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Wed 23rd Jan 2008

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xSJx commented on Review: Boingz (WiiWare):

I still think Corbie writes awesome reviews, I just don't fully agree with this one. No worries. Reviews are personal opinion, regardless.



xSJx commented on Review: Boingz (WiiWare):

Corbie, you said that the "launching" physics were off, as in the arrow suddenly changed directions, or predicted an incorrect trajectory, which would be game breaking. That's not the case at all, nor was it mentioned in the ign review. In fact, Matt said "stretching and shooting them [boingz] forward or upward with the wii remote is both tactile and fun". His beef was with the "latching" physics.



xSJx commented on Review: Boingz (WiiWare):

So I downloaded the game, and it controls perfectly. What the hell are you talking about Corbie? It's like we didn't even play the same game or something. I'm with the devs and other people who say the game controls well. If you were interested before the review, don't worry about the controls they are fine. You'll probably like this game if you like Toki Tori and the like. Not quite as good as toki tori, definitely less replay value, but this game deserves at least a 7 (I'd probably say an 8).

The link isn't working for me, just a heads up.



xSJx commented on Review: Boingz (WiiWare):


Very much appreciate you being so upfront, this site has had more than one asshat who tries to hide that they are devs. Corbie's main problem seemed to be the controls, but seeing as how lots of people who think the controls are fine, and ign gave it a decent review, I'll give it a shot. The fact that nintendo was willing to put it out there at a press conference with games like world of goo, tetris, and cave story also speaks well for your product. Reading the previous interview, as well as your post here, it sounds like you guys have put a lot of effort into this game, and I hope it sells well despite the mixed reviews. Cheers.



xSJx commented on USA WiiWare Update: Strong Bad Ep 4 & Target T...:

I'm with Versus, I want Space Invaders and MaBoShi, especially MaBoShi that game came out ages ago. I still haven't played any strong bad games, might buy the package deal on pc, but I'm sure i'll play them eventualy. I'll buy the Target Toss Pro: Bags game next time I have some buddies over for drinks .



xSJx commented on Incredible Technologies Interview: Target Toss...:

Sounds good to bust out at a party with a bunch of non-gamers, or gamers who like to drink haha. I'll probably end up getting this. I hope games like this and pong toss keep selling well, the developers clearly know their taget audience (drunks lol) and you can never have enough cheap drinking games. Get ready for the snobby gamer hate-fest though, since this game clearly isn't hardcore enough.

Edit: I forgot to say: I am Cornholio!



xSJx commented on Pong Toss Coming To Europe With Added Beer!:

I still don't understand everyone's beef with this game. The game is what it is, a virutal version of beer pong. Not much you can add, the physics seem to be decent, I dunno what else you're expecting. The game is clearly a drinking game. You get a ball in a cup on tv, drink your beer. Much less messy than actually setting up a bunch of plastic cups and letting your beer sit out and get warm while you wait for someone to get a ball in it. I live at home but this will be bought shortly after moving out so that me and my buddies can drink and play some beer pong. Maybe you guys just need to drink more?



xSJx commented on New Swords & Soldiers Instructional Video:

Oh man, glory days 2 is such a good game, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's played it. If anyone sees that game on sale I'd snap it up if you like RTS games. Soooooo fun!

This and Animales (and MaBoShi) are the games I'm waiting on. Since when does wiiware kick this much ass? I'm still playin World of Goo and mm9. No time for this many good games, and I dont even have my 360 back yet...



xSJx commented on Review: Helix (WiiWare):

You didn't like elite beat agents? I thought that game was hilarious, and the gameplay was pretty engaging as far as rhythm action games go. Ah well, to each his own .

As for Helix, this game is sweet. The music is good, and they packed in a lot of songs considering the size limit on wiiware games. Next time I have people over drinking I'll have to bust this game out and see how people like it, I'm sure it will be a gong show .

@Mr. Cheez
Do you really expect 20+ songs with ferry corsten quality in a ten dollar game? I actually quite like the music in Helix. Good taste in music BTW.



xSJx commented on Review: Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint (WiiWare):

Ohhhhhh! Boktai is lunar knights? I was wondering what you guys were talking about . Thats a pretty sweet game IMO. Yet another game in my collection I haven't got around to beating, but what I've played of it was pretty cool.

