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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Does Boingz offer enough unique ideas to stand out from the crowd?

With the recent success of such innovative titles as World of Goo and the Art Style series, it comes as no surprise to see yet another unique offering pop up on the WiiWare service. Boingz takes the simple Wii Remote-friendly gameplay idea of stretching and flicking and attempts to build an addictive experience around it. But in an increasingly crowded puzzle genre on the WiiWare service, does Boingz have what it takes to stand out from the crowd?

The basic idea is simple: the Boingz resemble a rubber band in both design and physics. Using the Wii Remote, you can grab on to their antenna and stretch them at varying lengths in order to release the antenna and watch as they fly through the air. You can control how far they flick as well as their trajectory by stretching them in different directions and angles. You do the majority of your navigating around each level using this flicking method, but you can also move your Boingz around the old-fashioned way using the Nunchuk stick. To add further depth to the experience you'll can also interact with certain objects in each level ranging from rocks to elevators. You have to make use of these various objects to safely guide your Boingz to the exit gates in each level, at which point you are be given a grade of Gold, Silver, or Bronze depending on your overall score. Points are awarded for picking up twinklies, rescuing individual Boingz, and finishing the level as quickly as possible. You can even go back to completed levels to gain a higher grade.

There are no hazards that can kill your Boingz; instead, the challenge lies in actually guiding them to the exit. You have to learn how to use the various Boingz together in order to traverse the many challenging levels that lay in store. Many times you can't get through certain sections of a level with only one Boingz, which will force you to track down sleeping Boingz in each level so they can work together to reach the exit. As you can imagine, the levels start out quite easy and soon begin to get extremely tricky and challenging as you progress through all 30.

While the gameplay idea of Boingz is unique, the implementation is not terribly good. The control system itself is intuitive in design, but it showcases an erratic nature which makes the game very frustrating when you can't get the control methods to perform the way you want them to. Sometimes the Boingz will flick high into the air when you stretch them all the way back, and other times they'll barely come off the ground. Aiming can also be very difficult as the arrows that point the trajectory can sometimes be deceiving or change at the last second as you let go of the character's antenna. The Boingz are also very loose in their movements so it's sometimes difficult to judge when to stop them on ledges as they'll often continue to move forward if you're not careful. There are some great gameplay ideas here, but the play control ultimately feels very unpolished at times and could have used some tweaks here and there to make the game a bit more playable, especially given the intricacy that's required in many of the later levels. The lack of multi-player support or online leader boards doesn't help matters either.

The visuals in Boingz are yet another facet that lacks the type of polish you'd expect of a current generation title. Not only is there a serious lack of detail and texturing in the surroundings of each level, but the polygons themselves lack the smooth edges we've come to expect from some of the higher quality WiiWare releases so far. Even the Boingz themselves don't show any detail and look like flat polygon blobs that someone painted two eyes on. Maybe we've all become spoiled by the silky smooth visuals of games like World of Goo and LostWinds, but after playing some of the better WiiWare offerings so far, it's clear that Boingz just doesn't stack up very well.

As if to keep with consistency, the audio presentation is pretty much as mediocre as every other area of the game. While there are plenty of sound effects to keep things interesting, many of them don't sound like they fit in with the overall theme of the game. The cute humming the Boingz will unleash when you leave them unattended for a few seconds is probably the most impressive sound aspect of the entire game. The musical tracks that play during each level are extremely basic and tend to feature more percussion than actual melodies. This is one of the reasons the sound effects play such a key role in the overall sound presentation. While the sound effects are adequate, you can't help but feel that a little more attention to detail might have been able to add a lot more charm and personality to what ends up being a fairly bland audio experience overall.


Boingz is a classic example of a very unique and original gameplay idea that's ultimately ruined by its poor execution. There's no denying the almost limitless potential the premise behind Boingz has going for it, but the erratic play control brings the experience crashing down along with it. The package has a very rushed feel to it, as if the developers were so excited about their original idea that they hurried to throw it all together before someone else could beat them to the punch. The sad truth is that no matter how much potential Boingz has going for it, in the end it feels like nothing more than a thrown-together attempt to cash in on the WiiWare service. It's just a shame that such an innovative idea had to go to waste in the process. While there might be a few gamers that will be able to overlook the sluggish interface long enough to extract some type of enjoyment out of the game, most people will likely find the good points of Boingz too heavily overshadowed by its negative aspects to get their money's worth.

