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Mon 24th Nov 2008

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habereet commented on Arcade Bowling:


I should have picked that up by reading the description but hadn't. I planned on picking it up this evening since the price point was so low but I'll have to see a review to consider a skee-ball game, even at that cost.

You should consider changing the genre of this game. I don't think I'd rank skee-ball as a sport.



habereet commented on Review: LEGO Battles (DS):

Anyone who has this, how does it compare to Civ Revolution on the DS? I love Civ and and that type of game (in addition to even a slight Lego theme).

Thanks in advance.



habereet commented on Legendo Takes to the Skies with Pearl Harbor T...:

@eripmav - I understand what you're saying and agree with much of it. However, you're being a bit argumentative in some of your comments. Hardly the way to win someone's business I would think.

#8 - I wouldn't tell someone that a concern over what sort of product they're getting is a quibble.

#30 - In your response to Omega, you could have easily said it wasn't in the plans at the moment.



habereet commented on Exclusive Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush Screenshots:

Personally, part of the reason that I've stayed away from series of games like 'Tales of Monkey Island' is the price. At 1000 points for all of them I'll spend $50 US to get all 5. I have, on the other hand, purchased all but one of the 'Art Style' games for the DSi, save one. Those are price at 500. I love Rubiks Cubes and would give this a shot, possibly without a review, if the price was right. I'd suggest a 700-800 point price point and make sure that your game isn't flawed and then I'd look at a second.

Thank your for looking for the customer's input.



habereet commented on Review: Wii Sports: Resort (Wii):

Great review Corbie. But I have to ask, do you only give 7's for downloadable games?

I have to add that I got my first Motion+ with Tiger Woods '10 and thoroughly enjoy it but it looks like I'll be getting my second Motion+ addon next month after a little saving on my part.