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He’s a small bird with a very long tongue and an insatiable appetite for beans. Luckily for Pyoro, beans drop constantly from the sky. However, if Pyoro lets a bean fall, it breaks a hole in the ground that he can’t cross.

This fast-paced action game requires skill and strategy to snatch all the beans you can, while dodging the ones you can’t and making sure you don't get trapped! The higher in the sky that you grab a bean, the more points it will be worth.

Plus – if you master Pyoro, you can unlock the even faster-paced Pyoro 2! In this game, you can spit seeds at high speed to bring down more beans than ever before!

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Posted by Ryan 'Zack' Zacher

A compilation of two of the silliest, most enjoyable, minigames to ever hit WarioWare.

Anybody who's played every microgame in the original WarioWare will have met a small red bird called Pyoro. Basically, Pyoro is a member of an unknown species who has an extremely long tongue and an insatiable appetite for beans. And now, he's the star of...

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User Comments (22)



Ricardo91 said:

This game looks fun, but I wouldn't mind shelling out a few extra bucks for the actual Microgame$ cartridge. I can get an extra 199 or so games that way.



Wiiloveit said:

I have seen more appealing things, but at 200 points, I might as well give it a shot since it looks pretty addicitive.

This game looks fun, but I wouldn't mind shelling out a few extra bucks for the actual Microgame$ cartridge. I can get an extra 199 or so games that way.
Remember that the cart won't work on DSi, though.



Outrunner said:

I loved Pyoro on the first Warioware game. I sold that and now regret it so this will be welcome.



ShadoWolF_XF said:

I never played the original Warioware, but I have to say this looks promising. Nice batch of retro style with a Yoshi-esque twist that doesn't result in that Topsy-Turvy game.

PS: First post ever for the win, but it won't be my last!



minimario_man said:

for a quids worth of nintendo points. It actually looks good value for money. I will be getting it. Especially if it has some gameplay enhancements!



GamerZack87 said:

Pyoro is actually quite fun. I somehow made it past the 5000 Points mark on my fourth attempt (so over halfway to unlocking Pyoro 2-sadly, not enough...)



Stuffgamer1 said:

$2 for this and another 2 for Paper Plane isn't BAD, but I'd rather they put the original Warioware on the strongly rumored DSi VC instead. $8 for the whole thing would be the way to go. But I bet that would kill Dr. Mario DSiWare sales (due to Dr. Wario), not to mention the sales of THESE two games, so I doubt it'll ever happen. Oh, well.

Oh, and I'm still annoyed about the new "Bird & Beans" title. What the heck was wrong with "Pyoro" anyway?



WitchFinder1 said:

DSiWare looks like THE reason for a gamer like me to upgrade to the new device. But not if crap like this is what will be released. I think we need more substantial games than these on the service to attract people to the DSi. I'd rather play solitaire or minesweeper for free on my computer than pay to get games with as little depth and reason to replay as these have.



JustaGerm said:

@ VenomTheEvil

I don't think they're "remakes". Looks like the exact same games I loved on WarioWare. I think the better option would be to wait for that possibility of a DSiWare Virtual Console with downloadable GBA games.



chr1sbean said:

Fun little download and really quite addictive, I found myself tutting a few times when I got hit by a seed!

Great in short bursts and totally ideal for whiling away a little time on the bus or train!



StarDust4Ever said:

Man, that second screenshot looks awesome! I was aware of the fact that the background scenery changed as I progressed further into the game, but I never made it to 10000 points, sadly at some point or another, I get pigeon-holed on a single block and a bean whoops me on the head - this game would have been nice if they started us with three lives instead of one.



Knux said:

I have never bought the original WarioWare, so I decide to buy this game. It's pretty addictive, but it is very difficult. For 200 Nintendo Points, it is worth buying!

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