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User Comments (85)



EJD said:

I expected this to be great and was considering getting it but now I'm not so sure.



xSJx said:

Ouch, I was gonna download it a couple hours ago, good thing I waited for the review haha.



longtimegamer said:

I didn't like the wierd sounds they made in the video myself. Am I wrong or were there high expections for this title. This just proves that you one should really wait for a review before buying.

Seems like a fairly sucky week for wiiware after all

Sudoku might be alright I guess. Sudoku is sudoku. Though we have it on one of the brain games.



Corbs said:

I was quite excited about this title ever since we first reported on it. Such a great idea that just never got off the ground. I'd love to see them try to fix the play control for a sequel, but I'm not sure if that will happen or not.



Wiiloveit said:

Ah - that was unexpected. Ah well, that's one more game I don't need to spend my points on (both a good and bad thing).



longtimegamer said:

Does anyone think the memory issue is why we get so many puzzle games, unless it's just they are easy to make. I'd like more diversity in the games. some rpgs, horror and strategy are what I'd like to see (a good platformer would be nice too). By the way, is Eternitys Child and/or Animales de la Muerte still coming to wiiware?



Supermarioman said:

I knew it was Shovelware the day that I saw it, when you started at the begining of comparing it to the fact of World of Goo and Art Style, I was worried, but my own prediction came true. I think that I'll get Plattchen over this, I loved that one from the start. Same Price so Plattchen wins this roundin my mind. Oh by the way corbie have you ever played Plattchen? If so can you tell me what you think about it? I trust your reviews the most of anyone on this site, so thank you for being a great reviewer!



BrazCanMan said:

At least SIGE is coming out soon, I'm hoping december will have some great games instead of the garbage that came out this month.... after ACR I didn't download anything else.



Supermarioman said:

Lets see how Sudoku hold up, I hate Sudoku too much to download so the only really good game for me this month is I guess Alien Crush Returns...



Rawk_Hawk said:

So it been overall a bad week for downloadable games

Just get Alien Crush Returns instead



Starwolf_UK said:

As soon as I watched the direct feed video over at GoNintendo I kind of realised the game was lacking something. Corbie's review only backs the point further.

I hope this is the exception for Real Arcade and not the rule but i'm starting to think otherwise as far as Digital Leisure went; well...I never held any hope...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

What a shame.
Glad I DIDN'T buy this.
This really is a let-down but anyway, stellar review Corbie! I appreciated that you broke it down for us quite nicely and I felt it wasn't convuluted.

Do you feel like you wasted your points?

I hope RealArcade brings more titles though. I'd be VERY happy and as I said before, I'd LOVE to see Turtle Bay in WiiWare form. It would stand very well amongst the likes of Toki Tori! I just hope they listen...

@Supermarioman: Lets just say I'm one of the VERY few who enjoyed/enjoys Plattchen. Don't let the Review for it deter you. Its worth more than a 3 or even a 5/10, imho. With time & patience, you may find a hidden gem like I did.



Ricardo91 said:

Ooooh, I wasn't expecting THAT score! Guess I should've known from those fugly graphics.



Supermarioman said:

Yes I've heard that there ae a few who can truly understand how good Plattchen is, Infact Demon212's made a video on Youtube about the top 10 WiiWare Games in his opinion Plattchen was the 8th best game, so My decision is made Plattchen is coming to my Wii!!!! As soon as I get some cash.......



bboy2970 said:

Wow, I thought this game would get at lest a 7 for sure. I downloaded it yesterday and am enjoying it very much. Yes, the game does have some technical glitches and yes the graphics and music could have been a little more inspired, but overall I'm glad i bought Boingz and thought this review was much too rough on it.



Clayfrd said:

That's too bad. It seems that Wii controls can make or break any game. Unfortunately, they did the latter to this title .



Zible said:

Wow, that review is terribly inaccurate. Maybe the guy is playing on a TV from the 50's or something. I got this game yesterday as well. The controls are anything but sluggish, and my boingz don't go anywhere but where I point em too. They flick exactly as far as the arrow shows em to flick, sure if you get 10 twinkles you get mega flippage power, maybe the reviewer didn't read the manual and thats why the impression that they randomly start flipping far for no reason. Thats part of the puzzle on some levels, to get enough twinkles to get to farther parts of the board.

The controls are very intuitive and fluid, I've yet to feel like I'm fighting the thing. Played a bunch of WiiWare games, and sure some have terrible sensitivity, but I didn't see this with this game at all. I just don't understand where that is coming from? a 5 minute play test? I'd be curious if the reviewer even played the game.

