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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Super cheap puzzle fun

Many moons ago, when WiiWare first launched on the Wii, Two Tribes had Toki Tori ready to go as one of the very first games on the service. It was a remake of the Game Boy Color game, which in itself was also a pseudo-remake; we liked it a lot.

Unfortunately for some, however, a PC version of the game was released not too long afterwards which, over time, received a number of extra features and additional content that never made it over to the Nintendo equivalent, and was cheaper to boot. It might have taken a while, but this version is now finally also available on a Nintendo system with the Wii U, meaning console fans can now finally enjoy the "complete" version of the game.

It needs almost no introduction at this point - you take the role of Toki Tori, a little yellow chick, as you attempt to save all your siblings (still in their eggs) in every level across five different worlds. By default, Toki Tori can't do much except run around, climb ladders and fall down, but every level gives him a set amount of special power-ups to use which make the rescue mission a bit easier. And of course, there are enemies to worry about as well.

Things start off pretty simple, with items that allow you to place small bridges, but you'll quickly get your hands on all sorts of different crazy gadgets depending on the world you're in, from freeze rays to teleports. In each level, the big challenge is usually figuring out where to use your items, as the solution generally doesn't leave you with any spares; everything has to be right. Fortunately, a handy feature that has made the journey across from the PC version, the rewind button, allows you to undo any mistakes without being forced to restart the entire level.

The "normal" levels in each world aren't particularly tough to figure out until near the end, but as you make progress, you'll also unlock non-required "hard" levels, which up the ante considerably, as well as the PC version's "bonus" levels, which are arguably even harder. Another carry-over from the PC release is an entire fifth world, originally created as part of an elaborate alternate reality game involving Valve's Portal 2, although for obvious reasons you won't find any references to that fact here. It even introduces a new power-up!

Graphically and musically, the game still holds up quite well, with nice crisp visuals and a catchy soundtrack with several different variations of each song depending on the level you're in. If you didn't play the fifth world before, don't expect new music - it only has ambient sound effects.

Although this is one of the best options you'll have to play the game, there is one omission that creative types will no doubt find slightly annoying - the PC version eventually got a level editor, which sadly did not survive the trip to the Wii U eShop. However, with the recent issues Two Tribes had in bringing over Toki Tori 2's level editor, we can't exactly blame the developer.

What this version does have that's unique — without an elaborate setup on other platforms — is a range of control options on the GamePad to suit any player. You can use physical controls and watch the TV, of course, but it's also possible to play entirely with touch controls on the smaller screen, which is ideal for gamers used to smartphones and tablets; fans of that control scheme can use the touch screen while still assessing and viewing the puzzles on the TV, of course. Off-TV play is also an option with either control scheme, so from that perspective it's the most flexible iteration of the game.


If you still haven't played Toki Tori, the Wii U eShop version of the game gives you some serious bang for your buck. It includes all but one of the PC version's features, making it the second most complete version out there, and comes at an extremely affordable price to boot.

It's slightly harder to recommend for those who've already played the WiiWare version, or those who were really hoping to make some levels themselves, but we would suggest that it's an enjoyable puzzle option with an attractive initial price and, even when that's expired, is still good value.

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User Comments (29)



G0dlike said:

I think that I prefer this to the 2nd one. And it's not the fact that it's easier, I like the difficulty of the sequel but prefer the style of this.



Nintenjoe64 said:

This is one of my favourite eShop downloads so far. It reminds me of Pushover, Lemmings and possibly Boulder Dash



Pod said:

I never did purchase more than a few handfuls of WiiWare, so I never got Toki Tori.

I adore this type of puzzler though, so I'm definitely getting it for Wii U.



WiiLovePeace said:

I already had this on WiiWare but never completed it. This release is so cheap I couldn't resist buying it again if only to support the developers. It's got bonus content not in the WiiWare release too so it was an easy decision.



maneauleau said:

Man for 2 euros, whether you like it or not or whether you have it on another platform, you should just buy it. So that send the message is sent around that price has also a big weight on purchases decision



ueI said:

I notice the game overview in the corner lists the discount price. I hope it's updated when the discount period ends.



rjejr said:

Not as hard as sonic Lost World is it? I'm enjoying that game so much bu tI thinkI need to stop playing for health related issues.

for $1.99 I'll pick this up.



KeeperBvK said:

" It was a remake of the Game Boy Color game, which in itself was also a pseudo-remake"

This implies that the GBC game was a remake. Was it, or did you mean to say something along the lines of "It was a remake of the Game Boy Color game, which means it was also a pseudo-remake"?



OorWullie said:

Great game and worth every penny.Along with World of Goo,this was probably my favourite Wii Ware release.I even managed to complete it which is rare for me.

@rjejr It's been a while since I played it but from what I remember,it's gets quite challenging about half way through but never frustrating,just brain boggling haha.Cant go wrong at $2



Zodiak13 said:

Picked it up and its actually quite fun. Not a big puzzle guy, but I do like these games periodically. Plus the price is awesome.



XCWarrior said:

I got this during the $2 sale, did not have the WW or PC version, so looking forward to some puzzle solving fun!



KeeperBvK said:

@Kodeen Oh, wow, thnks. That's cool. I had never heard of it and it makes me wonder, why the game has never been mentioned here. Not even in the review of the GBC original. Yet, they now cryptically mention Toki Tori to be a sort-of-remake, without any further information.



Gso said:

I'm buying it. It's not on my wanted list but for that price might as well support the developer.



ULTRA-64 said:

@Nintenjoe64 never played this but was thinking...kind of reminds me of lemmings in concept. Think I'll buy the game based on that alone. I really miss that type of game, where is lemmings on vc anyway? That game is PERFECT for the tv /game pad combo!!



SCAR said:

I already beat all the "normal" stages. I think it's worth $2.



2Sang said:

I won't buy a wii u but I hope everyone here supports these guys. They make quality games and even support nintendo when nintendo doesn't even support itself.



bmprsvz777 said:

Can someone explain this to me, please. There are two games named Toki Tori in Wii U eshop. First one was for 2 euro. I downloaded that. I purchased the second one 10 minutes later later for e.g. 4 euro (40%discount). But in my Wii U there is just one new game - named Toki Tori 2+ So is it two games or just one game?

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