Back on topic about plattchen, I think that Doogle is right. Charging 1500 points for your game is pretty much asking for people to be hard on it. The only game on wiiware that costs 1500 is FFCC:MLAAK, and that has the final fantasy name to get people to download it, as well as being a really fun game with a lot of hours of enjoyment (if you like that kind of thing, of course). I see people on this site all the time who complain that if a game was 200 points less they would buy it. I don't really agree, since if I think a game is good the difference between paying 8 dollars and 10 dollars is minimal (IMO). But developers need to realize that they are going against a lot of other games and the lowest priced games tend to sell well, like dyc and my aquarium.

Thanks for backing me up .

Lol, if all those games came out in the same week people would be starting petitions to boycott WiiWare.

I don't see why people are so hard on pong toss though, the game is clearly meant to be an easy way to play beer pong without having to make a mess with a bunch of plastic cups and beer. Plus, with real beer pong your beer gets warm . I haven't downloaded it but I'm sure eventually I will when some buddies are over and we feel like playing a drinking game. NOT a good game to play sober though, that's for sure lol.

Edit: I'm not bashing Corbie's review, when reviewed as a video game pong toss is terrible .



xSJx commented on Review: Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint (WiiWare):

A review is largely an opinion and if the reviewer has to "force" himself to continue playing for the sake of an objective review, I don't see how a very low score (like a three) isn't warranted.



xSJx commented on USA WiiWare Update: Potpourrii and Strong Bad ...:

If we get megaman 9 and bomberman blast next week I'm gonna freak out. Either one of them paired with MaBoShi would be really nice too (and probably more likely).

These games are both a maybe for me. I don't have the first strong bad yet but I think I'll get it soon. I've been watching homestar runner vids since the reviews all say if you like the cartoon you'll probably like the game. I've laughed pretty hard at some of the cartoons (great jorb homestar! hahaha) so we'll see. I'm gonna go read the interview for potpourrii, I think I'll be getting groovin blocks if I buy a puzzle game though. Or Dr. Mario, I've got some catching up to do.

You stumped me . What an ignorant Canadian, eh? (see what I did there? )

Umm, launch day?

Holy crap why do I always post such huge replys 0_o



xSJx commented on Gameloft's Brain Challenge Comes To WiiWare:

You made me laugh pretty hard .
I was going to buy BBA because I've heard the multiplayer is great, but if this is 4 player maybe I'll save my money.

Edit: I should probably read the game information before I post, it quite clearly states that it's 4 player hehehe.



xSJx commented on Review: Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint (WiiWare):

Ouch! A three, didn't see that one coming. The first impressions I heard were kinda negative, but a three?

I have to say that I agree with everyone who has said that this site should have user reviews as well.

I forgot about pong toss getting a two lol. I think people miss the point of the game, you gotta do a shot or drink some beer when the other guy makes a shot. Much less messy than real beer pong and for the price of 2 beers at a bar its a decent drinking game. I'll probably end up downlaoding it at some point (don't hurt me! )

Now I'm only jealous about MaBoShi and especially bomberman you lucky europeans .

One more thing, has anyone played using the nunchuk? Seems like the twisting motion is one of the bigger problems, and I'm curious if it plays any better with a nunchuk. Thanks.

Edit: @dazza (#98)
Busted! Lol...



xSJx commented on EU WiiWare Update: Plättchen, Bomberman Blast...:

Wow guys congrats, what an awesome update. Now you guys have three games I want really bad, Plättchen, bomberman, and MaBoShi. Hopefully this means that there will be more weeks with multiple WiiWare releases for all regions .



xSJx commented on Ronimo Games Interview: Swords and Soldiers:


The single player campaign is pretty nice, and you can play vs bots in multiplayer, but the real fun is when you and a friend or two play multiplayer. The stylus controls are waaay better than I thought they would be, and really enhance the game. I hope you can find it for cheap . I wish it had sold more, as it makes better use of the stylus controls than most ds games. Anyways, I hope you like it if you do pick it up, wouldn't want to go around reccommending games that people don't like lol. Lol I hadn't really thought about what the third race would be, ninjas would be awesome!