For me, I love how it looks and feels, the boingz guys are very jelly like, and move like it and respond like it. It's easy to control them when you keep that in mind, and they behave exactly how it looks.

I just don't get where the controls fail on the game is coming from. Did you charge your wiimote batteries before playing
(and I like the flash cartoon look of the world it's otherworldly)



EdEN said:

Not that excited about Boingz to begin with. I'm waaaaaay behing on my Wiiware purchases. Right now I'm playing FFCC:MLAAK and some Megaman 9 here and there (Endless Mode, a little time attack, about to finish with Proto Man) and Helix+Wii Fit for exercise.

Once December 19 comes around and I'm on vacation from work, I'll give 25,000 Wii Points from me to me as a gift and start purchasing and completing marathon-style (to recharge for what is to be one hectic work-related 2009) the following games on my to buy list :

All 5 Strongbad Episodes
Alien Crush Returns
Space Invaders Get Even (and DLC)
World of Goo
Star Soldier R
Any other worthy surprise WiiWare title released from here to December 29.

As for the rest of my Wii Points, half of it goes for DLC on GH: WT and the rest for VC games.

And a thank you in advance for my wife for not trying to change who I am and understanding me.




Meh. I wasn't expecting much from this game anyway. It would have been a nice surprise if it was any good, but i guess not.



Corbs said:

@Zible - Here's my my 1950's TV in action. As you can see, I've taken great care of this beautiful family heirloom that's been handed down through my family for generations.



EdEN said:

Nice Wii Feng Shui room. Didn't know Samsung made white TVs. Is it a 40" 1080p model? Can't tell from the pic...



Wiiloveit said:

@Corbie: Say, I was wondering if you could let me borrow your house keys for a while...
@Supermarioman: I remember that video - I believe that he also didn't include LostWinds, so I think that settles that argument.



gameking23 said:

I did not know that they made flat screens in the 50's. lol
Great Tv Corbie wish I had one.



Corbs said:

That's one cute little TV Daz. Was that the smallest size they had.



Wiiloveit said:

Now that's harsh, Corbs. Anyways: of all the programs you had to have showing on your telly, Dazza, why BBC news?



Corbs said:

@ Wiiloveit - I was only kidding. I actually love his TV all nice and tidy mounted on the wall. I keep thinking about mounting mine on the wall, but I never get around to it. Maybe over the holidays.



EdEN said:

Mounting your TV would make it a hassle for you to reach the back sockets for all your cables. Runing an HDMI and Component on the back would be hell... trust me.



Corbs said:

I already have the cable tubing ran inside the wall. I'd just have to drop the cables down through the tube that comes out at the floor. I already did all that, I just never finished mounting the TV.



baraxas said:

Ouch, I haven't read this guy's reviews before, but does he really not understand how to use the WII remote? I've played through the whole game and I never had a problem with the controls. Maybe he should try sitting a bit farther back from his Stormtrooper-like TV set....



EdEN said:

Ah, if that is the case then it definitely changes things.

The walls in my house make it almost impossible to run a tube inside since they're concrete blocks and the mess itself would make it a biiiig no-no with the wife. The TV is currently set up over a Commode that is 4 ft high and 10ft wide and I haven't considered changing it anymore since it's at the right height.

Still, she's very understanding since said 40" Samsung is in the bedroom and that's were the Wii (and maybe by November 09 a PS3) is hooked up and an hour of gaming a day is part of the daily rutine.



Corbs said:

@ baraxas - It's funny, I haven't had any trouble using the Wii Remote on my Stormtrooper-like TV with the good WiiWare titles. But you're right, the farther away I get from Boingz, the better it looked.

@ EdEN - Yeah these walls are hollow in between so it was fairly easy to run the tubing inside and up the wall. I was sent the wrong mounting brackets when I bought the TV and by the time the replacements came, I already had it all hooked up like it is now. As I said, maybe during the holidays I'll go ahead and finish the job.



baraxas said:

Wow, I complement your TV set up and you come out swinging.
I apologize for disagreeing with your... review and offering up a dissenting viewpoint. That was very inappropriate of me. Obviously this your sandbox and you enjoy marking your territory.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Meh, Boingz never looked good to me anyway. Also,
@ Dazza: I prefer big TVs myself. Maybe it's just me, but I don't understand the appeal of little HD TV's. I can't see myself ever actually using it.



