debut of both the Metroid and Zelda franchises. One unique title was Kaettekita Mario Bros.

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