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Thu 20th Nov 2008

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marmosetofdeath commented on Review: Boingz (WiiWare):

Thanks for the great responses, guys.

It’s true IGN pointed out some finicky control, but their overall review on the matter was “... the control mechanics are satisfyingly implemented,” and, “The bouncy, elasticized Boingz weave forward and backward as you move, but they nevertheless respond with precision.” Both points seem to be at odds with Corbie’s review of the controls, and inline with the other feedback we had been receiving.

The issues IGN mention about “trigger points for latch-locks” are not in regard to flicking the character about, but to pinning them to the world. A tip: If you don’t stretch a character all the way, you can avoid problems latching to surfaces.

In regard to the flick direction arrow: We wanted to indicate the path, arc and all, but were unfortunately unable to implement it. Additionally, you can affect the character’s trajectory mid-air, using the stick. What we ended up releasing with is an arrow that shows the direction the character will begin heading, scaled to indicate how strong the flick will be.

As far as a European release goes: I’m afraid I can’t give a real answer there. The localization for European languages has been done (my dev copy is in French right now), but we are still working out some of the other details.



marmosetofdeath commented on Review: Boingz (WiiWare):

Upfront disclaimer as to my background: I’m one of the developers who made this game (I designed the dang thing), so I have, of course, a bias. I mention this ‘cause it drives me nuts when developers try to leave anonymous comments about their games.

This review is a bit shocking. I have not seen the behavior the reviewer describes, and can only imagine he didn’t understand how to control the game, and was doing something ‘weird.’ Even without seeing his sweet setup, it should be safe to assume he’s experienced enough and plays enough games to tell if it was that. If this is the issue, it would be a fair criticism to say we didn’t teach it well enough.

Whatever the case is, I think the frustration the reviewer experienced is not the norm by any means. I say this because we did a ton of usability testing during development, with heavy emphasis on controlling the characters. We showed the game to the press during Nintendo’s media summit. Not only did we adjust the game in response to feedback we received, we were given may complements on how the game controlled. As you can see, there are also other readers who have played the game who do not echo his frustrations.

I really wish we had a demo so people could try the game for themselves without putting down the points. Unfortunately, that’s really the only way you can judge for yourself.

Bottom line: I respect the reviewer’s opinion, and we didn’t deliver a game that he found worthy of a better score. That’s how reviews work. All I ask is that you do not take his word as gospel. Please don’t assume the game sucks simply because he didn’t like it, or even that it has broken controls. If you are given the opportunity, please give it a try. If the game looked like fun to you before this review, chances are you’re still going to like it anyway.