Dazza said:

@Tides - The 23" is just for the bedroom. I never use it much, it's really just there for my wife to watch in bed. Don't worry I have a bigger one downstairs!

@Wiiloveit - Because you can't beat a bit of news24 at 8am in the morning.



Corbs said:

@ baraxas - Hey don't apologize, we love to hear readers speak out and voice their opinions, dissenting or not. But we do reserve the right to speak right back.



baraxas said:

Sorry, Corbie. I wasn't meaning to sound as jerkish as I came off as. I just really enjoyed this game and I thought the review was overly harsh. Have a good Thanksgiving!



Corbs said:

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've already read comments from some readers that did enjoy the game. Maybe I expected too much from it, but I found it a sloppy attempt at what could have been a great game play idea. You have a great Thanksgiving as well.

In fact I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving!



marmosetofdeath said:

Upfront disclaimer as to my background: I’m one of the developers who made this game (I designed the dang thing), so I have, of course, a bias. I mention this ‘cause it drives me nuts when developers try to leave anonymous comments about their games.

This review is a bit shocking. I have not seen the behavior the reviewer describes, and can only imagine he didn’t understand how to control the game, and was doing something ‘weird.’ Even without seeing his sweet setup, it should be safe to assume he’s experienced enough and plays enough games to tell if it was that. If this is the issue, it would be a fair criticism to say we didn’t teach it well enough.

Whatever the case is, I think the frustration the reviewer experienced is not the norm by any means. I say this because we did a ton of usability testing during development, with heavy emphasis on controlling the characters. We showed the game to the press during Nintendo’s media summit. Not only did we adjust the game in response to feedback we received, we were given may complements on how the game controlled. As you can see, there are also other readers who have played the game who do not echo his frustrations.

I really wish we had a demo so people could try the game for themselves without putting down the points. Unfortunately, that’s really the only way you can judge for yourself.

Bottom line: I respect the reviewer’s opinion, and we didn’t deliver a game that he found worthy of a better score. That’s how reviews work. All I ask is that you do not take his word as gospel. Please don’t assume the game sucks simply because he didn’t like it, or even that it has broken controls. If you are given the opportunity, please give it a try. If the game looked like fun to you before this review, chances are you’re still going to like it anyway.



Twilight_Crow said:

I like to read reviews here at WWW, and I usually don't pay to much attention to the score at the end; what I like is getting others opinion, for what I read Corbie didn't like the controls, he explains why and everything. I also like that usually other people come and explain why they like/dislike a game too.
Thank you Corbie for the IGN review link, the more opinions the better. I'm not getting this game because, for everything I've read, it doesn't appeal to me.



xSJx said:


Very much appreciate you being so upfront, this site has had more than one asshat who tries to hide that they are devs. Corbie's main problem seemed to be the controls, but seeing as how lots of people who think the controls are fine, and ign gave it a decent review, I'll give it a shot. The fact that nintendo was willing to put it out there at a press conference with games like world of goo, tetris, and cave story also speaks well for your product. Reading the previous interview, as well as your post here, it sounds like you guys have put a lot of effort into this game, and I hope it sells well despite the mixed reviews. Cheers.



longtimegamer said:

@marmosetofdeath - Hi. Good to hear from you. I like when developers come to this site and talk with us. Also, it's cool that that you actually try to listen to people and are willing to change things accordingly to make a better game. You're right. Just because a reviewer doesn't like a game that doesn't mean that I won't enjoy it or vice-versa. Just like Corbie said you should check more reviews before you make decision.
If I'm really interested in something but not sure, I tend to seek out many reviews and opinions.

@Marmo- sorry about the noise comment, but because you actually came to defend your game (and were honest about "who you were") I'm gonna check more reviews on this to get a better if it'll be a game that I like. Maybe you'll get lucky and others will give this a chance and like it.



WarioFan63 said:

The low score is obviously because Boingz was the primary antagonist responsible for the death of Corbie's parents at the beginning of Corbie Trigger.

Which wouldve been a whole lot better if the game had some other party members besides Corbie, I dont care HOW badass he looked taking on monsters all by himself. Single-handedly. With his hands tied behind his back. Blindfolded.

Based on a true story.



WarioFan63 said:

Woah thanks! I think Im a pretty good guy when Im not trying to argue a point or something like that. Ill try to avoid those kind of posts and keep a cool head if it gets me that sorta material.



