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Arkanoid Plus! is an updated version of the original arcade blockbuster. Players must destroy coloured blocks by guiding an Energy Ball around the screen using a spaceship called the VAUS.

The game features a host of new modes and settings which radically alter the gameplay experience: "Arcade Mode" consists of 61 Rounds divided into left and right versions with two types of boss characters appearing in the last Round; "VS Mode" lets players face off against a friend or the CPU; and the unfailingly frantic "Time Mode" challenges players to clear Rounds within a strict time limit. Factor in the subtle differences arising from the choice of "Lives" or "Barrier" rules, along with a plethora of exciting items, and it's clear you're in for hours of blockbusting fun!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Another breakthrough for Taito?

Taito's doing a fine job reviving its classic franchise on WiiWare - Space Invaders was revived with a completely different, fun gameplay style, while three games from the Bubble Bobble series all got decent to great remakes. This one's more like the...

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Wolfcoyote said:

I have fond memories of playing the Super Famicom/ Super NES game Arkanoid: D'oh it Again and this is the Taito game that I was waiting for. Hopefully it contains up to one-hundred stages like the SNES game.

This will also make up for the rather bland Arkanoid DS title released last year (square blocks, gap between screens, etc).



Bass_X0 said:

Meh. I'd rather see a sequel to the Game Boy's Kirby's Block Ball. That was the only block breaking game like this that I could stand. I never really got into Arkanoid and the others.



blackknight77 said:

I might consider this but I would love to see it drop to 600 points. Still you can't go wrong with Arkanoid



jhuhn said:

I think it'll be 600 for North America plus 200 for downloadable content to make it 800 Wii points.




The nes arkanoid is still the best followed by doh it again but after that really shaky! this looks like a rehash of do it again,but hey is that not how they rip us off? not me im too smart to re buy something i already have.



Schrempf11 said:

Looks fine to have an Arkanoid game on wii, but will be the control good enough? After playing Bit Trip Beat, I think that's the way to go, because the control is the best to move an arkanoid-like paddle...




I've downloaded it and it is a solid wiiware title that I expect would get a 7 or 8/10. I like it.

I'm glad it uses the d-pad control and not the slightly more inaccessible bit trip beat control. For a paddle and ball game, I believe the blockbreaker deluxe controls are better. Thats IMHO.



Wolfcoyote said:

Those Block Breaker controls...um...no. Just no. I would lose a ball every time I accidently went out of the sensor bar's range (which was VERY limited). Those controls were a fail for me, but I guess that's just me.



ZEIDO said:

I spent all of the summer of 1987 playing this on my Spectrum 48K everyday, then when I got an Amiga it was one of the first games I got and kept on playing that too for a couple of years. Nowadays, I play it every once in a while on my Spectrum Emulator on my mobile. So, maybe this is an opportunity to rekindle an old addition on my Wii



Vertigo said:

I have a US Wii.
Sooo... Nintendo... Squaresoft... WHERE IS IT??
And while we're on the subject, where the hell is Contra Rebirth?



Vertigo said:

It's finally out! Hurrah! And I have... 100 Wii Points and nothing in my bank account



Grumble said:

Wait... Has anybody actually played THIS version and want to tell us about it here? I want to get a Wii and I am checking out WiiWare to see if its ultimately worth it... I loved the original Arkanoid and the port on DS, too.

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