An intriguing new addition to Pokémon Sun and Moon won't be exclusively in the game - The Pokémon Company has teamed up with TOMY on real-world versions of the 'Z-Ring', an in-game item that your avatar uses when triggering powerful Z-Moves.

Early details out of Japan showed how the ring and varied Z-Crystals could be a parent's nightmare, with the initial toy being the main investment that's then followed by 18 crystal variations. Now Amazon US has opened pre-orders on the starter Z-Ring pack, and it's risen to the top of the 'Pretend Play' toy chart, while approaching the top 10 in the overall toy category. You can pre-order it for $29.99 here.

For your 30 bucks you get the ring, a 2-inch Pikachu figure and 3 Z-Crystals. Only another 15 to collect then...


It's an interesting and potentially lucrative product, given an edge by the fact it synchronises and reacts with actions in the game.

If you're a big Pokémon fan and collector or a parent of a young Trainer, this Holiday season could be a little bit more expensive than you planned.

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