Dazza said:

@marmosetofdeath - Thanks for being upfront and 'outing' yourself. Whenever we see a completely over the top positive comment we often check the date that user registered with the site to see if they are a secret agent or not! It's very telling when someone registers on the very same day to disagree strongly with a review.

I haven't had the chance to play Boingz for myself yet, but all I can say is Corbie is not one to give a negative review lightly in my experience.

IGN seem to have latched on to a similar problem in their review too:

The problem is that some of these various trigger points for latch-locks are finicky and unreliable; you might therefore have to meticulously point at the correct spot on a piece of geometry for a Boingz character to do accurately do your dirty work.

At the end of the day all reviews are written based on the subjective opinion of the reviewer so it's a shame on this occasion that Corbie didn't click with Boingz.



PALgamer said:

I'm interested in the game and its gameplay mechanics. The springing does seem a bit wobbly. An example (from the IGN video) when preparing for a jump a line goes straight up from the Boingz although instead of going up-and-down it makes a parabola. Could be part of the mechanics, but it did seem weird. Either way, I'd try it out when it comes out here and check the controls myself.

@marmosetofdeath: Do you know when this game is coming to Europe?
Like most developers; are you still translating, rating the game, etc...?



XCWarrior said:

@marmosetofdeath Wow I didn't realize that devs came to the site. Very cool that you do.

I know my buddy wants to buy the game either way because of its uniqueness. He is a lot looser with his money than I am. If he likes it, I may pick it up down the road as well. I like World of Goo a lot, but still haven't picked it up because I've got a back log of games so bad its going to take months to catch up. Then when I find cheap GCN titles that are $5 new... yeah it only makes the back log bigger.

Wish more devs would come to the site and showcase the game. And it is too bad there are not demos. Go complain to Nintendo about it, seriously. If they get enough complaints, you never know.



Zible said:

@Corbie - Hah... They just don't build em like they used to back in the days.
I can understand the difference of opinion on the way it looks, I dig what it was going for, others may get put off, can't really contend that.

I just don't get the controls issues.
@PALgamer when you flick your little guy, you can use the numchuck control to move em around in the air, so even if you can't get the angle right cause you can't stretch your guy the right direction, you can still usually get to where you want just using the numchuck.

meh I guess I'm just confused cause I think the controls are pretty intuitive and fluid, better then a lot of other WiiWare titles and so don't get why it got blasted over it.

But heck I like it, and it's much better then the first 10 WiiWare titles that where first introduced, I think anyways. (whish I could return those)



marmosetofdeath said:

Thanks for the great responses, guys.

It’s true IGN pointed out some finicky control, but their overall review on the matter was “... the control mechanics are satisfyingly implemented,” and, “The bouncy, elasticized Boingz weave forward and backward as you move, but they nevertheless respond with precision.” Both points seem to be at odds with Corbie’s review of the controls, and inline with the other feedback we had been receiving.

The issues IGN mention about “trigger points for latch-locks” are not in regard to flicking the character about, but to pinning them to the world. A tip: If you don’t stretch a character all the way, you can avoid problems latching to surfaces.

In regard to the flick direction arrow: We wanted to indicate the path, arc and all, but were unfortunately unable to implement it. Additionally, you can affect the character’s trajectory mid-air, using the stick. What we ended up releasing with is an arrow that shows the direction the character will begin heading, scaled to indicate how strong the flick will be.

As far as a European release goes: I’m afraid I can’t give a real answer there. The localization for European languages has been done (my dev copy is in French right now), but we are still working out some of the other details.



NinjaGirl01 said:

Hey, I've posted before, but for those of you who don't know, I work for NinjaBee doing PR/Marketing. Just FYI.

If you're unsure of what to think of the game and want to see more gameplay before you make a decision, you can check out screenshots, a game trailer and a Making Of-type video on Nintendo's Boingz site here.

There's obviously more gameplay footage in the trailer (the first one) but the Making Of video gives you an idea of what our developers had in mind when they made the game, and also features some embarassing footage of me "singing" like the Boingz. So, even if you watch the videos and still decide not to buy the game, at least you got a good laugh out of them



xSJx said:

So I downloaded the game, and it controls perfectly. What the hell are you talking about Corbie? It's like we didn't even play the same game or something. I'm with the devs and other people who say the game controls well. If you were interested before the review, don't worry about the controls they are fine. You'll probably like this game if you like Toki Tori and the like. Not quite as good as toki tori, definitely less replay value, but this game deserves at least a 7 (I'd probably say an 8).

