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Stretch, flex and flick your way to freedom. A truly mind-bending experience, Boingz introduces you to cute, colorful, stretchable friends lost in an alien world, searching for the magical gates that will take them home. Boingz springs to life with 30 levels of puzzle-platforming fun. The Boingz are bendy little critters that can be pulled, stretched and flicked from place to place like rubber bands. It's a team effort, as all the Boingz will have to work together to unwind the game's puzzles.

What's more, many of the Boingz have fallen into a deep slumber, and you'll have to lead the stronger Boingz to find and wake up their sleepy friends. Explore surreal landscapes, sail through the air like a trapeze artist, walk along the seafloor, and collect the Twinklies to power up your elastic-powered flights.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Does Boingz offer enough unique ideas to stand out from the crowd?

With the recent success of such innovative titles as World of Goo and the Art Style series, it comes as no surprise to see yet another unique offering pop up on the WiiWare service. Boingz takes the simple Wii Remote-friendly gameplay idea of stretching...

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User Comments (19)



Wiiloveit said:

Sounds.... different, though I agree with Adam. F***ing Catz, Dogz and Horsez.



Corbs said:

I think it looks interesting. But I do generally agree with the replacing "S" with "Z" theme. It doesn't normally turn out very well. :)



Clayfrd said:

Ha, Horsez. The fact that that has sold any copies shames the DS. Surely QA won't allow this game to follow any paradigm set by Catz, Dogz, Horsez, or any other "z" game of our time.



Crazynoodle said:

Kind of looks like that game, where there are all these toy marios and you have to get them to the end. Looks cool



Garrett said:

it has that "cute cartoon" look about it, and holy crap Z!!!!!! no not the Z!!!!!!!



CanisWolfred said:

Could be good. I thought this game was supposed to made by Ninjabee, but I don't see them mentioned in the description, so I guess I was wrong( what game are they making then?).



NinjaGirl01 said:

Mickeymac: I'm from NinjaBee and just so you know it was developed by us and published by Real, so you were right! And we didn't get to pick the name...hence the 'z' :) Hope you enjoy it!



Bass_X0 said:

I like it when game developers come to post here. We don't get to see Miyamoto around at all.



StarDust4Ever said:

If it's anything half as original as world of Goo (which I am still infatuated with), I am sold! Judging by the graphical style though, it could just as easily be shovelware. As always, I will wait for the review.

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