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Reflect Missile Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Bub and Bob would be jealous

When Q-Games boast about their games, it always seems to be PS3's PixelJunk series hogging the limelight, with almost no mention of their other projects. That's a shame, because with their recent remake of Bit Generations title Art Style: Intersect, and now this, they've already got two great download games on Nintendo's newest handheld.

Reflect Missile's name basically says it all. You must fire off missiles in order to destroy certain blocks, which can be achieved by having them reflect off walls. But "Reflector" missiles are actually just one of three types of missiles you can use - the "Driller" missile is able to drill straight through up to seven blocks before disappearing, while the "Bomber" missile will explode on contact with anything, taking out all blocks within a certain radius. Obviously, neither of these two missiles will bounce off walls like the Reflector, meaning you should try to clear a path for them first if you need to.

Comparisons to Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move are not misplaced - the gameplay is very similar, with a dotted line showing you part of the trajectory the missiles will take. The blocks you must destroy will also remind you of Arkanoid, another sort of similar game, as they are exactly the same shape. Unlike either of them though, almost no stages have one giant mess of blocks to clear, instead consisting of multiple smaller formations of blocks to allow for a bit more variation and, as expected, layouts which resemble certain objects, such as a clock or playing card suit.

At the start, there's a total of 30 stages to test your mettle on, each with a pre-set layout and a different line-up of missiles for you to use. It's not too complicated though, because you're restricted to using the missiles in order, therefore it's just a matter of figuring out the best places to shoot at. Adding some more spice to the mix are some other blocks - bomb blocks act just like a Bomber missile when hit, while item blocks will give your next missile a special ability, such as creating a clone, allowing you to fire two missiles at once!

If it was just these 30 stages it would already be a great game, but just before you think there's not a lot to come back to, Q-Games throws a curveball: if you manage to finish a level with missiles remaining, you'll earn a medal. Earn a certain amount of medals and you'll unlock a new difficulty level featuring not 30, but 50 more stages. This happens four times in all, making for a grand total of 200 stages!

If you don't really have any particular favourite levels and just want to reflect some missiles, there's also a "Quick Play" mode that allows you to pick any of the game's five difficulty levels, after which it will randomly select a bunch for you to play. But, as the game itself says, don't go thinking it'll be easy: stages you haven't cleared yet have a higher chance of being picked than others.

As seems to be a popular trend nowadays, Reflect Missile is presented in a very retro-esque manner; all of the graphics look blocky and the chiptune soundtrack is quite catchy. It fits the feel of the game perfectly, and just enhances the already fun gameplay even more.


Reflect Missile has got to be one of the simplest names for a videogame ever. To match that, the gameplay is also very easy to learn, but getting medals on all 200 stages will require a bit more thinking, especially in the higher difficulty classes. The game's delightfully retro-esque presentation only helps improve the overall package, and makes this not just one of the best 500 Point games available, but one of the best DSiWare games period.

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Corbs said:

I'll be getting this one the second it hits the NA service.



Percentful said:

Whoa, wan't expecting a 9. Especially when it was released and you all said you had no idea about it coming out. I'll probably get this along with UNO if I don't get the Foto Face Stealers game or whatever it is called. BTW nice Avatar, Corbie. Very festive. [and so not festive at the same time ]



Gavin_Rozee said:

There's a mistake in the review. While it's true that there are 30 stages in the Bronze Class, Silver and Gold Class each have 50 stages, and the two classes after Gold presumably do too, so there are actually around 200 stages.

Great game.



SwerdMurd said:

Q-Games. These guys wreck shop--I can't think of a single bad game they've made (all the Pixel Junk games are great)



Gizmo said:

I absolute agree with the review and the score, Reflect Missile is awesome!



Bankai said:

Yes, brilliant game, glad to see it get a positive review.

One thing though - the review mentions that it's almost "exactly the same as puzzle bobble" - not really. There's a passing resemblence, but the missiles behave entirely differently to the bubbles in puzzle bobble, and the game isn't time based - so "exactly the same with a few minor differences" is misrepresenting the gameplay.



Blue_Cat said:

Mmh. . . I think I'll get this instead of pop + solo.
Hope it comes out soon. Before Christmas when I get a point card.



Odnetnin said:

This looks to easily be at least on par with every other game on the service I have seen.



Slapshot said:

Man and I was thinking DSi stood Digital Sudoku iP

Instant Buy when it hits NA, about time we get a gota have game again on the service.



TheKingOfTown said:

@ Blue_Cat
Good. I really hated pop+solo. Don't get it. Get this instead. I should have waited for this.



Sean_Aaron said:

This looks brilliant. If I was going to get a DS, I was leaning towards the Lite due to the GBA playback (can't they have an optional add-on for the DSi?), but this game would steer me the other way. I love the retro look; reminds me of games from the late 70s.




@Sean Aaron please go to my thread on the forums on top 25 retail puzzle games on the DS, that should convince you . The DS is by far the best console ever for puzzle games IMHO; and you are a puzzle disciple like me

As for this game; couldn't agree with the plaudits more. Cracking download, one of the best ds or wii-ware.



DSman59 said:

I bought this before the review appeared. I couldn't decide between MFC and Reflect Missile, but I chose the latter and I'm glad I did. RM is an amazing game. I like it more than AS: PiCOPiCT.



rosemo said:

@Blue_Cat: I agree with wii man 10. Pop+ Solo was a huge disappointment in my mind. I downloaded it last month, and really have found no redeeming qualities about it. By wave 4 in "Adventure" mode I was really bored. So it looks like you made a good choice.



Bobpie said:

Humm... Ashphalt 4 + Army Defender or Reflect Missile + Another 500-point game? (Possibly Code)



Sean_Aaron said:

@Legen Marioid: best chance of my getting a DSi is when I go to Japan next year. I'd probably opt for the "old man" LL for the big screens. I'd really be wanting the kid's Japanese learning kanji software and some downloads.



winter123 said:

Why the **** are games not released worldwide at the same time? Does it take 2 months to translate it from "british english" to "american english"? Ugh, i was about to go buy this then i saw NOPE YOU HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER MONTH YOU AMERICAN B****.



Moochr said:

Whoa whoa whoa- couldn't they have just made this into a 200 point game? Ugh, this is WAAAY overpriced. But that doesn't mean I won't get it...



sonic_brawler95 said:

@ Moochr- I don't think its overpriced, 200 levels, thats a huge amount of levels.

YES! I can't wait till Monday........I know I'll be back in school, but Trajectile (this game in America) comes out! Insta buy!



winter123 said:

FINAF***INGLY, I am glad they finally finished translating this from English to English for the past month and released it in the USA.



Gogata said:

Q-Games is really awesome... Intersect, Reflect Missile, Starship Patrol... All excellent titles! They are great on PSN too with the Pixeljunk Games . I hope they make some more...



hulklol123456789 said:

Oh, these look lie spotto, another REFLECT thingm idk, im happy with spotto at the moment, maybe I get these one, not now, maybe later, but only maybe...



fishman100 said:

I just got my 500 Points from pre-ordering S&P:SS, so I'll use the points to buy this.



jdkipfer said:

There is a mistake. There are 230 levels.
30 plus 50 plus 50 plus 50 plus 50 is 230.
I own this game and I counted.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Man This review convinced me to buy it. Then I saw the 500 points price point. I'll probably still get it,but wish it was 200.



notchucknorris said:

hmmm....not sure about the club nintendo offer.
normally 150 coins = $5
this is.... 200 coins = $5
registering mario kart 7 gave me 50 survey coins, so in other words, you would have to buy 3-4 brand new 3DS retail games, to get enough club nintendo coins.

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