Totally a subject worth talking about, games like this would benefit incredibly from online play, and it sucks that it's such an overwhelming task for smaller devs. I don't really know anything about adding online features to live arcade or playstation network games, is it that much easier? I just got a new router and my wifi is awesome, the more games with online the better. I DO prefer playing local multiplayer though, except for games with larger amounts of players where it's not reasonable to get a good local game going. The place I live at right now I can't really have people over too often, so the online multiplayer is a sweet bonus. Wii is a great system for local multiplayer though, I love me some mario party (even though it got bad reviews, my and my buddies play that game more than anything when we're all hangin out and having some drinks).

I can't believe there hasn't been a good RTS for Wii yet, the wiimote would be perfect for the type of game. I've played some decent RTS games on my 360 but it really can't compare to having a mouse. I'd settle for a port of starcraft: brood war lol, I'd pay 30 bucks for that in a heartbeat (if it had online!). Anyone remember starcraft 64? That game sucked on n64 lol...

The more castlevania games the better . I'm trying to get the three gba ones off ebay, I have both the DS games and they are fantastic!

Edit: Holy crap, I just wrote you guys an essay 0_o

Edit two: Mr. Cheez posted while I was typing my essay lol. I think his (Atlantis') point is just that the wii is a good fit for RTS games and there has been a lack of them. I forgot about batallion wars, but that isn't a true RTS like starcraft or command and conquer. Still an awesome game though, I'll have to dig that game out and finish it up. Online is pretty cool but I always lose .



xSJx commented on Ronimo Games Interview: Swords and Soldiers:

Not that I disagree, but what can they do? Clearly they would love to have online, but unfortunately it doesn't seem realistic for the smaller developers (as WiiBoy has kindly explained ). I love the fact that devs post on this site, I assumed it would be a lot of work to add online but I didn't think it would require a whole separate team of testers. All you posters who like to say stuff like "great game but no wifi, no thanks" need to chill lol.

This game looks really awesome! Definitely high up there on my wish list. Hmm... has anyone here played Glory Days 2 for Nintendo DS? It has the same idea, RTS on a 2-d plane, with action elements. You'd fly a helicopter or a plane around and drop reinforcements/rescue civilians/take out enemies. REALLY awesome game, I got it for $20 and it was definitely worth picking up.



xSJx commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (10th Sept):


I'll post the Canadian rankings for ya! (as of 5 minutes ago )

1- My Aquarium
2- Strong Bad
3- Defend Your Castle
4- Dr. Mario
5- Pokemon Ranch
7- Wild West Guns
8- Midnight Pool
9- Helix
10- TV Show King
11- Lostwinds
12- Family Table Tennis
13- Cocoto Fishing Master
14- Gryostarr
15- Spogs (ugh!)
16- Pirates: The Key of Dreams
17- Block Breaker Deluxe
18- Magnetica Twist
19- Groovin Blocks
20- V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack

I'm happy to see Groovin Blocks on the list, seems like a well made title. I'm thinking that people are getting sick of so many WiiWare puzzlers and unfortunately Groovin Blocks' sales might suffer. Virus was saying that the Nintendo Channel Video isn't too hot, that could be it too. I might download it soon, I like techno music but I just bought Helix. Not the biggest puzzler fan, but I gotta support the good devs as opposed to garbage like Spogs, I can't believe it's number 15 in Canada. We usually avoid the crappy games better than our American brothers .

On a side note, I decided to stop being a creeper and actually sign up and post instead of lurking in the shadows 24/7. Props to the admins (and posters, the comments are half the fun!), I check this site almost every day. VC-Reviews too! I downloaded Ys and Helix recently due to these sites and they are both really amazing games. I usually check IGN and they slammed Helix pretty hard, glad I didn't listen to them . Cya!



xSJx commented on First Impressions: Space Invaders Get Even:


All three of those games are amazing. I think that the godfather: blackhand edition and no more heroes are two other discounted games that everyone should at least try. Good reccomendations

PS: Hi everyone! The lurker finally posts lol



xSJx commented on EU VC Releases - 25th January - Super Street F...:

I'd trade every Canadian exclusive for megaman 2 and 1080, lol. I for one don't really mind 1/2 games per week, gives me more incentive to finish the vc games I haven't yet (old games are HARD, curse you Metroid). SSFII is great btw, but I haven't beat lolo so I'm not really hurtin for the 2nd one yet...

I wish Nintendo could just release the same games everywhere, however unlikely that is.