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Tue 25th Nov 2008

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Zible commented on Review: Boingz (WiiWare):

@Corbie - Hah... They just don't build em like they used to back in the days.
I can understand the difference of opinion on the way it looks, I dig what it was going for, others may get put off, can't really contend that.

I just don't get the controls issues.
@PALgamer when you flick your little guy, you can use the numchuck control to move em around in the air, so even if you can't get the angle right cause you can't stretch your guy the right direction, you can still usually get to where you want just using the numchuck.

meh I guess I'm just confused cause I think the controls are pretty intuitive and fluid, better then a lot of other WiiWare titles and so don't get why it got blasted over it.

But heck I like it, and it's much better then the first 10 WiiWare titles that where first introduced, I think anyways. (whish I could return those)



Zible commented on Review: Boingz (WiiWare):

Wow, that review is terribly inaccurate. Maybe the guy is playing on a TV from the 50's or something. I got this game yesterday as well. The controls are anything but sluggish, and my boingz don't go anywhere but where I point em too. They flick exactly as far as the arrow shows em to flick, sure if you get 10 twinkles you get mega flippage power, maybe the reviewer didn't read the manual and thats why the impression that they randomly start flipping far for no reason. Thats part of the puzzle on some levels, to get enough twinkles to get to farther parts of the board.

The controls are very intuitive and fluid, I've yet to feel like I'm fighting the thing. Played a bunch of WiiWare games, and sure some have terrible sensitivity, but I didn't see this with this game at all. I just don't understand where that is coming from? a 5 minute play test? I'd be curious if the reviewer even played the game.

For me, I love how it looks and feels, the boingz guys are very jelly like, and move like it and respond like it. It's easy to control them when you keep that in mind, and they behave exactly how it looks.

I just don't get where the controls fail on the game is coming from. Did you charge your wiimote batteries before playing
(and I like the flash cartoon look of the world it's otherworldly)