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Fri 19th Sep 2008

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jeremy2 commented on Review: Fun! Fun! Minigolf (WiiWare):

that's too bad....
I always want ALL wii-ware games to be fun...
This one has such great-looking graphics too...

Oh well, at least there are a TON of good Wii games coming out this year. THE CONDUIT and MONSTER HUNTER 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



jeremy2 commented on Snowboard Riot:

I would probably buy Shaun White if it had online play. What were they thinking? The use of wii balance board is clutch, but I wanna use it online against my lil bro who also has a board. Snowboard riot also lets you shoot at eachother Mario Kart-style? COUNT ME IN!



jeremy2 commented on Capcom: No Street Fighter II HD or Bionic Comm...:

wesleyh, your very FIRST comment couldn't have been more clutch. I couldn't have put it better: Blame Nintendo, not Capcom.
Why does nintendo constantly cripple its capabilities?
I'm actually willing to see past the lack of HD on the Wii. It's other things, such as wii not being able to play wii-ware/VC games from the SD until the near future (which has caused me to not buy as many of those games as I was) that make me wonder:
Why does Nintendo not take advantage of certain things that can make them A LOT of $MONEY$



jeremy2 commented on World of Goo To Hit WiiWare In October?:

I agree entirely, StrongBad is absolutely terrible. Where did he even come from. He's not at all funny.
Also, anyone know what happened to Home Sweet Home?
My sister has been waiting to play this game forever.
Personally, I'm not into decorating.



jeremy2 commented on WiiWare Games To Be Playable Directly From SD ...:

Hmm, Thats strange, because when I emailed nintendo about this matter, their response was "There are so many different SD cards being made that the transfer rates are always different and therefor unreliable."
I was thinking they were going to go with online storage, which would be awesome to have a LIVE-style gamertag with your mii.
Even worse, we have to wait until spring. SPRING, really? This has made me not buy as many VC/WiiWare games as I was. Nintendo always cheats themselves out of money. How sad.



jeremy2 commented on Home Sweet Home:

my sister has been waiting forever for this game.. i was going to buy it as a birthday gift for her, but thats long gone by.. Why is this game complete, yet not coming out?.. Why is there absolutely no information? If they keep messing around I won't buy it, and I'm like one of maybe 400 people who actually plan to purchase this game. What could they possibly be waiting for? They aught to be a little faster on getting it out, cause last time I checked, Big Blue Bubble hasn't exactly been blowing up as a game company. So any game for them would be a help.