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Wed 16th October, 2013

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mattmayatt commented on Reaction: The Nintendo 'NX', and Why We Think ...:

I'm all up for an all in one hybrid console along a it's really powerful, saves me having to buy 2 systems and 2 lots of the same games.
It could be that nintendo still release 2 systems one portable and one home console but both using the same OS this would be like android or ios, the home console would be more powerful and play games with graphics turned up to the max, the handheld would play the same games but with the graphics and stuff turned down a bit.
This would make sense for nintendo as they would make more money buy selling 2 lots of hardware.



mattmayatt commented on Michel Ancel: The Biggest Surprises Seem To Co...:

I love Nintendo consoles and have many any of their systems but why are they sitting on some of their biggest franchises , just release a new pilotwings , f-zero, starfox, wave race, metroid and watch the Wii u fly off the shelves , also port 3ds/2ds games to the Wii u they would be perfect for it , could even have a 3d option for people with 3d TV,s.
I also like Ubisoft as they seem willing to take a gamble with Nintendo and support them from the start eg red steel/ red steel 2 and zombie u hopefully they will continue releasing stuff for Wii u.