We all know that subtlety isn't always important with toys and add-ons, a point that The Pokémon Company is more than keen to make with the Z-Ring toys for Pokémon Sun and Moon. They're a neat idea, as the bracelet and connected crystal interact with Z-Moves in the game, lighting up at the right moment.

They've looked rather chunky on pre-order pages, and now there are some images of the packaging (thanks, Siliconera). You can see the bracelet with included crystals and Pikachu toy, and extra 3-packs of more crystals - nope, definitely not subtle.

Z Ring.png

If you're not sure that it'll be impressive in action, this promo shot from a pre-order page - that we missed before - may change your mind. This young chap can barely handle the awesomeness of it.

Ooh, fancy.jpg

It seems like a smart move from The Pokémon Company, tapping into an idea that Level-5 turned into gold with Yo-kai Watch in Japan, particularly. If you want to pre-order one of these Z-Rings, you can still do so, too.

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So, what do you think, a crude over-sized plastic toy or a fun and charming accessory? A bit of both? Sound off in the comments.