One of the intriguing plotlines of the early months of the Switch was the very public efforts of those behind the Rainway streaming app to promote its future on the system. If you need a reminder, it's an app that allows you to stream a PC to a variety of devices via web browser technology; utilising this the developers showed many top tier games running on Nintendo's system.

The appeal is obvious - those with a gaming PC would be able to play games on the Switch that will never otherwise see the light of day on the hardware. The big question mark, however, is whether the app will ever be allowed - officially - on the Switch; naturally there are a lot of doubts about that.

Over recent weeks and months the Rainway team hasn't been put off, and is now teasing footage of co-op Cuphead play via the Switch; it's been a hot recent release on PC and Xbox One.

There are a few issues to be cleared before this should generate legitimate hype - performance via Switch (through its browser) still needs to be shown to be strong. The bigger problem is that already highlighted above - actually getting permission from Nintendo to release the app on the eShop. The Switch doesn't even have conventional apps like YouTube, Netflix etc yet, and there are various pitfalls and considerations around an app that would allow people to stream content from an external device (in this case their PC) to play non-platform games on the console.

It seems like a longshot, but strange things happen sometimes. Rainway is planning to release a beta of its app soon, though any prospective Switch release is still up in the air.

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