Since it was confirmed for Nintendo Switch earlier this year (it had previously been announced for the 3DS, too) we've heard relatively little of Shakedown Hawaii, the next game from Vblank Entertainment. For fans of Retro City Rampage, however, the wait for details has been an anxious one.

Vblank Entertainment has been busy behind the scenes, however, taking development forward in gearing up for a 'full reveal'. The game isn't simply a stylistic sequel with more of the same gameplay, but rather it blends the frantic top-down action with management aspects. You're a criminal that's seeking to be a business tycoon, swallowing and obliterating business rivals in the quest to make even juicier profits and dominate the island. There also look to be various playstyles, while you need to utilise disguises for some tasks.

Check out the full trailer below.

You can get a full lowdown in this official blog post, too.

Shakedown Hawaii is still expected this year on both Switch and 3DS. Do you like the way it's shaping up?