The link isn't working for me, just a heads up.



Corbs said:

If you read Matt's review at IGN you'll see that he and I agreed on what most of the shortcomings were, the only difference was he felt the clever level designs were enough to warrant a higher score and I did not. You should always consult as many reviews as you can find before you begin making a decision on a game purchase. And ultimately, you won't know for sure until you try it for yourself.

And I fixed the link. It works now. It was catching the period on the end of the URL.



NinjaGirl01 said:

@ xSJx Thanks. For some reason the comments don't like TinyURLs. I just put the full link in there even though it's ugly looking That should work.



xSJx said:

Corbie, you said that the "launching" physics were off, as in the arrow suddenly changed directions, or predicted an incorrect trajectory, which would be game breaking. That's not the case at all, nor was it mentioned in the ign review. In fact, Matt said "stretching and shooting them [boingz] forward or upward with the wii remote is both tactile and fun". His beef was with the "latching" physics.



Corbs said:

Matt found issues with the control of the game and so did I. Matt also found that the graphics were a bit plain and I agree. He also brought up the very lackluster sound effects and music that I talked about in the review. While we didn't spell out exactly the same specific control problems, we still agreed that the game had some control issues. Oddly enough, I found the "latching" control quite a bit better than the launching aspects of the game. I played through this game. I know I did because I was standing there when I did it. I then wrote down exactly what I thought of the game and what I experienced while playing it.

I appreciate the discussion and I also appreciate that some gamers love the game. That's great. I put my name down for this review the day we announced the game. As anyone that works for the site will tell you, they have to constantly stay on me to not sugar-coat reviews, as I have a bad habit of doing at times. At the end of the day, I can only write what I honestly feel about the game and that's what I did and will continue to do.



gameking23 said:

This has to be one of the most controversial reviews discussions I have ever read on this site. With some questioning Corbie's judgement all the way to implying that he does not know how to play games. I think this is ridiculous. Corbie is one of this sites great reviewers. I have never found his judgement biased. Now for those who disagree or still want to try this game go ahead I hope you have a great time playing this game.

As for me this game looks alright but I think I'll just hold on to my Wii Points for right now.



WarioFan63 said:

I know I did because I was standing there when I did it.

Corbie doesnt use mortal objects like chairs anymore. Not since The Incident.



Corbs said:

Can we please not discuss The Incident? It's still quite painful to talk about.



wesleyh said:

Well, perhaps you can release an updated version for Europe, which fixes these control issues.



PALgamer said:

I think I understand the controls more, thanks for the explanations guys.
Shame about the European release.



xSJx said:

I still think Corbie writes awesome reviews, I just don't fully agree with this one. No worries. Reviews are personal opinion, regardless.



Draygone said:

"I'd be curious if the reviewer even played the game."

Why is it that when there's a disagreeable review, there is always, ALWAYS somebody who comes along and questions whether the reviewer played the game. Can't you accept the fact that it's possible for somebody to not like the game? Reviewers are just as prone to personal opinions as regular gamers.

Unrelated note. Seems that there isn't a single bad-looking WiiWare game that's rated good. I'd like to see a poor-looking game that's absolutely awesome to play. It's kinda hard to prove that "graphics don't matter" when the rest of the game seems to be at the same level of quality. (Although, on this matter, nice to hear that Boingz was better-liked than other graphics-poor, low-rated games.)



WarioFan63 said:

"I dont understand it George! What is the DEAL with that Strong Bad? What kind of word is Dangeresque anyway?"



jeremy2 said:

You'll have to forgive me, but those look remarkably like a certain male Contraceptive device.



StarDust4Ever said:

@ 76. Draygone - The reason why you won't find any good games that lack graphical polish, is because developers who take the time to perfect the gameplay also care enough about the overall presentation of the game to make the necessary graphical tweaks as well. For example, the two guys who created "World of Goo" poured their heart & soul into that game, and it shows.

Granted, there are games that look good and play bad, mainly because lazy devs who just want to cash in on shovelware know that people will buy stuff if it looks cool, even if the actual gameplay mechanics are horrible.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

In light of the comments people have been posting, I'm going to give this game a try and see how it turns out. when I have more points of course.



metakirbyknight said:

I own this (while my brother does) and it's not bad I actually quite enjoyed it. Corbie, it deserves a 7. Why didn't you give it a 7? I know you wanted to.

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