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Pyoro Review

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Posted by Ryan 'Zack' Zacher

A compilation of two of the silliest, most enjoyable, minigames to ever hit WarioWare.

Anybody who's played every microgame in the original WarioWare will have met a small red bird called Pyoro. Basically, Pyoro is a member of an unknown species who has an extremely long tongue and an insatiable appetite for beans. And now, he's the star of not one, but two games for DSiWare: Pyoro 1 & 2.

We'll warn you now: those of you that actually have access to Pyoro and Pyoro 2 in the WarioWare games have no need to pick this up; its purely one for those who don't have access to either game. Unless, of course, you want to play both games on your DSi, where your GBA WarioWare isn't playable.

In Pyoro, beans constantly rain down from the sky, with your job being to guide Pyoro left and right to try and grab those legumes with his long, frog-like tongue. The controls are simple enough; press left and right to move the bean-munching bird across the floor tiles, and hit the A button to extend Pyoro's tongue. This froglike tongue stretches out diagonally and upwards, allowing you to grab the beans that are high up in the air; the closer beans are to the ground, the less points you obtain for eating them. To progress, you must constantly eat beans; if a bean ever hits the ground, it'll destroy a floor tile, creating a hole that Pyoro can't cross (he can't jump). As floor tiles disappear, Pyoro has less room to move around, which is dangerous, because if a bean hits Pyoro's head, he's knocked out, and then it's Game Over!

There are three kinds of beans in Pyoro: normal beans, which are green in colour; white beans, which replace a random floor tile when eaten; and flashing beans, which not only destroy all other beans on screen when eaten, but also replace a huge number of floor tiles at once! As you build-up points, the background changes vastly: you slowly see a carnival being constructed in the distance; if you reach 5,000 points, the sky colour changes to represent sunset; and if you manage to obtain over 10,000 points in one go (or play the game a set number of times), you unlock a very different game.

Pyoro 2 is this unlockable game. Here, you play as a yellow-crested variety of the standard Pyoro: this subspecies can spit seeds at incredible velocity, allowing you to eliminate the falling beans instead of eat them. The points scoring works very differently in this mode too: you only get 50 points for each destroyed bean. This, however, lends itself towards a combo system; since one seed can wipe-out several beans in a row, it is possible to obtain extra points for multiple beans destroyed with a single seed. Being able to destroy many seeds at once allows you to build-up points quicker than in the standard game, especially when you pass the 5,000 mark and the screen is filled with seeds!


This is definitely one of the more enjoyable DSiWare purchases. If you already own both games in the original WarioWare and have access to a GBA or original DS, there's not much need to purchase this compilation. If you don't have WarioWare, and like the sound of Pyoro, then this is an essential purchase. At 200 DSi Points it's a steal!

Go on, try Pyoro. It's pure, mindless fun.

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User Comments (47)



KDR_11k said:

I think Pyoro 2 was near impossible to unlock in WW, didn't that require meeting ALL the target scores in the microgame replay mode?



Bahamut_ZERO said:

200 points, I might get it. As long as the other US launch titles dont get a 9 that is

So when is the ARt Style Aquario review coming out guys.

Oh, and great review new mystery reviewer



jackaroo said:

@KDR_11k : Yeah that was the requirement. It wasnt too hard though. Just took a bit of time.
Still these are 2 great games. I found them very addictive in the original warioware but I wont be picking these up. Only because I dont have a DSi. But if I did I would along with Paper Plane.



Outrunner said:

This is the only one that I downloaded that I like. Paper Plane is ok but Warioware Snapped is a bit poo... I wish I'd gotten Artstyle Atique instead.



kaya122 said:

I'm probably getting my dsi tomorrow and ill definitely pick this up! Thanks for the review!



Kid_A said:

Just got my DSi today, but my stupid wireless router doesn't work with my DSi, so I havn't been able to get to the shop channel. I'll go to a WiFi hotspot tomorrow and download this sucker though, because I've always loved Pyoro.



Nintendork said:

How many times do you have to play the 1st one to unlock the second? Getting 10,000 points is out of the question for me.



World_1-1 said:

Seeing how I never played the original WarioWare and how this is only 200 Nintendo Points, I'll definitely be purchasing this one when I get a DSi.



Corbs said:

This is a fun little game. The perfect game if you've just got a few minutes and want to kill a little time. Easily worth the 200 Points.



Aardvark_Soup said:

My sister used to be addicted to Pyoro 2 on WarioWare. She also was ridicilously good at it: I never managed to get even close to her highscore of 73250.



Adamant said:

Yeah, these are definitely good games, and the price is really cheap.
Already have them in their WW forms, though, so...



Kenji510 said:

This games pretty fun and cool... if u want to unlock part 2 u gotta get over 10,000 points.



Drizzt said:

I downloaded it, expecting nothing but a quick game I can play on the go.

I tried doing that a couple times today with "The World Ends With You". Obviously that didn't work.

Now I have Birds and Beans, or Pyoro. It's a pretty nice game I can play for a couple spare minutes when I'm out.



Gizmo said:

For me this score is too high. I would give it at most a 6, because it is just too short and has too little modes, in comparison to Paper Plane for example.



GamerZack87 said:

Okay, here's the alternative way to unlock Pyoro 2: Play Pyoro 20 times.

Thanks! You'll notice it's now a Goron (or maybe something else)!



Gogata said:

This was my 2ND DSi Ware game and it is simple and fun! Great review and great game!




Definatelty just a decent time-pass game. I like it overall, but its only worth a 7/10, even at 200 points



PressStart said:

Looks really simple, yet fun! I'll have to download this! It's pretty sweet how you get the 2 different versions, though!



paperskyx said:

This game is SO ADDICTING. I love it soo much. I used to play it all the time and I'm really good at it now. The second one gets really intense and fast-paced.



rachelthehedgehog said:

This game is fun! Once you get the Bird and beans 2 unlocked, the first one is so lame. But yes, for 2 bucks this is totally worth it!



OmegaMetroid123 said:

how come this game is called bird & beans on my dsi? cause i was looking for the review on this game but all i saw was pyoro, so i got this game and didn't like it, but then i saw that the birds name was pyoro and then i looked at the review and then it made me like it and then... ok i should stop talking now shouldn't i?



theblackdragon said:

@OmegaMetroid123: Because NL is a UK-based website, we tend to focus on the UK when possible — up to and including reviewing games under their official UK names. our 'Bird and Beans' is their (and Japan's) 'Pyoro'. you'll note in the 'game overview' box to the upper right of the screen, you'll see 'Bird and Beans' is listed as an alternate title. :3



Supremeist said:

I love this little game. From when it first came on DSiWare, to when the 3DS eShop launched. I'm still addicted.



rachelthehedgehog said:

This game is amazing, I have it. I would highly recommend it, also very good as only being 2 dollars (200 points)



Jono97 said:

Well, if you are someone who wants variety like me, don't get this. However, this is addicting.



Mr-X9000 said:

my first dsiware game along with brain age express math and nintendo dsi browser



Crazybrain1 said:

It's good and addicting. But if you want something with a lot of depth, you might want to look elsewhere. But otherwise a addicting game. Very good for quick pick-up-and-play sessions.



Gioku said:

This is the new Club Nintendo Reward for 3DS (at least in NA)! I think I'll get it since it's only 100 coins!



R-L-A-George said:

I definitely agree with this review. One of my favorite DSiWare titles. Some my dislike it because it's too casual but it's so cute and beautiful. Simple and fun, a casual guilty pleasure.

@Gioku 2nd time in a row...

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