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Wed 16th Oct 2013

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mattmayatt commented on Don't Count Nintendo Out, Says Former Xbox Bos...:

The 2 biggest mistakes Nintendo made with the Wii U was The name and the look of the Wii U system.
The mass market just don't know the difference between the Wii and the Wii U they think that the Wii U controller is an expensive add-on for the Wii.
If they had used a different name and made the console look different things would have gone a lot better for Nintendo.
Really bad mistake in my opinion.



mattmayatt commented on Rumours and Speculation Stir Over Potential In...:

Well I thought Nintendo would go all android on us which would have been cool with me but if they go to Apple then that would be cool too.
I'm just gonna go with the games man , I'm don't really have loyalty to console manufacturers.
Give me good games on any system and I'll buy it.



mattmayatt commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Nintendo & Facebook Par...:

Why would the nintendo/Facebook news put you off a game you have been looking forward to.
You don't need a Facebook account to play the game, in fact Facebook has got nothing to do with the game other than one of their employees designing a level.
One of the silliest comments I have read for a while.



mattmayatt commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Shipping This Time Next Ye...:

It's gonna support Android so 3rd party devs will be able port/make their games pretty quickly.
I know nintendo have said that NX won't have Android as an OS but I would take that with a pinch of salt.
The evidence is pretty compelling , they are making mobile games (Android), they are expected to release the console next year , it's gonna be fairly cheap if they want to sell 20 million consoles in a year and 3rd party devs have only a year to get their games ready which means they must be pretty familiar with the hardware already.
I'll eat my hat if the NX doesn't use Android as an OS.



mattmayatt commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

The biggest mistake Nintendo made with the Wii U is the name , it's to similar to the Wii.
Mums and dads and people who aren't all that techy didn't know the difference between the Wii and the Wii U and just thought the Wii U gamepad was an accessory for the Wii.
Didn't help that both consoles look very similar.
Still love my Wii U , looking forward to Nx though.



mattmayatt commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Could Use Google's Android...:

Could be a good idea , Nintendo are different to Ouya because they have a massive following already and have a Stella back catalogue.
Having Android as an operating system is a smart move, it will be really customised to Nintendo's needs so it won't be instantly recognisable as Android anyway but will have the benefit of having loads of 3rd party games.