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  • News This 'PikaBoy' Game Boy Color Mod Goes the Extra Mile

    LED cheeks, a tail and feet to stand up

    We sure like retro console mods here at Nintendo Life, as fans take classic systems and apply a neat twist to their design. Nintendo systems are often re-imagined in wonderful ways, and this 'PikaBoy' system is another example. The creator, 'eforie', had the idea in 2011 but made it a reality for...


  • Weirdness Modder Recreates Donkey Kong Country In Doom Engine

    Scary in a different way!

    Rare’s Donkey Kong Country was a huge feat in itself when it was released on the Super Nintendo in 1994. Now imagine recreating the iconic jungle-based platformer within an entirely different game engine from around the same era. Enter Doom, and insert the reminder here of just how crazy modders of the classic...


  • Weirdness There's a Metroid in my Spelunky

    A cross-over too good to be true

    Spelunky with a dash of Metroid — it sounds just as bizarre, yet as appetising, as pea and ham soup. That’s why this weird match-up has now been made a reality by mod maker, joey4track. To publicise his unique creation exclusive to the PC version of the game, he passed the modification onto YouTube personality...

  • Weirdness The VideoTendo 2000 is a VHS Tape Converted into a NES

    Rewind the clock with this fully functional modification

    We've seen our fair share of weird and wonderful console modifications during our time at Nintendo Life, but this latest project from modder Shinobicycle could well be the weirdest one yet. In what looks to be a wholesome celebration of the 1980s, this brave modder has taken a NES clone and...